Monday, September 29, 2008

Laws For Attraction!

You know how it is when you enter the mall... Its almost like you are looking at a parade of good looking guys and gals. All guys will be busy checking out the gals and all the gals too Will be busy checking out what the other gals are wearing. Last weekend I also happened to notice a very handsome guy a the mall.
Suddenly there was this voice in my head saying - 'damn! he's too good! Why the hell is he not looking at me!!!!' (this voice belongs to the angel part of me - the optimistic one who thinks all good things do happen in life)The other voice is the devilish side of me (the one who always has to comment on the angel voice and who believes only in the reality and no illusions work here)
Devilish voice: 'Why the hell are you so bothered. Stop acting like a love struck cow. He is not going to look at you anyways!! you are not dead-set on nailing that guy! are you?'
Angelic Voice: 'Come on !! who knows!! he might be the one made for me and we might fall in love and get married and may live happily together'
Devilish voice: ' Ya right!! Even a goat wouldn marry you, If it happens to hear your present just admire him and move on to the next guy besides him - he kinda looks good too !!!'

Well FYI - I never got a second look from that guy!! A known fact is that the devilish side in me always wins over!!!
The Guy Community has written its own code!
* You need to be a hottie, for guys to drool over you and all that matters is the clothes you wear!!!
The moment a guy spots a hot babe on the road or in orkut or facebook.. the first reaction goes...
'Fuck man! check her out! she's damn hot!'
and the inner thought goes about saying - 'damn! she's my kinda girl. Hope she's single'
Well you see, you can call me the pretty one! But alas am no hottie. Guess that's where i loose my scores in "second glances".
It's a worldwide knowledge all over that guys prefer the hot babes!! When i say guys - i mean guys ranging from 12 years of age to 50!!!

That doesn mean we girls find every other guy we lay our eyes on handsome!
For your Attention - We got our preferences too Guys!!

I usually do a random search for guys who are tall and broad shouldered!! I just dont feel any sense of attraction when it comes to guys shorter than 5'6!!! I get only these platonic feelings for lean guys!!! A guy doesn have to be too handsome or doesn have to have the Greek God looks. It doesn matter how you look. All that matters is the personality, how you dress up and carry your self around!!!

In some weird way, I guess we all write our own laws for attraction!

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