Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Out of Context

I guess this has happened to all of us sometime or the other, that we are saying something and a whole new meaning is being formed from our sentence (usually a hilarious one). Now for a very simple dialog - Just asking someone 'are you free tonight?' can draw so many conclusion guys. Thats what we famously call Fallacy of quoting out of context . Gosh you people out there can call me a master or rather a mistress at this. My friends will vouch for me on this am sure.
Here are two of my Famous Out of Context Dialogs....

* I Am open till 11, try me!!!!!

Any guesses what the above sentence is all about???( i know you guys all must have thought of all possible words that can be formed before and after that dialog :P )
Am sure you have done your matrix home work on that, so before your mind gives out more and more possibilities, let me tell you the drama surrounding these famous string of words...
Well, here goes the scene... long back, all my friends were sitting together and gossiping after college. It was nearly going to be sevenish or so. One of my friend had to rush to the barber's shop for a haircut as soon as he could, b'cos out there all the saloons close by seven something. He goes on cribbing that he had been trying to hit the salon from past one week and could never make it. So me being a very sweet and nice friend that I was, went out of my way to be sweeter and suggested him that Am open till 11, try me! --- All i meant was that I can cut your hair if you want, my salon (imaginatively speaking) is open till 11'0 clock. And all he responded back to me was bursts of his laughter! hmph!

* Should I bend, Can you see ?!?

Now am directly gonna tell you what actually happened...
Again a group of us guys were just hanging around in the restaurant. We happened to spot this junior girl (goldilocks - thats what we called her, naaay she wasn any hot blond gal, just that she used to use a lot of bleach.. thats all) sitting at the table behind ours. She had a short term crush on one my friend at that point of time. But then when i think about it now, she had a crush on all the guys from my group at one point of the time or other, lolz. Anyways, back to the original story, my back was to her table and and this friend of mine was sitting opposite to me. These guys happened to notice her at the other table and started making fun of this guy. All of us were merrily pulling his leg and again the sweet part in me went ahead and asked him -- Should I bend , Can you see ?!? (now now! do not think a lot into this sentence.. I warn u guys!!) Next thing i know is that, goldilocks went out of the picture completely and everyone had a good time laughing at my dialog! again a hmph! sooo much for being sweet and asking him whether he was able to see goldilocks or was i blocking his serene golden beauty view!!!

Hopefully am not the only person being targeted here for coming up with these catchy stupid dialogs. A friend of mine had stored out these all these Famous Out of Context Dialogs voiced by the famous me on a tissue paper ( like you are gonna be a dialog writer or a lyricist in future :P - this 'tongue out face' is for you out there (yeah you yourself, you know you are the culprit - stop smiling you ass )). Praise the lord that the tissue paper no more exists and had a peaceful drenching and death in the washing machine inside his jeans!

This post goes out as a dedication to all the fervert friends of mine out there :P !!!

PS : Has anyone seen the new add for realiance touch screen mobile..
Well the slogan goes - "Everything starts with a touch!" - umph, umph!


vanessa said...

babe... too much.. finally got to read your blog.. brings back good old memories.. particularly these.. he he... keep it going sweetie... :-)

Charmed One! said...

Hey sweetie.. i still got lot of incidents to scribble!! Keep coming back for more :) !!