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    Sunday, December 28, 2008

    The week that was!!

    Guys!! what do i say??? The best part of this week was that i had to work only for three days in this entire week(all smiles )!!! But then had been one hell of a busy three days at office ...All i had been waiting was for Wednesday evening to start feeling the holiday seasonal effects!
    Well other then that i had wonderful week...

    Achievements for this week!

    * My age old craving for sitting on the high bar stool near the bar tender and having a shooter was fulfilled. And after two shooters down i was good enough to throw ice around the place! Yup thats what happens when you directly crash at a pub with your friends after work!

    * Had a very appetizing Christmas lunch on Thursday at my friends place...I guess starting from 12 to 5, i competed against myself on a non-stop munching contest. I had a lovely lunch and may have gained atleast a kilo in a single day!

    And the Over-Achievements for this week!

    * I had my first ever "Gang of Dogs Attack" experience. Gosh a hell of a crazy experience guys! I was just walking back home through one of the short cut ways and out of nowhere some four dogs just came out all barking at me. All i did was stand there all shocked and call out different names for each dog! If i had moved even a inch here or there, a white dog's teeth would have been directly on my legs! Finally my calling the name game worked and one dog started wagging its tail a little.. After some 50 seconds the other dogs too got a little tired and moved away and next moment i just rushed out from there without a second glance..Phew! am happy that my legs are safe enough!

    Entertainment for this week!

    * Then was the whitey Christmas beach party ...actually the theme for the party was white...yes guess you guys guessed it right.. It was UV party and all you could see was white glowing clothes dancing around and I had a last minute shopping done for the white party!
    The party wen on till 5 in the morning.. and we guys danced nonstop.. I just danced the entire night away on some watermelon vodka and a shot of Bacardi ...Well the results of the groovy dancing started showing its side effects from the next morning and since then my body has been silently revolting against me each time i move a muscle...

    * I watched Ghajini on saturday.. I personally wouldn recommend it to any of you guys... a very long and draggy movie.. And for those who have watched the English version (Memento) of this movie... phuleeaase don goooo....Hindi version is just a sandwich of romance and action... The only attraction in the entire movie is Amir Khan. Damn he looks hot in those vest and tight shirts... Man! you can just keep staring at him..

    Finally the Sunday!

    I was totally in my hibernation mode today (except for the morning when i washed two week load of clothes). Then all i did was eat, sleep and watch tv... My idea of a perfect Sunday :) ..

    Well that was my entire weekend.. gotta get back to work tomorrow.. aawwwww!!!

    PS: Guess i act worst then my 5th std when it comes to Sunday evenings thinking about office tomorrow after a four day break!

    Monday, December 15, 2008

    Feminine Famine!

    I feel the need to revolutionize my feminine side b'cos of the following reasons:

    * I carry a blank expression on my face when people talk about exotic perfumes!

    * I wear pointed sandals or high heels only when there is an absolute need for it.. else i am very happy to wear flats.

    * I still hav'nt learnt the art of applying eyeshadow!

    * I feel a little lost when i enter any lingerie store.

    * Never carried a hand kerchief with me (maybe only at extreme nose flow conditions).

    * My beauty salon visits are meant only for eyebrows and haircuts.

    * People can never associate me with any particular fragrance. Just use random deodorants!

    * I dont carry any umbrella during summers. (forget the summer... I carry an umbrella during the rainy season with a heavy heart)

    * I feel sorry for men after reading Shobha De's book.

    * My knowledge on face creams and lotions suck!

    * I wear a chain around my neck only when my grany comes for a visit!

    * I dont mind getting out of the house without any accessory.

    * I cannot pitch into any conversation about the cosmetic products.

    * I dont posses any bindi packets!

    * Its been ages since I have shopped for any lipsticks or nail colors.

    Basically a anti femme fatale!

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Declaration & Announcements!!

    I will try to .......

    # Take life as it comes and not worry about every other silly things!

    # Wake up early by 7 every morning and go for my driving classes.

    # Be more of a optimistic person!

    # Iron my hibernating cotton clothes and start wearing them to office.

    # Learn to cook stuff other then Maggi and eggs!

    # Be less cranky during my PMS days!

    # Reach office everyday at least by 9:05. (hmmm a bit difficult... but surely shall give a try)

    # Give a random visit to Beauty salon at least once a month.

    # Not to run around the house in a haste, trying to get my morning chores done in a hurry.

    # Charge my cell everyday and not wait until the battery dies its own sweet death.

    # Not to tempt myself into buying news clothes!

    # Move my ass around and not just laze every evening after getting back from work!

    # Not to throw my clothes around and try to fold them neatly and stack them up.

    # Pay my mobile bill on time every month!

    # Remember things, people, & numbers and not turn myself into a 80 yr old grany!

    # Call up my old friends and gossip a bit and catch up with them!

    # Not to shop at every store that has discounts and sales!

    # Start believing that milk and fruit juices are actually good for health!

    # Watch all the movies being stored from past 6-8 months on my laptop.

    # Call up my tailor and blast at him if he hasn finished stitching my clothes as yet! ( He's always late guys! Need to call him at least 5 times before i actually get the clothes)

    # Return my library books, have been lying with me from past a month or more! Gosh cant remember when was the last time i was in the library!

    # Post and update my resumes in all the Job sites.

    # Change my sitting posture in office! (I sit in a very twisted manner guys! N most of the times either one of leg will be up on the chair)

    # Act and think like a daughter and not like a parent around my folks!

    Ok after scribbling at all this... I guess i need a new ME!

    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    Songs for my Soul...

    I'Am currently hooked onto....

    => Jason Mraz - I'am yours *I just hear everybody humming it nowadays!!! Now even i have started humming it along :) *

    => Mar jaawana - Fashion *This song touches some mysterious part of my heart!*

    => Kabhar Nahin - Dostana *Awwwww!! A damn cute one!*

    => Unfaithful - Rihanna *Has been one among my favs from a pretty long time*

    => Half the world away - Oasis *First i heard path sing this number.. after that i have a been a hell of a fan for this one!1*

    => Don't Believe in Love - Dido *Dido's songs are like food for my starving soul!! N this one's truly amazing guys! Must hear!*

    => Last Christmas - Wham *This song just rushes back into my mind every winter season*

    => Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper *There's something sweet about this song*

    => california - The o.c *My fingers too start their drumming business whenever this song begins*

    => Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus *I heard a guy sing this one at pantaloons one day and after that it always lands on my must listen list :)*

    => Dreams - The Corrs *These songs are truly composed for my soul*

    => Only When I Sleep - The Corrs *Can keep listening to this number on and on!*

    => In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge *The lyrics of this one makes you realize never to take loved ones at home for granted*

    => Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall *I like listening to this just to keep my feminine confidence in check*

    => Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd *Just can listen to this one anywhere, anytime n in any mood*

    Saturday, December 6, 2008

    A conversation with a bugged soul

    Day: Friday
    Time: 3:15 PM
    Location: At their respective offices
    Me: As myself, the Charmed One!
    BG: A Bugged soul!

    me: mister
    BG: miss
    me: hows the day treating you?
    BG: Very busy

    After a while .......

    BG: I am frustrated now
    me: mind not working huh?
    BG: bugged
    me: whats happening with your work?
    BG: already written 800 lines of code...
    Now I cant see things..
    me: take a break mister
    BG: I am blinded!!
    me: brain is working real hard here..
    i tell u...
    BG: hehe
    me: close your eyes for a moment. put your thumb on your eyes .. n sit silently n think of a nice dish to eat :)
    BG: :P
    me: no no.. you aren going to think of booze here :)
    BG: haha
    me: huh? finally a devils laugh... thats a relief :)
    BG: i am going for coffee...
    me: ok.. n hope not for fag :P

    Friday, December 5, 2008

    So where's the catch???

    The pamphlet on our table read "Get a gift voucher of 500 bucks for every v Dot cocktail"!

    Now all of us were excited looking at that!! Sales and discounts anywhere and everywhere gets me all excited and on my toes!! At times i think i live only for sales and offers!! I know this time it was nothing for us gals and you can use this voucher at the Van Heusen showroom only. My friend Geoff has gotten back from Jakarta and since this lazy bum hasn done any shopping for clothes over there... finally made us order around 5 cocktails and collected 2500 worth coupons for his next day shopping. I was still wondering... its not a yearly clearance time nor has the festive sales started, so where was the catch for this gift voucher!!

    Well yesterday i learnt that the catch was that, you can use only one 500 bucks ka coupon for every purchase made above 2500.. Now that we have 5 coupons..let me do my maths here... we would have to shop for clothes worth 12500... hmmm nay not that worth...unless you are doing some major wedding shopping or your once a yearly shopping!!!

    Anyways we crashed at the Van Heusen showroom yesterday evening and spent like around an hour looking out for something good.. There wasn anything that voucher holders can be choosers too right and even if we did find some two good shirts and trousers, we couldn find the perfect fit and size...( thats something you gotta do about Geoff - you get what am saying na :P )!! Finally got out of that place and we did end up buying clothes from some other shop without any discount or offer :)!!

    So the gift voucher still lives .....

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Faces of Frustration!

    Nov 27, Thursday, 2008
    Morning, 7 AM:
    I wake up to the news on TV, announcing that there have been terror attacks in Mumbai( Results of not watching news the previous night). Here my frustration is just being born.
    Frustration level: 30-50 FL

    Afternoon, Around 1-2 PM:
    Try browsing through all the news channels possible and keep myself updated on the situation at office. Frustration is building up against the terrorists.
    Frustration level: 50-80 FL

    Evening, 8 PM:
    Glued to Times Now and NDTV. Totally frustrated listening to the number of deaths increasing. And the usage of my foul language against the terrorists have reached its peak.
    Frustration level: 100 FL

    Nov 28, Friday, 2008
    Morning, 8 AM:
    Wondering when the SOB's torturing the people inside the hotels are gonna burn in hell. A new frustration is also building inside against the bloody politicians.
    Frustration level: 100++ FL

    Evening, 8 PM:
    This has really gone on for a very long time now. Just praying for all this horror to
    end.Frustration against all the politicians and political parties has been on rapid raise.
    Frustration level: 100+++ FL

    Nov 29, Saturday, 2008
    Morning, 8 AM:
    Totally frustrated with terrorists and the government for not being there for its
    citizens and wondering where are all the political figures hiding!
    Frustration level: 100+++ FL

    Evening, 8 PM:
    Again glued to TV and hoping for all this to get over.
    Frustration level: 100+++ FL

    Nov 30, Sunday, 2008
    Morning, 8 AM:
    Happy that this entire nightmare is over.
    Frustration level: 10 FL

    Morning, 10 AM:
    I watch the news and now am totally frustrated with the dirty Indian politics. People
    visting Taj with family members and friends like they are on a museum visit! Dumb politicians making really stupid and insensitive comments.
    Frustration level: 100 FL

    Evening, 7 PM:
    Am happy to hear all the useless people resigning from their posts and hoping more resign. Now the frustration against the terrorists has reduced, cos i suddenly feel that our own government can never make us feel secure. Go to bed all frustrated.
    Frustration level: 100+ FL

    Dec 1, Monday, 2008
    Morning, 10 AM:
    A new frustration adds on to the existing frustration against the government. Thats my work frustration. Work has been just piling up and suddenly there seems to be no peace of mind till the end of another hectic week.
    Frustration level: 100+++ FL

    I am watching the news and listening to all the teeth biting comments being made by the assholes( politicians). The frustration against my own government continues......

    Sunday, November 30, 2008

    Moral of the day!!!

    Question: What happens when you have just woken up from your evening nap and your folks are not at home and there you happen to see that you have unexpected guests at your door ????

    First things first -- > The UG's(Unexpected Guests) where my dad's second cousin's kids and haven't met them in a pretty long time and by now have even forgotten their names ( don't judge me guys!! They stay really far an have just met them like 5-6 times in my entire life).
    Ok now am pretty good at carrying a decent conversation even if i dont know the other person that well( Now now am not bragging at all, just making a general statement)

    Anyways, now being a good hostess I have to offer them something to drink. Well they settled for something cold and i started preparing tang! I know its not a big deal to prepare tang for two people. But I have no idea where mom has kept the sugar jar, apparently she has moved it to a new location.
    I search the entire kitchen for the sugar jar( all the while thinking in my mind that GOD is punishing me for not being an active member in the kitchen) Finally I give up, ( tell silently that "God I have learnt my lesson for the day") and call mom and ask her for the directions to get to the sugar jar.

    Moral of the post....
    At least try not to forget your second cousin's names and always keep a fresh account of all the changes occurring in your Mom's kitchen!

    Saturday, November 29, 2008

    Life Will Never be the Same Again....

    58 hours and finally its all over!!
    But then has it really gotten over for people who went through this trauma!! Will they ever be able to go out again and live their life without any fear in their hearts. We the common people out here are going to forget this entire episode within a week or so... But then how will the family of people who died due to all this actually feel. How can the people who have lost their loved ones, ever go back to the place of tragedy and not feel a thing!! How can Taj or Oberio be the same again.. No Nothing will be the same again for people who have lost their loved ones to this...

    Many Brave hearts have lost their life fighting this terror bravely. Without them i dont think this terror would have seen its end so soon.

    I dedicate this post to all those brave hearts who have fought against this 26/11 Mumbai terror!!!

    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Nobody is safe anymore !!!

    Damn these terrorists, bloody fucking guys.. the only mission in their life is to kill maximum number of people and create destruction, before they meet their own death. How can any person be so cruel that they can go on shooting. Aren people's life valued anymore.. Have we all just turned into a toy that can be shot or blown off any time. Any of us can be under the terror situation. From now on, i dont think any of us are that safe from these bloody terrorists. I have no clue what we all are supposed to do in such a terrorized situation.

    N the most depressing thing is the stupid speeches these dumb politicians make.. like thats gonna make everything alright now. These stupid guys will just carry on playing their petty politics tomorrow blaming each other, like nothing has ever happened.

    I know its very easy for us to sit over here and comment, but actual terror one goes through cant even be explained in any words i guess.
    Hats off to all the police officials, Army guys, ATS guys, NSG(black commandos), Marine guys, Fire fighters, who have showed great courage at this horrible period of time. "I SALUTE THEM ALL" ..N just pray for a lot of courage and luck for all the people who are still stuck inside, to come through this whole horror safely.

    May these terrorists see their own bitter end soon... Burn in hell all you bastards !!!

    Moments that bring on the warm smile ...

    Guys i scribbled down a few moments in life which brings on the warm mushy mushy smile on to our faces....

    * Hearing a phone ring or message beep when you are totally bored to death.

    * The very first rain of every monsoon season after a scorching hot summer.

    * Curling up in bed and knowing that you don't have wake up till ten or so on weekends.

    * The smell of food being bought to you in a restaurant, when your stomach can no longer take the hungry growls.

    * The sight of your entire house lite up with candles during diwali.

    * The smile on your folks face when they are tasting a new recipe of your's.

    * Waking up to bright sunny morning after days of gloominess due to monsoons.

    * Thought of the weekend ahead after a tiring Friday.

    * Watching the lightening with friends at midnight.

    * Old friends with whom you have literally lost contact calling you up on birthday and giving the ultimate surprise.

    * Reading the cheeky mushy messages we all get at times.

    * Looking at the huge colorful rockets that burst and lite up the sky right above your heads.

    * Watching the huge chunks of clouds and the rains come in, from the balcony.

    * Licking on ice candies during rainy season.

    * The double chilled watermelon juice or sugarcane juice you drink after a heavy summer shopping.

    * Finding the very accessory or a dress you had been searching for ages.

    * And then again the satisfied smile on your face after paying for it, that it is finally yours.

    * Looking out at the rains and drinking soup.

    * Sitting at a beach and looking out at the sunset.

    * The smile on the babies face when you are carrying them around.

    * Listening to your mom breathe, when you have made her to sleep next to you after watching some crazy horror movie.

    * The Kiss at the end of every romantic flick.

    * The very thought that there are people around you who really really care for you.

    * Finding old hidden money in your bag or jeans when you are desperately searching for coins in the bus and the conductor is yelling at you.

    * The very first sight of your parents when you came back home after staying out for a very long time.

    * Times when old grannies or aunties say "Hope you get what you want in life".

    * The surprise birthday cakes made for you or the surprise gifts you get when you least expect it.

    * Reading this blog when am all brain drained out at work.

    * Napping on grany's lap out on the veranda and admiring the starry sky.

    * Blowing out bubbles from soap water along with the kidoo cousins.

    Wish could freeze all these moments forever!!!!


    * And more recently i get this smile when i see that there has been a comment written for my scribblings on this blog :) !!!!!

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Times when we feel really helpless!!

    This just happened today noon. Me and my friend moi were walking on the road and suddenly we heard a fall and a scream. The very next thing i noticed is that a girl around the age between 8-10 years had been knocked off by a rick in the middle of the road. My very first thought was that the girl had jumped off the moving rick ( Now i know how our minds can form dumb baseless conclusions at the time of panic).

    Well the driver must have banged on her from the back and she fell down on her face on the road and started screaming.It would have been fine if the rick driver had stopped the vehicle the very moment he had hit her. But then he was in full speed and just wouldn stop. I still get goosebumps thinking of it. I could only look the helpless girl until the back tires started running over her leg. Then all i could do is shut my eyes and hide behind my friend and scream at her too to shut her eyes.

    Moi's instant reaction was to run towards the girl to help her out, but i was scared to my guts and was just trembling and pulling her back. Well am not very proud to say this, but am not that brave that i would go and help the girl out. I was trembling and feeling pretty helpless myself.
    I have heard of so many incidents where people get run over by tyre and all i could was able to think at that moment was that the girl also may get run over by the tyre completely. Moi who saw the entire scene told me that the rick dragged the gal for a few meters and when people helped her to get back on her feet,she had twisted her leg.

    Usually I walk carefree on the roads, as though my dad owns it, but today was extra cautious. This entire incident is still giving me creeps and all i did on my way back to the office was look at the tyres of running buses, cars and other vehicles.

    After all I guess for a reason, I am not a doctor by profession

    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    HapPy BirThDaY tO Me !

    Yup guys you can finally call me 24 yr old now. You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. Hmmm its just soaking in that i just turned 24!!! Awwwwwww!!!!!

    Here goes out a small dedication from me to myself on this great day ....

    Another turning point;
    a fork stuck in the road.
    Time grabs you by the wrist;
    directs you where to go.
    So make the best of this test
    and don't ask why.

    It's not a question
    but a lesson learned in time.
    It's something unpredictable
    but in the end it's right.
    I hope you had the time of your life.

    So take the photographs
    and still frames in your mind.
    Hang it on a shelf
    In good health and good time.
    Tattoos of memories
    and dead skin on trial.

    For what it's worth,
    it was worth all the while.
    It's something unpredictable
    but in the end it's right.
    I hope you had the time of your life.

    An Interview with the birthday gal (0ops sorry mean the woman!)

    ---> So how old did you turn today?
    For the starters, never ask a girl (sorry again or a woman) her age. Anyways for the records I turned 24 today!

    ---> ohhh(eyebrows raised at the irritated me) !! So how does is feel to be 24?
    Old.. Pretty Old !!! Am little confused about calling myself a girl or a woman right now!

    ---> Whats the good thing about being 24?
    * That you are not 25, 26, 0r 27.
    * hmmmmmm....
    * hmmmmmm....
    * hmmmmmm....

    ---> What are your future plans so?
    Well lets see... planing on treating myself to a chocolate ghatoe today evening and then i also have some shopping plans for next weekend and then ........... hmmmm... thats all that has been planed for future. Sorry cant think of anything else (one cheesy apologetic smile).

    ---> What are your greatest achievements until now?
    * Helped mom and dad in planing how to spend their cash on me.
    * Grown into a 5'4 tall girl or women (whatever! this confusion is really bugging me).
    * Have managed to irritate quite few number to people around me.
    * Reaching 24 without any skip of ages in between.

    ---> Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    Why the hell ask such a stupid question on my birthday? ( all frowning and fuming). Damn! I'll be 34 then and really really ole'. And that creeps me enough!

    ---> If you were given a birthday wish?
    To be able to create a time capsule that will take me back to year 2004 - 2005 and freeze time. That way i can remain a 20-21 year old gal (all smiles and blushes).

    ---> Any advise for the 23 year old people out there?
    Yeah! Don worry you guys! Your happiness is short lived. B'cos soon you all are gonna be a bunch of 24 year old people.

    ---> Any message for your fans?
    Please just don't give me a call to rub it in that " I am a 24 Yr Old Gal (oh sorry for the last time ) or woman ".

    Well here's again wishing myself a very happy birthday.... And like many women my age am just a 24 year old!

    Friday, November 7, 2008

    Humilating moments at their Best - part 1

    Guys! I have scrambled down a few of the humiliating moments from my life.....

    * The Saree Strip *

    Back then I hated schools!
    I preferred playing at home, sleeping till noon ( this preference has never lost its charm even today ) and going to toilets which wouldn stink. Every morning getting me ready for school was like a mini-war at home. Mom came to drop me off to KG school this one day, when my tantrum had reached its peak. All I remember now is standing in front of the school gate besides my mom and the next moment I was crying hard and hanging onto her Saree and tugging it down hard.
    well the result - Saree came out completely out of the skirt in the front and was hanging around loosely.
    People please don't ask me the consequences after this tantrum.

    * Drama Queens *

    It was this really hot Sunday afternoon i guess back in 92. A friend of mine from the lane behind my house had come home to play. After lunch we decided to go back to her place. The roads were pretty deserted that day, i guess all were taking their sunny day noon naps! We both were just walking down my lane and then the moment we entered her lane,we realized that there was this shabby guy following us( I mean he was walking at a pretty fast pace as though trying to catch up with us). Well u know how we kids have been trained from our 4 yrs of age about the kidnappers..
    1) Never talk to strangers.
    2) Do not accept any chocolates from them.
    3) And never believe them when they say "your parents have sent me to get you back from school"!
    The very next thing we both do is scream our lungs out and run for our life. We din stop until we reached her place. I still remember the worried look on her folks face looking at us both. We just cried our hearts out and somehow got consoled at the end. Believe me back then we were the best drama queens!

    * The Drama Queen Prevails *

    My very first watch was this ZAP watch ( I think it had a image of Dennis the menace on the dial).
    I really cherished it back then. Would wear it even to bed and remove it only when i had to have a bath or go to loo. After a week or so, our family had to visit a family friend of ours. So we would be staying there at night. I wore my new watch proudly to their house and guess did a little show off too !!! I really dint want to depart from my watch the night we stayed there.
    But between all the chaos of meeting my ole friends again and get back together after a pretty long time, i totally forgot where i had kept my watch. Only the next day i remembered that my watch was missing..
    Wail!!! Again being the drama queen I was, I cried a lot and made all the members of their family start a search for my watch! hmmmm well they never found my watch. It just remains as a lost watch in my memory.. blahhhh

    * Bribing a Kidooo *

    When i was in second standard, a cousin brother of mine was staying at our place for a few days. I really loved it when he came to stay with us. He would get these amul and nestle chocolates everyday. He used to also pick me from my school at times. One evening, he picked me up from school and took me directly to the bakery. He bought me these chocolates and honey cake again and bought himself a fag. Well he told me that the chocolates he bought were to ensure that i wouldn tell anything about his smoking habit at home. lolz. I happily finished all the choclates and cake and he too was kinda content after his fag. I reach back home and the very first thing i tell mom when she opened the door is " mom he smokes". The expression on my brother's face was priceless!

    * Tantrums *

    As a kid i loved staying at other's house more then my own house. During holidays coming back home was only to sleep. All the rest of the daily chores right from breakfast to dinner would be held at any one of my neighbors house. Mom too was fed up trying to tie me down back at home.
    One of my neighbor finally got fed up of this habit of mine and ordered me to go back home and take a noon nap. I was kinda devastated, no one ever had asked me leave their house and go back home. I am not very proud to tell this ( the only consolation is that i was a kid back then ) .. I got so angry at her for telling me to go back home that i ended up throwing my sandals at her!
    I still get teased by that girl even now for putting up such a tantrum!

    More humiliations on their way guys... stay tuned...

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    Out of Context

    I guess this has happened to all of us sometime or the other, that we are saying something and a whole new meaning is being formed from our sentence (usually a hilarious one). Now for a very simple dialog - Just asking someone 'are you free tonight?' can draw so many conclusion guys. Thats what we famously call Fallacy of quoting out of context . Gosh you people out there can call me a master or rather a mistress at this. My friends will vouch for me on this am sure.
    Here are two of my Famous Out of Context Dialogs....

    * I Am open till 11, try me!!!!!

    Any guesses what the above sentence is all about???( i know you guys all must have thought of all possible words that can be formed before and after that dialog :P )
    Am sure you have done your matrix home work on that, so before your mind gives out more and more possibilities, let me tell you the drama surrounding these famous string of words...
    Well, here goes the scene... long back, all my friends were sitting together and gossiping after college. It was nearly going to be sevenish or so. One of my friend had to rush to the barber's shop for a haircut as soon as he could, b'cos out there all the saloons close by seven something. He goes on cribbing that he had been trying to hit the salon from past one week and could never make it. So me being a very sweet and nice friend that I was, went out of my way to be sweeter and suggested him that Am open till 11, try me! --- All i meant was that I can cut your hair if you want, my salon (imaginatively speaking) is open till 11'0 clock. And all he responded back to me was bursts of his laughter! hmph!

    * Should I bend, Can you see ?!?

    Now am directly gonna tell you what actually happened...
    Again a group of us guys were just hanging around in the restaurant. We happened to spot this junior girl (goldilocks - thats what we called her, naaay she wasn any hot blond gal, just that she used to use a lot of bleach.. thats all) sitting at the table behind ours. She had a short term crush on one my friend at that point of time. But then when i think about it now, she had a crush on all the guys from my group at one point of the time or other, lolz. Anyways, back to the original story, my back was to her table and and this friend of mine was sitting opposite to me. These guys happened to notice her at the other table and started making fun of this guy. All of us were merrily pulling his leg and again the sweet part in me went ahead and asked him -- Should I bend , Can you see ?!? (now now! do not think a lot into this sentence.. I warn u guys!!) Next thing i know is that, goldilocks went out of the picture completely and everyone had a good time laughing at my dialog! again a hmph! sooo much for being sweet and asking him whether he was able to see goldilocks or was i blocking his serene golden beauty view!!!

    Hopefully am not the only person being targeted here for coming up with these catchy stupid dialogs. A friend of mine had stored out these all these Famous Out of Context Dialogs voiced by the famous me on a tissue paper ( like you are gonna be a dialog writer or a lyricist in future :P - this 'tongue out face' is for you out there (yeah you yourself, you know you are the culprit - stop smiling you ass )). Praise the lord that the tissue paper no more exists and had a peaceful drenching and death in the washing machine inside his jeans!

    This post goes out as a dedication to all the fervert friends of mine out there :P !!!

    PS : Has anyone seen the new add for realiance touch screen mobile..
    Well the slogan goes - "Everything starts with a touch!" - umph, umph!

    Monday, November 3, 2008

    D downfall of the great empire!

    Ok people out there! I really wanna discuss a very serious topic with you guys today!
    I feel recently I have become a queen of negativism!!! Gosh just cant help myself, i tend to see the dark side in all the matters. Come on people be honest here, my lovely optimistic imaginative empire is falling right ?!?

    I no more think that am good at certain things ( nopes not fishing for any sympathy or complements here guys! ). There are times when i see the faulty stuff in people rather then concentrating on the good stuff in them. But atleast i see more positive things in other people then myself! It have no idea whether this is a good thing or bad one. Aren there times when you have felt like living someone else's life rather than your own ?!? Dosen the other side of the forest always look greener. Hmmmm i guess the best way to brighten up our lives is fight our own negative demons!!!

    This little post is a dedication to my positive side angel !!!

    Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Wedding Blues!!

    I always loved attending weddings when i was a younger! Weddings meant running around the house with all your other cousins, new shining clothes, arranging all the accessories matching the dress, applying mehandi, and even applying heavy makeup from aunt's or mom's cosmetic kit(meant red flashing lipstick and those rosy cheeks- gosh just cant believe how tawdry they used to be!) which wasn allowed on normal days.
    I would be the most excited kid around, cos that was the only time where i gottta meet all cousins and it was almost like a get-together!

    Ask me now to attend a relative's wedding and il go all awwwwww!!! oh no! not another wedding! Now wedding has become like a fete' where you sell out all your best breed horses. Most of the aunties are looking out for a girl, so they can get their son married asap before he finds someone for himself ( maybe some of the poor guys may even have no idea of all this being cooked up behind them. So Guys just in case your mother is attending a wedding - Be careul). They just keep observing the girls out there like some secret talent show! And you know you have won it when your folks get a call the next day or within a week asking if the girl is ready to get married!
    If am attending a arranged marriage, i usually sit there and wonder whether the couple on the stage are actually happy or just putting up smiley faces! And how much do they even know each other for that matter. They might have gone out a few times, spoken on the phone for a while or exchanged e-mails!
    Attending a friend's wedding always gives me these jitters, if am ever gonna get married ( i mean to some sensible guy:P ) ...

    Edited and rambled on......

    Recently one my friend got married. Unfortunately, we gals couldn make it for the wedding. going there would finally make us realize we are growing ole... i mean seriously "OLD"!! Wish there was a way to be stuck to any age between 18 - 24. It's unbelievable to even imagine that one among us gals is getting married and settling down. I just feel we are still a lot young. Gosh i still remember us gals in the hostel, living the very carefree life. Not at all bothered about what's tomorrow gonna bring for us.

    I had to attend a wedding few weeks back. It was like a who's who of my community. All around were people whom I have known since a kid. People weren much bothered about the groom and bride, all were just busy talking among themselves, commenting on peoples clothes or just gossiping. Then there were these people whom i havn meet in a very long time(i mean literally like 6-10 yrs). You go and speak to them, they all go with an expression of 'now whose daughter are you'. Then they play the guessing game and if they nail it out right they go 'oh my gosh. look at you. you have grown so big. just cant recognize you now at all' and all you can do is give them your best cheesy smile! At times even I gotta play the guessing game, people come upto me and say 'remember me :) ' and i have to brush through my memory lane to see if i remember them. If i cant then again the same 'sorry cheesy smile' lites up on my face and my folks will have to refresh my memory of meeting them.

    The best part of the weddings are you are all dressed up well, looking out for good looking guys in the crowd, and if you happen to notice one then feeling good that the wedding was worth attending after all :)!!!

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    A Walk By The Memory Lane - Glimpse 2

    It was all decided within a span of 10 minutes. It was just a discussion between us friends and we turned out leaving the hostel with all the required stuff packed after half n hour.
    I still have no idea, in whose mind this amazing plan to spend the Friday night out at my roomie's empty house got activated. And we all girls just rushed out to pack our bags. Since all were busy, I thought, Me and another friend of mine would go and sign on the hostel leaving register for everyone. Well I ended up signing for everyone. Without any second thoughts in our mind, we seven girls set out for our adventurous night out!!
    First things first, as the house was empty and locked up, it was horribly dusty and suffocating. Somehow we managed to get the place dusted and swabbed up. After that we split out into groups for out night out grocery shopping. One group managed the food and the other set out to buy the booze. By nineish something we were all back home all set for our sleepover. Well, who the hell knew it was gonna be after all a sleepless night, at least for two of us gals(me n kuri).

    We prepared this amazing jelly vodka ( After all gals are known to be good cooks right ;) )!!
    Here's the recipe for those cookery souls out there!!!
    Just mix the jelly powder in vodka guys and keep it in the fridge to cool off!!
    After a hour or so... Viola !! Your Jelly Vodka is ready !!

    We had bought crabs and lot of chicken stuff... so just sat around and hogged like pigs!! Had our drinks!!! and danced around a little too!! Literally licked out the jelly vodka from the bowl!! By then it was twoish i guess.. by now the kick from the booze was also wearing out... n since all our drinks were over by then .. there was nothing to get high on!! N then the real torment of the night started. The night was really hot and there was no way you could manage to sleep in that hot weather. Even the fan on speed 5 wasn helping us. Opening the window n sleeping wasn even a option as the mosquitoes were just waiting for their hunt outside the window. By then it was around three... n most of the gals somehow managed to sleep... But it was impossible for me kuri.. We watched a movie and somehow made it to five'o clock. Then v decided should really give a try n get some sleep.. Am really not sure when i fell asleep, but surely remember waking up to the most horrifying news!!!
    Damn!!! They had found out that we were all missing from the hostel n all our folks were getting calls asking where their ward were missing. So much for the sleepless night before!! Somehow managed to reach back to hostel by 9:30 ... Then v had to go n meet the asst director!! Myself, raqs n kuri went n meet the director.. We all were really spooked up waiting outside his office. But thank God his mood seemed a bit ok and all he asked was who had signed the hostel outgoing register! Now i was in a fix.... Wat do you expect me to say!!! "Father am so sorrryy!! It was me who signed out for all the gals.. Please forgive me.. It wont happen again!"

    No Ways!! Am not so crazy to behead myself in his cabin... All i tried to say was all the gals were little busy so .... never completed my sentence you see :) ... N e ways .. he was in a good enough mood to let us all of the hook.. But then we had to cancel our saturday night out plan to the rock concert (Our college band was performing and my best friend was performing :( ... but v had to cancel out from the plan as v couldn risk getting caught two nightouts continuously!! )

    The worst part out of this entire nightout was that our padri came up with a new rule that , all of them who wanted to go home on weekends had to write a letter and personally hand it off to the padri a day before!!! Everyone (especially guys ) couldn figure out from where the hell this ridiculous idea had been bought up!! N we could never risk saying that it was b'cos of us seven gals this whole new rule had been started... Guess what that rule is still being carried out for the juniors!! All thanks to Us!!!

    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Freaks Out There!!!

    I was having this conversation about relationships with one of my ex-colleague.. and then this guy goes on to say that "Well...When I get into a relationship with a girl, I want her to believe in me blindly, If I say.. go forward and jump down the cliff, she should do so, Shouldn question me!"
    I was little dumbstruck! Just couldn believe that anyone will have such a crazy thought!
    He's the kind of guy who thinks that - a girl can never decide whats good for her, all the decision making abilities should be left out for the guys!

    Me: "Thats absolutely not fair! Doesn she have to have a opinion of her own? What the hell, do you want a puppet in your life"

    Mutant: "NO! Its all about trust, She should think that whatever I am saying is right and just do it"

    By now I was already battling for the poor damsel ( The Unfortunate soul from his future) silently in my mind, against the swellheaded guy in front of me!

    Me: "Come on Man! She's gotta use her own brains too... ( he couldn just expect a silent cow in his life) ...Everyone's got the freedom for expression!"

    Mutant: "You dont understand, If she's got faith in me, she'll do what i say, Just should have a blind belief in me"

    I really dint understand this dumb logic. This guy was beyond redemption.
    I told to myself - Gosh I am banging my head against a brick wall.. This freak just doesnt belong here!!! Must be a re-incarnated soul from some 1950's! Or maybe 1930's! He's a absolute weirdo!

    I just had a rude awakening. What if i too end up with a total freak like this one. Suddenly i was a bundle of nerves!
    Come on guys.. this is just one category of a "FREAK".. I haven done any Phd on the community for freaks, but am sure they can be divided into different families, then those into a separate classes, then a sub class.... gosh my imagination here is really running wild.. At this rate i guess, I will also be added to some or the other freaky sub class.

    It doesn mean that the freaks just belong to the male gender, there are the female freaks too!

    Well, One of my friend had a similar experience with a female fatal...
    He started dating this girl whom he had met online. Everything went on quite fine for the first week. Then there was trouble in paradise. He had to wake up every morning at five, just to answer her romantic calls, she literally became his freakish morning alarm. That wasn the icky part, well he could manage with the morning calls. The worst part came when she started making up theses lousy stories saying that every other guy she is meeting is hitting on her. The complaints seemed endless and finally he was left high and dry. He managed to breakup with her without any damage.

    It's quite a serious matter here, what if you are the most outgoing freak and you find yourself with the most reserved freak? Who's gonna win the battle of wills here at the end????

    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    Single Again !

    Three phases of the Single Again Syndrome...

    * The First Phase *

    This phase starts right after the very next moment of the breakup! The very crucial period and you are in a hopelessly sober state.

    Symptoms: Individuals with blood shot eyes - results of extensively pouring your heart out, People who appear to be living in their very own lost world, The one's with ability to burst into tears anywhere and everywhere, Also people who think that drinking is the best way to bury one's grief!

    Prescription for Syndrome: Avoid happy couples, Stay at least 100 mts away from the location - where you had been with your X-factor, Please stack up all the Souvenir and cards and photos you have got till now in a gunny bag and hide them somewhere - where you cant reach easily, And try not to check your cell every five minutes!

    OK jokes apart guys!!!

    Real pain of the soul going through this tunnel of breakup, can only be actually experienced by the ones who have been there. Nothing seems to be alright during this phase. You have absolutely no mood to work, your mind keeps wandering back to some soothing flashbacks, no appetite for food, and a good night's sleep seems to be just a very ancient dream. Basically you have just removed the words happy, cheerful, bright, satisfied from your dictionary. Hangouts like mall's, cinema hall's, pubs, where you see all these couples walking hand in hand, arms around each others waist, and couples beaming at each other, start creeping the hell out of you. You keep checking your mobile for calls, messages or even a single missed call and keep hoping the name of your X-factor glows out, whenever the mobile gets back to life. Worst case scenario is when you spot someone who resembles the X-factor and all the mushy feeling stored inside you, just flows out like the broken dam. The only thing you do in this phase is think about your X-factor infinity times in a single day.

    * The Second Phase *

    This phase starts after a week or a month or a year ( for some exceptional cases, it can start right after a day, a two or even three hours)
    This is when you start socializing again, and you are not as freaked as you were before, gawking at the happy couples. You are now finally back in the flirting game and can now have a decent discussion about your X-factor without having to burst into tears.

    * The Third Phase *

    This is the most exceptional and worst phase, from which we all try to escape given a chance. It happens only when you have completely moved on from your X-factor and from whom you haven heard in ages. Suddenly out of no-where the X-factor appears in front of you and bloody all those lost feeling just happen to fall out , back into its old adobe out of nowhere...

    And all you can say is " God! why me!! pleaaaaseeee no way! Not again! "

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    The First Hero In My Life

    He's the guy who used to protect me from this big bad world. All I knew about him was that he is really smart and there would be nothing he couldn do or dint know off. No matter how busy he was or how tired he looked, he always found time to hear out my silly worries and petty problems. The one I would always turn towards for suggestions when any decision(important or equally stupid) had to be done. I always could just be myself and not act sweet or cute with him. He would be always there to dry my tears when I broke down, the one who would never forget to kiss me good night before i dozed off!! He always made me these Sunday morning promises to take me out on the evenings!

    I would be very proud of him when i used to see him all dressed up to go to work. I still remember having a conceited smile on my face when he made me sit in the front seat of his new car and saw him driving with a pleased smile on his face. He used to be sometimes my topic of discussion with my friends. Always eagerly waited in the evenings for him to get back home. My ears would always stay glued to the noises outside, and the moment I heard his car coming in, Would make a dash towards the door to welcome him in with my cheesy smile. I just wanted to believe that - i was the only cute girl in his life and there wasn anyone else who would make him more happy. I always believed that my Dad was the most handsome dad amongst all the other dad's i knew off!!!

    After all he was the guy who saved me from my childhood monsters. The one who held my hand during my dose of first ten year ka injections and who bought me chocolates later to make up for the tantrums i made during those injections. He's the one who always bandaged my wounded knees and hands. He was my dad in the shining Armour. I would be the happiest kid around whenever he came to pick me up from my school. At times I would walk in proudly to his cabin, nose held up all high in the air and with a haughty walk ( guess wanted all his colleagues to know that i was very proud of my hero).
    There was a time when he would have to go for these week long trips - and i just would not be able to sleep the night before his return, knowing that I'll feel safe only once he gets back home. The very first thing i used to do after he got back was to go rug mugging through his bag for my presents. He would get these beautiful dolls and kitchen sets which i loved the most.. Later I would cook for him in that new kitchen set and invite him over for dinner.

    But the universal truth is that as we grow older, our hero's get replaced by crushes, boy friends and some one specials. We start depending on our new replaced hero's for advice and protection. As time passes by, we tend to get easily embarrassed by our folks. We feel we can make our own decisions now and dont need any more help from them. Now I try to act all snooty, proficient and too big for one's shoes. I dont like my Dad visiting my lecturers in collage or giving a daily visit to my work place ( whereas I used to be very proud to crash at his office). Guess we all forget one common truth - they have always loved us and will always think for our own good!

    In a way i know that he is proud of me too, just the way I'll always be proud of him and he still remains one of my knight in the shining Armour - whom i will always look upto.
    After all he will always remain the 'First Ever Hero in My Life'!!!

    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Laws For Attraction!

    You know how it is when you enter the mall... Its almost like you are looking at a parade of good looking guys and gals. All guys will be busy checking out the gals and all the gals too Will be busy checking out what the other gals are wearing. Last weekend I also happened to notice a very handsome guy a the mall.
    Suddenly there was this voice in my head saying - 'damn! he's too good! Why the hell is he not looking at me!!!!' (this voice belongs to the angel part of me - the optimistic one who thinks all good things do happen in life)The other voice is the devilish side of me (the one who always has to comment on the angel voice and who believes only in the reality and no illusions work here)
    Devilish voice: 'Why the hell are you so bothered. Stop acting like a love struck cow. He is not going to look at you anyways!! you are not dead-set on nailing that guy! are you?'
    Angelic Voice: 'Come on !! who knows!! he might be the one made for me and we might fall in love and get married and may live happily together'
    Devilish voice: ' Ya right!! Even a goat wouldn marry you, If it happens to hear your present just admire him and move on to the next guy besides him - he kinda looks good too !!!'

    Well FYI - I never got a second look from that guy!! A known fact is that the devilish side in me always wins over!!!
    The Guy Community has written its own code!
    * You need to be a hottie, for guys to drool over you and all that matters is the clothes you wear!!!
    The moment a guy spots a hot babe on the road or in orkut or facebook.. the first reaction goes...
    'Fuck man! check her out! she's damn hot!'
    and the inner thought goes about saying - 'damn! she's my kinda girl. Hope she's single'
    Well you see, you can call me the pretty one! But alas am no hottie. Guess that's where i loose my scores in "second glances".
    It's a worldwide knowledge all over that guys prefer the hot babes!! When i say guys - i mean guys ranging from 12 years of age to 50!!!

    That doesn mean we girls find every other guy we lay our eyes on handsome!
    For your Attention - We got our preferences too Guys!!

    I usually do a random search for guys who are tall and broad shouldered!! I just dont feel any sense of attraction when it comes to guys shorter than 5'6!!! I get only these platonic feelings for lean guys!!! A guy doesn have to be too handsome or doesn have to have the Greek God looks. It doesn matter how you look. All that matters is the personality, how you dress up and carry your self around!!!

    In some weird way, I guess we all write our own laws for attraction!

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    Is Chivalry Dead !?!

    Ok Guys... A clear Cut warning!!! Not advisible to guys with a weak and narrow mind (:P)!

    But i really wanna point out the fact guys.. so just try and be as cool as you can(:P)..

    The actual meaning of chivalry i found from web after a tremendous search - the terms chivalry and chivalrous are used to describe courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women.

    Ok where is that behavior gone... decayed along with the passing decade???? Guys we don't expect you to be our beck and call man.. but come on ... show us some of your best behavior atleast!
    The actual fact is, if a guy gives too much of a importance to the girls.. everyone thinks he's a weirdo. U see... he loses all his so called macho attitude..
    Well i too have had my fair amount of discourteous guys.. Better left that matter alone or they are gonna hunt me down and kick my ass.... I guess we girls are best on our own!

    Hmmmm but there are some guys still left out there who know how to show out their chivarly. Atleast some of my friends have showed out their other best courteous side at times.

    * Guys who have made sure that i reached home safely.
    * Been there for me during my shopping and never complained for all the runs and re-runs I have done towards the changing room.
    * Listened to my no-ending tantrums with a huge patience.
    * Put up with me during my PMS days.
    * Also the ones who have carried the shopping bags(you guys are the best.. muuaah:)
    * The ones who have made me laugh during my mood slides and were always there for me with some advice.

    This post is dedicated to all those chivalrous friends of mine!! Muuaaahhhh...

    A Walk By The Memory Lane - Glimpse 1

    Ever gone on a Girls Night Out which has ended up in a disaster???

    Our "All Girls Night Out" after the last semester exams was near disaster.. Well you can say our girls night out started out only with a disaster. We had planed for a movie from 5 PM to 8 PM and then go out for drinks, after that go to a local disc. Me, and other two friends of mine got the tickets for the movie chup chup ke... but then the rest of the girls wanted to watch hera pheri part 2 ( a lot of communication gap in between you see which included noisy bus rides).
    Three of us then set out on selling out the seven tickets we had purchased... literally begging each and everyone to buy the tickets in front of adlabs (we all looked like those kids selling out the black tickets in old hindi movies.. lolz) Finally we somehow sold out all the tickets !!! yipee!!! Guess we gotta be proud of ourself...
    Next we met up with the other girls and then headed out to the pub... As usual I had my favorite Peach Schnapps... My love for Peach Schnapps never ends... Now its become like a ex-boyfriend, I just cant getover [:(].. They have stopped producing it!!!! Blllahhhhh ( How can they do that to poor Schnapps lover souls like mine)
    We had a few rounds of drinks and photo shoots ( photos which would gradually land in Orkut )..Our next and last destination was the Disc.... Guess what.... The guys sitting next to us in the disc were our own first year juniors who started flirting with us...They went way out to buy us drinks and food. This was really embarrassing, Reasons - 1) Our Juniors 2) The waiters seemed to be having a gala time at our price of embarrassment 3) We were all really tired about this and getting crankier by every minute.
    Finally our crankiness got better over us and we left the place really tired. We all just wanted to hit the bed and sleep away our tiredness. We had already decided to camp out the night at one of my friends house which was empty as her parents were staying abroad.
    The next "Disaster" was really tedious... We reached her place and were shocked to realize that there was absolutely no water at her place. One of my friend is a little too particular about her face and makeup and at that point of time she wanted nothing more then to wash her face. We decided that the best thing to do would be to go and get water from her neighbor. The Neighbor awake at that time of night was two houses away. They agreed to give us water and all of us girls started the transfer of water in buckets and vessels. I guess it nearly took us around an hour to store water enough for any loo activities and morning works. Finally the disastrous evening was over and for once we were happy that it was over!!!!

    I have had more disastrous night outs, again this is just one among them !!!!

    Know Me!!!

    Things You Should Know About Me..

    • I love shopping for clothes, bags and shoes. Shopping is my biggest stress buster.
    • Can just keep reading and watching movies the entire day( addable to the passions in my life).
    • Like hanging out with my friends and gossiping about anything and everything.
    • Am in love with the color red, black, pink and purple.
    • Martini and peach schanpps are all my all time favorites!!!
    • There are times when i get scared of horror movies.
    • I hate guys who act cocky , and have this impression saying guys are more intelligent then girls and basically girls are dumb.
    • Not a great a fan of any political party or any religion.
    • I am too lazzyyy... just cant explain you the boundaries of my laziness.... i have to get like around15 calls from the hutch customer care before i ditch my laziness and go out and pay the bill.
    • I am 23 years old.. running on my way to 24 and still have a lot of things to be completed on my to-do-list-before-25.
    • Am a girl who thinks that flowers are pretty and moonlight beaches are romantic.
    • A girl with average looks you can say. Not anyone who can leave guys drooling after me. But then i can look pretty some days when i have the mood to deck myself up.
    • Basically a girl who wants to live life carefree and fearless but can get tied due to the traditional Indian family views.
    So Guys!!! Hope you do like my sip of life on the rocks!! Cheers!!