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    Friday, September 25, 2009

    Domestic Battle!

    What do most married couples fight about???

    Reason 1 - Food & Cooking!

    Not an issue with us. The boy manages the non-veg section and i look after the veg section and sausages section. We are very well co-ordinated in the food department. So no fights in the kitchen.

    Reason 2 - TV shows!

    The boy prefers only the movies and sports channels. And i am not a big fan of these sport channels. But being a good wife (coyly smiling), i let boy watch his football matches and F1. And he too lets me watch my shows (at least on their re-runs). So no fight over remote too here.

    Reason 3 - Cleaning around the house

    Boy is very helpful in this section. He shows his typical Virgo cleanliness streak here. So no fights over dirty dishes and brooms.

    Reason 4 - Annoying habits

    Either there are no such "tick off" habits in the boy or i have gotten used to all his pesky habits. And i dont hear the boy complaining much about mine too. So no fights over snoring or toilet seat covers.

    So you think we dont fight at all??

    Highly mistaken.... Wondering the reason for fight???

    Reason is a big brown towel !!!

    My mom had packed this towel along with all my other clothes when i moved in with the boy. The towel was totally forgotten. Few days back, the boy suddenly remembered about the towel and from then on the battle has begun.

    Boy says his MIL has bought the towel especially for him. And i told the boy to call up my mom and get his confusion cleared. When my folks had called him to wish on his birthday, he asked my mom about towel, she sweetly took his side and agreed that it was for him.
    Well i dint give up that easily. I got the boy another big peach towel as a birthday gift along with all his other gifts. Then i told the boy to forget about the brown towel. But canny boy says that he would lend me his new peach towel and i could use it permanently. aaarrgghhh!!!

    Well the brown towel has never been used until now. It is still under the dispute for true ownership. Both the parties are not planning on letting it go.

    So the towel tussle continues.......

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    Cakes, Mousse and Surprises!

    So it was the Boy's birthday last Friday!!! N i had planned on few surprises for his day.. But this smart fella made it so difficult to surprise him...

    Surprise No 1:
    Day: Thursday - Before the Birthday.

    I have never tried any chicken dish before. It was always the boy who was assigned to the non-vegetarian section in our kitchen. But this time i wanted to surprise the boy with some chicken curry. So i got chicken from the market in the morning. Around 3'0 clock, i started with the preparations. I had called my mom earlier and had written down her recipe. Cleaning the chicken in itself was very new for me. After some 10 -12 calls to my mom during the entire while, somehow managed to prepare a green chicken curry. Boy loves Jamoons. By six something i was done with the chicken n Jamoons. The boy usually is back home by 7, so wanted to finish everything by then. He called me around 6 and i told him i was preparing tomato curry for the night. Then i cooked some sausages n by 7 somehow was done with the ghee rice too. All the dishes were hidden safely in the chicken.

    Even the boy was right on time.

    7:00 - Boy enters the house.
    7:01 - Done with greeting the boy inside the house.
    7:02 - The boy smells around the house n knows something has been cooking all the while.
    7:02 - Boy enters the kitchen n i am caught red handed with the chicken curry.
    7:03 - A sad n pouty faced girl cribbing that it was supposed to be surprise for dinner n boy spoilt it all by sharp smelly nose.
    7:03 - A smiling boy consoling the girl saying it was a very sweet surprise even though found before time.

    Surprise 2:
    Day Friday - At 12:00 AM

    The boy promptly dozed of at 11:00 watching the tv, as he always does. I usually wake him up, but this time i let him sleep peacefully. Around 11:50, I took out the strawberry mousse, which was hidden safely in the fridge. Lit candles around the mousse and turned off the lights. Woke the boy up a little before 12. The boy gets up all dazed and totally lost. Once all awake, the boy is totally amazed that there was strawberry mousse hidden in the fridge all the while. Ahh atleast he got surprised somewhere..

    Surprise 3:
    Day Friday - Boy's Day

    Boy is a big fan of Liverpool Football club. So i had already ordered for a cake with the Liverpool Logo on that. Getting the cake done with that logo was kinda problem, since no one agreeing on doing that sort of fancy cake. I finally had found a shop, and after much of fuss, the baker agreed on it. It was decided earlier that the boy would take his friends out for lunch in the noon and even i would join them. So i planned on taking the cake and surprising him during lunch there. But the boy calls me around eleven in the morning and says that one of his friend has to leave to Delhi immediately and the boy wont be taking them out for lunch today. Now i was totally confused with what to do with the entire cake.

    I called up his other friend and told her to convince him on them all out for lunch. Somehow boy agreed and calls me up about the lunch. By then i was already on my way to collect the cake. So i told the boy i was out and would come directly there for lunch. But by 12:30 i got the cake n was also back home. The boy calls up again saying they were leaving now to that place and that he would come and pick me up. Somehow i managed to brush off the boy saying il take more time, so will come on my own. I take the cake and reach there... Boy's eyes is just fixed on the big cover i was carrying. Finally managed at surprising the Birthday Boy...

    In the evening i open the door for the boy, I can see a bunch of flowers instead of the boy... My first thought is someone got flowers for the birthday boy. Then the boy says he got the flowers for me for all the surprises i gave him :) ...... Boy also took me out for a lovely open air dinner and drinks under the moonlight.

    In short it was very beautiful day and i also discover that it is really very difficult to surprise some people :) ...

    Monday, August 31, 2009

    so gonna miss u.....

    We have been good friends for 7 years now... N i still remember the first time we was my first day in the engineering college and all the girls as usual had formed a big group and were waiting for the introduction ceremony to begin. We got introduced there by a common friend Reems... And that was just the beginning...

    Weeks later we started sitting together on the first bench in the class ( Ask how come me n 1st bench... well we thought that lecturers usually concentrate on the last bench . so we can get away with doing anything right under their nose... now that was our illusion.. We got caught for most of the pranks that semester)...

    It just took us one freaking evening of tiring Engineering drawing class to become good friends.. I was waiting for reems to get back from the clutches of that monster lecturer and that was when we both sat and started talking about our crushes and everything else.. And from then on we were tagged as good friends. Come the second year of engineering.. we got tagged as the pranksters too...N we also shifted to the last bench( yup we learnt a lesson - Nothing can ever replace the last bench)...

    We were team when it came to mischievous deeds.. once we even teamed up to pick a dead frog from the road and drop inside our friends desk... N also we got into the firing line for pranks together...

    We shared secrets.. shared laughters.. shared gossips.. shared books.. shared memories.. happiness and gloom...

    Once out of engineering days... we still were the same.. we have been each others shoulders to cry on.. the first number and name that comes on mind when we have to share some news... happy or sad..

    N on Saturday she left to US for a year on work .... The entire Saturday was spent packing her three years of junk collected here...

    Thats us both in the photo trying the karaoke without the mic .. some 10 days ago... Awww

    The sales, discounts, shopping, gossip and ladies night out will never be the same without you gal... I am so gonna miss you Raqs :( ......

    PS - N when i seemed all sad and depressed.. the boy says he will take me out drinking to a local Bar to overcome my nostalgic feeling... so much for his wicked sense of humor... hmmph..

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    We live in a virtual world now....

    So we( me n the boy) have taken up farming as our main interest... we now own piece of land and have been cultivating it regularly. You can also say.. these are the side effects of recession...

    No, the boy has not quit his job, he still goes for work.. but his heart n mind are all always on his farm. Even during his regular days at work, he has sometimes rushed back home to cultivate his obsessive farm.

    The boy who finds it difficult to wake up early in the morning to do his regular exercise, has gone to the extent of keeping an alram to wake up ealy and harvest his farm. I say he is totally obsessed with his farm.
    Oh did i not tell you this... we even own cattle - cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, horses, goats, sheep and also brown cows... we have got it all ...

    Even when away from our farm... all we think about is our virtual world farm. As i blog this, i realize that, we have turned into one of those couples, who dedicate all their time into virtual farming. Boy we got to do something about this ... hmmmmm...

    So tell me guys, are anyone else also being hooked onto virtual farming on FaceBook????

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Just an ordinary morning conversation!

    The boy is busy getting ready for work..

    Me: Hon you have been gaining weight since the wedding. hasn anyone told you this at office?

    The Boy: Don ask.. I have become a constant mockery at office since the wedding?

    Me: Really... what have been people telling you?

    The Boy: They have started calling me a married man!! (with a sad pouty face)

    A heavy silence for 10 seconds.. then a busrt of laughter

    Ahhha nows thats called sheer tragedy.. my poor boy .. *evil laughs*

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    From single to being married!

    So has anyone been visiting this lonely blog, while i was away ???!!!??

    Guess a there may have been quite lot of dramatic changes in people's life around while i was away.. Phewww i gottta lot of catching up to do....

    Well let me summarize my update here...
    A dramatic change in relationship status from single to married in my FB!

    More about the wedding!
    Wedding was on may 17th.. I still have no idea how the entire day went by.. but was damn tired by the end of the day.. so i hardly gotta enjoy it properly.. I have told the boy i want a re-wedding with him.. this time in goa.. and without any of those heavy gold stuff!!! Les see hows that goes now! The worst post-wedding trauma was that we were made to drink milk at each relatives house we visited!

    Now am enjoying my days doing nothing but experimenting my recipes on the boy. Lets just put it this way -- Its a new adventure everyday in my kitchen!

    GUys, for all those who are scared of getting married (who think bunjee jumping is any day better then a wedding), please go ahead n try it.. It may look a lot scarier from outside.. but once inside, you'll love it .. I owe it all to my boy...
    So telll me guys.. wats new???

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    And I Am Back !!!!!!!!

    Many of you must be wondering if i am still alive :) ...
    guess i am out of reasons to say, for staying away from my blog... Just for the sake of reasons my mind was running on blank space and was totally topic less..

    Well i have been a little busy over days with the usual wedding thingis and lot of other stuff too ... After two days of continuous wedding saree shopping with my mom and my MIL, now i dread entering any saree shops.. I being a shopoholic, have started running away in the opposite direction whenever i happen to see a saree shop .. We dragged the boy for the saree shopping too, and guess what.. he managed to doze off at one shop..

    If i start the countdown, 37 days left for the Big Day.. hmmmm and still no signs of runaway bride jitters :) (hoping that the boy skips this line).. Nowadays everyone keeps asking me how are your wedding preparations going and i swear i dont know what to reply back.. I cant think of any such preparations to be done except for shopping.. Guys am i missing out something here.. people who are already married, please help me out here ..

    Guys thanks a lot for stopping by and checking on me.. Guess i have lot to catch upon in your blogs.. i have missed blogging .. its nice to be back here.. Hope all of you have been good :) ..

    And now i leave you with this mail i had got... Its truly amazing.. its just a Irish college entrance exam... Well i dint pass in this... Hope il have some company at least here ...all the best and no peeking in for answers before you try out everything.. behave!! (People, please click on the image to see the enlarged version)

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    When beauty turns into arrogance!

    So how many of you catch up with the MTV splitsvilla show on Saturdays.... For those who have no idea about this show.. it is dating game... where 9 girls and 9 boys(all strangers to each other) have to find love.. and only one couple can survive and win at the end.. Actually all you will find in the show is lot of cat fights and girls getting at each others throats and bithching endlessly..

    For people who know about this show already please jump onto the next paragraph... n for those who dont know.. read on..

    One girl and a boy are chosen as the king and the queen. They have the ultimate power to eliminate a boy and a girl from the show every week.. Every week three girls and boys are put in the dumping zone and those in the dumping zone have to go on a date with the king and queen and impress them, to save themselves from the elimination. So the girls try to impress the king royally and guys try and impress the queen.
    So last week in the show three gals had to impress the king and were sent on a date.. the date location was next to a swimming pool... each girl had 20 minutes to impress the guy.....So the first girl goes for the date.. The girl is nicely dressed in a one piece party wear with all accessories.. The guy is wearing a pair of shorts and is acting all snooty.. tells her to get into the pool... the girl says a no since she is in that dress.. the guys says he doesn know all that and she has to get into the pool if she wants to talk to him.. she finally says a ok. n tells him she will change to a swimming costume... he tells her, he will give her 30 seconds to get into the pool or else she can leave.. finally left with no choice she gets in.. and she slips in the pool too and this guy with no absolute decency treats the girl like a crap and makes the other two to get into the pool in their party wear...

    Ok now lets get to my actual point.. well the present king is quite handsome guy.. He's kinda cute and he knows that as well. So the cuteness plus the king power has made him a real devil in the show. He treats girls in the date like his slaves...

    when do you think the good looks actually turn someone into a heartless sick person... they start thinking other girls are living only for their bidding..they forget to treat them as girls.. and remove the word chivalry from the dictionary and turn themselves into cold, mean, self centered person.. Its just not the boys here.. there are many girls out there too.. who think beauty comes with the power to treat the rest of the people like a dirt..

    You are beautiful / gorgeous / handsome / cute ... flaunt it... cherish it... love it... glorify it... But why the hell let arrogance of the beauty take over your senses ....

    this is only my point of view... it can differ from person to person and all such opinions are welcomed here without any vengeance ;) ...

    So tell me what do you think guys???

    Monday, March 16, 2009


    This one is a very old pending tag and the most difficult one too.. writing 25 things about yourself is a huge pain indeed ....

    I been cracking my brains for 25's past three days..finally i gave up and asked the boy and my friends to help me out with this... So here goes the 25's..

    Things from my memory....

    1) I hated going to school until my 7th grade... In 7th grade i had a crush on a cute boy in my class. And thats what inspired me to attend classes.

    2) As a kid I always wanted to be a teacher. I would drape bath towels around as a saree and would teach the walls and floor with a book and stick in my hand.

    3) I sucked my forefinger + middle finger together until i was 5 years old and i ended up getting bunny teeth later. Thanks to the people called dentists, it doesn exist anymore.

    4) I was very mischievous as a kid. I got my hand fractured jumping down the compound wall and was operated thrice on the same fracture.

    5) I have once entered a shop, tried on a dress.. fell in love with the dress.. got it billed without any second thoughts.. and walked out of the store wearing the same.

    6) Three to two shooters down, and i can win any laughter contest.

    7) Laziness is my middle name. My laziness has no absolute boundaries. At times I feel lazy even to eat something. (yeah chewing can be tiresome you see)

    8) A total bookworm.. I love reading (anything other then academic books)... I can sit up the entire night just to finish a good book.

    9) I love corn.. baby corn, boiled corn, sweet corn, (*)corn.. you name it and i will eat it....

    Thats it guys... I cant brag anything more about myself :) ..

    So now i leave the space for the boy and my friends to brag ...

    My dharlinge friends say that...

    10) She is always up to some or the other mischief and will never spare anyone when it comes to pranks.

    11) She likes her name being used in each sentence.

    12) She is very photogenic..

    13) Her love for peach schnapps and martini never dies..

    Well the boy and my friends both agree that...

    14) Girl is crazy about puppies.

    15) Girl is sweet and caring. She is the best of the friends one can have.

    And the Boy (who stayed back at office.. just to write this) says ...

    16) Girl likes to be very independent.

    17) Girl doesn’t get irritated too easily. Has a high level of patience.

    18) Girl is very carefree. Lives for the moment and doesn’t think too much about the past or future.

    19) Girl keeps her friends waiting 9 times out 10 if they plan going out. (It’s worth waiting though )

    20) Girl loves anything dipped in mayonnaise.

    21) Girl is a shopping freak. Can spend the entire day in her favorite shops given a chance. (Suits me very well )

    22) Girl is highly conscious about the social and political scenario happening around. (She can be a good politician!! )

    23) Girl is very forgetful when it comes to remembering dates.

    24) Girl is naturally beautiful and gorgeous. Doesn’t put on too much of a make up. She doesn't take care of herself though.

    25) Girl gets these weird dreams which can be related to anything under the sun. Highly imaginative. (I get embarrassed sometimes once she starts imagining things :) !!)

    Well the boy and my friends have said it all ... thank you guys.. you are the best .... mmuuaahh :) ....

    Anyone reading this can take up the tag.. all the best finding 25 things guys :) ...

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    First Ever Hero in My Life !

    My mind is running on low battery guys, so cant think of anything to post! Yeah i had a very light breakfast today!
    so today i am just gonna re-post a very old dedication in my blog!

    He's the guy who used to protect me from this big bad world. All I knew about him was that he is really smart and there would be nothing he couldn do or dint know off. No matter how busy he was or how tired he looked, he always found time to hear out my silly worries and petty problems. The one I would always turn towards for suggestions when any decision(important or equally stupid) had to be done. I always could just be myself and not act sweet or cute with him. He would be always there to dry my tears when I broke down, the one who would never forget to kiss me good night before i dozed off!! He always made me these Sunday morning promises to take me out on the evenings!

    I would be very proud of him when i used to see him all dressed up to go to work. I still remember having a conceited smile on my face when he made me sit in the front seat of his new car and saw him driving with a pleased smile on his face. He used to be sometimes my topic of discussion with my friends. Always eagerly waited in the evenings for him to get back home. My ears would always stay glued to the noises outside, and the moment I heard his car coming in, Would make a dash towards the door to welcome him in with my cheesy smile. I just wanted to believe that - i was the only cute girl in his life and there wasn anyone else who would make him more happy. I always believed that my Dad was the most handsome dad amongst all the other dad's i knew off!!!

    After all he was the guy who saved me from my childhood monsters. The one who held my hand during my dose of first ten year ka injections and who bought me chocolates later to make up for the tantrums i made during those injections. He's the one who always bandaged my wounded knees and hands. He was my dad in the shining Armour. I would be the happiest kid around whenever he came to pick me up from my school. At times I would walk in proudly to his cabin, nose held up all high in the air and with a haughty walk ( guess wanted all his colleagues to know that i was very proud of my hero).

    There was a time when he would have to go for these week long trips - and i just would not be able to sleep the night before his return, knowing that I'll feel safe only once he gets back home. The very first thing i used to do after he got back was to go rug mugging through his bag for my presents. He would get these beautiful dolls and kitchen sets which i loved the most.. Later I would cook for him in that new kitchen set and invite him over for dinner.

    But the universal truth is that as we grow older, our hero's get replaced by crushes, boy friends and some one specials. We start depending on our new replaced hero's for advice and protection. As time passes by, we tend to get easily embarrassed by our folks. We feel we can make our own decisions now and dont need any more help from them. Now I try to act all snooty, proficient and too big for one's shoes. I dont like my Dad visiting my lecturers in collage or giving a daily visit to my work place ( whereas I used to be very proud to crash at his office). Guess we all forget one common truth - they have always loved us and will always think for our own good!

    In a way i know that he is proud of me too, just the way I'll always be proud of him and he still remains one of my knight in the shining Armour - whom i will always look upto.
    After all he will always remain the 'First Ever Hero in My Life' and i will always be his little girl!!!

    Happy Birthday Pa !

    PS: At times we ignore people who are very close to us. We take them and their love for granted. Cos We always believe that no matter what happens, they will always be there for us.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    News Hour!

    Headlines for the day!
    -> Chramed One's blog got it's very second award for friendship from Moi.
    -> Chramed One! has also been interviewed by Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator.

    Entertainment news!
    -> Happy Holi to all you guys!

    News in Brief!

    Yeah you heard it right! My interview by Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator has been published! Yipee! (Again doing the happy dance on my chair).. You can check it out here! (Guys warn you! it’s a pretty long one. Please try not to doze off). And also congratulations to all the bloggers whose interview has been published!

    Moving on…Here comes my second award from sweet Moi for friendship. Thank you girl. I have known Moi for almost 6 years now. She is a very caring friend. She is great at advices for issues under any category too. But to know her caring side you gotta be in her list of good friends first. We both make a very deadly team when it comes to gossiping and commentary judgment. I mean to say we display all the characteristics of being girls!

    Moi has already awarded this to LAncelot, Suresh, Mayz, Chriz, Hope, Akansha and Keshi. I wanna acknowledge them too. You guys are truly great.

    Now i pass on this award to 8 Bloggers...

    A friend who has always been there with great advices and stupid PJ's( as i always say - Priceless Jokes). Now he has started one hell of a newsense blog too! Yeah his words too make great new sense now!

    My father figure! (Hope you have not forgotten your family back in India) Lols Geoff please dont kill me for that now. Another crazy, great friend! Irregular at blogging (shaking my finger at you). But writes good stuff!

    This guy will do anything for his friends. True definition of Friends for life! He writes amazing poems! But has gone missing for a long time ! Hope he returns soon.

    She is truly goddesses of emotions. She writes what we usually feel and find difficult to express. A great writer and a lovely person too.

    Her posts leave you speechless. She is great at combining emotions with words. And after reading 25 things about her, I would say she is a wonderful person too.

    I just love the way she writes about very simple things. Her posts always leave you with a smile on the face. I have not known her for long. But her blog describes her perfectly and she seems to be great person.

    *Tinkerbell's Neverland*
    She writes about simple stuff which we hardly ponder on. But after reading her posts, You will be shifted to the thinking mode. A very different yet powerful blog!

    A random writer.. Yet a very powerful writer.. He is good at his words and comes up with beautiful posts!

    Guys you all are great! Applauds!

    Now for some Entertainment news!

    HAppy Holi People!
    I guess all are busy celebrating Holi today at their offices and colleges. Enjoy guys and get colorful!
    Today I remember my college days, where we used play holi like crazy cows.. run out of colors and then start pouring buckets of water on each other! Awww I miss those days!

    On a more serious note..
    Holi means the triumph of good over evil and conquest of sensual values by spiritual values (No doubt! Copied from Google search).. Nay i cant elaborate on that now..So I would only say.. be good guys and celebrate the day!

    Adios for now my lovlies!

    Friday, March 6, 2009

    Love Lost .....

    He saw her gazing at the blue dress displayed on the mannequin. Even after 2 long years, he had recognized her at one glance. She had grown thin, but definitely looked more beautiful then ever. She still held that attractive look which made people to just stare at her. And that was what he was doing at the moment. Admiring her from a very safe distance. Something seemed to have disturbed her, and she suddenly turned his way. She looked all surprised now to see him there.

    He walked towards her, fearing the possibility of her ignoring him and walking away. But then she smiled at him and his tension seemed to fade away. They stood there facing each other silently. There were so many things he wanted to tell her, so many questions he wanted to ask. No words came out of him.

    He: Hi, such a long time.

    She: Yes, its really a surprise to see you. You look the same.

    He: Yeah. So hows life? Hey how about a cup of coffee? Are you busy?

    She: No, cup of coffee will be great.

    They now sat at the coffee shop talking about everything other then anything related to their personal life. He was actually scared to ask her about her present. He was not sure to how me may react, if she said that now she had someone in her life. They had a distance of 2 years between them. There seemed to be a lot many changes in her now. She had changed the way she wore her hair. But her smile was the same. He still knew how to make her laugh. For anyone else looking at them now, they may have seemed like a perfect couple enjoying a cup of coffee. But only they knew about the underlying tension in between them.

    An hour had passed by quickly and she realized that she had to leave now.

    She: Its already late. I have to leave. Thanks for the coffee.

    He: Oh am i paying for it? I thought you were, so i ordered the most expensive one!

    She laughed, stood up and ruffled his head. And he just wanted to freeze that moment.

    He walked her to the lift and the tension was back now. He was not sure whether he should ask for her number and she seemed quite jittery too.
    The lift opened and she walked inside. He just stood out and smiled at her.

    She: i dont know if i will see you again anytime.

    He nodded silently. The life door started to close.

    She: You know ... I still ...

    The door had closed completely by now.

    He stood there staring at the closed door.
    Then very silently he murmured "yeah i love you too!"

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    Sweet Heart... Please come back!!!

    I missed you last night... i missed you more then i ever could have imagined possible... You were there right before me and i still was not able to do anything..i was feeling a lot helpless too for the very first time in many days.. life can be so unfair at times... it can separate you from your love in many cruel ways...

    I know that i have hurt you at times.. also i have gotten you really frustrated with my silly ways of loving you..i know you will say i am very selfish, i always take from you more and more..but darling, you are my life..its because of you i breathe everyday.. its because of you I look forward to each new day.....

    You know love, last night i did try to come close to you.. but it was really impossible however hard i tried.. i am sure it was your dad's idea to separate us like this.. i know he does not approve of me.. he has never even tried to like me.. i always get that negative vibe when he is around ... Last night I stood out there looking at you sleeping peacefully inside that darn mosquito net, telling myself that from now on i guess this is how its gonna be...never together again in this life time, sigh!

    i miss u ..

    please come back to me...

    Buzzingly yours!
    Mosquito no-420

    PS: hoping that atleast one mosquito would have missed me last night :D !!

    Monday, March 2, 2009

    Me, My Tens and a Cute Award!

    Well I was having my usual Monday blues running around for various reasons until i saw that Seher has honored my blog with an Award for Cuteness.. Thats when 60% of my blues disappeared ... She has presented me with this award in the criteria 'Cute is Innocence'...

    Wohoo! Thats my very first blog award (all smiles, blushes and am humming in my mind)
    Thanks a lot Seher ....You truly made my day... *smiles and hugs*

    I was introduced to blogging by Moi ... thanks a lot sweetheart ...If it wasn for you i wouldn be blogging... and then there was eM's blog to inspire me ..thank you eM for all the motivation..

    And again a huge thanks and hugs to Seher for this cute award :) !!!

    I am supposed to write 10 things about myself for receiving this award ... now i cant find any cute things about me.. so here it goes the tens...

    1) I can survive for a week without any human connection. i just need a lot of books..a constant supply of junk food and sofa or bed ....But after a week of isolation.. the next person to come in front of me will undergo a serious torture of non stop ramblings..

    2) At times i feel i have a sixth sense regarding people's characters.. Especially when it comes to morons and freaks, i recognize them immediately....Now please don't say only one freak can recognize another :) ...

    3) I can be hopelessly romantic .. i love carnations, moonlit beaches and candle light dinners (yup, thats a very visible hint for the boy now :) ) ...and at times i can also turn into a complete practical female too ...

    4) Rules were never made with me in mind...I hate rules(except traffic).. can never follow them ....I love my freedom.. a good thing that i was born after independence ...

    5) I have a very high tolerance power... But once someone crosses my highest marked tolerance line in red (it would take a real hard work to reach that red line for any given human being), I can go to the extent of forever ignoring that particular human being (yeah i know thats quite mean, but cant help it people)...

    6) If ever my life was to mirror a movie character, i would love it to be like Melanie Smooter(Reese Witherspoon) from Sweet Home Alabama ( see the signs of hopeless romance here :) )...

    7) I sometimes wonder what would it be, if there was no earth or universe... that we are here because of some sheer luck.. so i tell myself to let out all the worries and just learn to live the 'one chance life' ..

    8) At times am scared of getting attached to people closely.. i fear that they start expecting a lot from you and you end up disappointing them..

    9) I am 5'4 and can be described a fragile piece on earth (basically underweight)... but the boy thinks am perfect :) .. i hope he thinks the same, a few years down the line :P ..

    10) I always wanted to be an architect or an interior designer... I am still wondering how the hell i crash landed in the software jungle ...

    I honor this Cute Blogger Award to 10+ cute bloggers,

    Moi , Hope (For their cute posts on the boys in their life)
    Suresh ( For all the lovely cute posts on Prem aur Simran ka prem katha )
    Lancelot ( Now for the cute blog and cute boy he is ..i mean the Indian Brad Pitt :) )
    mayz ( He is getting a more and more romantic each day, after this anon blogger girl he has fallen in love with )
    chriz (For all the cute posts about Renu and also for the cute posts on his nephew and neice )
    Akansha & Mith (For the very cute blog they have )
    ApocalypsE & hitch writer (For some very cute posts )
    Nemesis (For a very cute inspiration )

    Go on.. flaunt this cute award... Cheers Guys !

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    Knotted up!

    Goodness seems like ages since i last dropped in here ....I swear i have a very valid reason for not showing up here... listen me out guys... well the reason for the absence is that i got myself engaged :D.... ya ya.. to a boy only :) ... a very adorable guy too :) ... hope am excused now :) ....
    wondering why i mentioned "ya ya.. to a boy only :)" ....

    Well here's the reason...

    I call up my friend Fio to tell her i am getting engaged and this how she reacts...

    Me: hey fio.. guess what?? am getting engaged :) !!!
    Fio: What ??!!?? To Whom ??!!?? To a Boy ???!!???

    *Well i never gave any expressions or hints saying i like girls :) .. wonder what crossed her mind :) *

    So here's to say am engaged now :) ...

    I warn you.. getting engaged is not an easy task....

    People here are some tips and tricks for all the those who are planing for an engagement sometime in their future ...

    * Have a heavy breakfast in the morning.. cos you have absolutely no idea when you are gonna get lunch and if the lunch will be left by the time you get to it.

    * Practice to smile in front of the mirror a week before.. cos you might end looking all grumpy and fake smiled in the photos and video later..

    Also practice the "foot touch" or the "paay lago"... you end up touching at least some thirty feet by the end of the day...

    Never say no to people who offer you a cool drink or juice when you are on the podium.. cos after 5 minutes you may end up realizing that your upper jaw has just gone very dry and can barely smile or talk anymore....

    * Please do not frown when all your Mother's friends end up on the podium (especially the boys).... you mite end up with a huge frown in the video....

    * Stay away from photographers as much as possible... they can track you down and make you pose funnily for all your single snaps....

    * If someone wishes you happy married life at the engagement... Please don reply back saying 'this is only my engagement.. am not married yet'.. can leave the person wondering if there will be a wedding too or not ....

    * Do not keep staring at kids eating ice-cream from the podium... its your engagement day and there are more people looking at you then assumed...

    * Once you get the chance to eat after the engagement, dont just grab onto your food and never look above the plate.. you might end up looking like a glutton in the videos and photos...

    Recommended for the girls eyes only...

    * Dont ever let the boy ask you "will you marry me?" with the engagement ring in his hand before the engagement.. Thats cheating.. since he depriving you of a very romantic proposal....

    * Also beware of the relatives with too many opnions regarding the saree and makeup..if you let them take over, You might just end up with a lot of jasmine flowers on your head...

    * Also for girls who are not used to wearing and managing sarees.. please be careful since you may end up having a wardrobe malfunction on the podium, if your saree is not pinned down properly.( nay now dont sit and think that i had a wardrobe malfunction.. just a warning :) ).

    Well if anyone married/unmarried/engaged/to-be-engaged/very-much-single has any tips or tricks to be added, are very much encouraged to leave in a comment :) ....

    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    Innocence of Love!

    She sat there on the steps in front of her house, head rested on her legs, gazing at the door of the house across the road. She had seen a tall girl walk into that house earlier. The tall girl had been frequently visiting his house nowadays. He always had a pleasant smile on his face whenever he opened the door for the tall girl. Even his mom seemed to be fond of that girl.

    She remembered the first time she had seen him. Her family had newly moved into that street and he with his mom had come to her house to get acquainted. The moment he had seen her, he had stretched his hand out and introduced himself as Keith. She had stood there looking like a frozen sculpture, staring at him, until her mother had reminded her name was Kim. He thought she was a shy girl and had told her so. By then she knew for sure that she was in love with him.

    Now she looked at the tall girl walk out of his door. He too was right behind her. Kim couldn stop smiling to herself looking at him. He was such a handsome boy. She had made up her mind that she would ask him to marry her someday. Suddenly Keith was standing very close to the tall girl and whispering in her ear. The tall girl was giggling as she walked out of the gate. Kim felt like crying. So she told herself to be brave and put a smile on her face.

    Since the tall girl had already left, Kim decided to put up a brave front and go to Keith's house to tell him about her feelings for him. As she walked across to his house she decided all the things she would tell him. She was praying that the tall girl would never come back here again. She rang the bell and stood there memorizing all the words she would tell him. But when Keith opened the door, she forgot all her memorized lines and stood there just staring at him. She was very nervous now. Looking at her dazed face, he realized something very serious was running in her mind and called her in. She shook her head and told him that she would prefer sitting on the swing in the porch. She sat next to him staring down at the floor, busy fidgeting her fingers.

    "So whats running in your mind sweetlin?" he asked her.

    He would always tease and call her with such sweet nicknames. That was what had made her confident about his love for her. But now there was that tall girl in his life and he had hardly spoken to her since a week.
    She sat there, her mind gone all blank.

    "Who is that tall girl Keith?", She asked
    "She is my special someone sweetlin" he replied.

    Now she was fuming with anger at Keith for calling the tall girl special someone.

    "What am i then?" she asked.

    "You are my darling!" He replied.
    "You know i dont like that tall girl. I love you!" She quietly said tears rolling down her pretty cheeks, staring at the floor unable to look at him.

    Keith hugged her tightly and told her,

    "My little angel, you are just 9 years old. You are too young to learn anything about love. one fine day you will grow up and learn the real magic surrounding it"
    Little did he know that she would always consider him her first love ....

    When you are young, Love is innocent,
    In your teen, love turns into excitement,

    As you grow older, you learn that love becomes a commitment!

    Happy Valentines day people! :)

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Love All !

    Hello people.. how are you all doing?
    Hope all of you out there are being good and staying out of trouble :) ..

    So its a valentine week .. hoping most of you are having some big plans for Saturday.. this week i dedicate all my posts to love, friendship and a little bit of Mr Muthalik too ( how can we talk about love and not include him now)..

    Mr Muthalik and gang have decided that they wont allow any valentine celebration around, and are planing on marrying off any couple spotted on the V-day. Now isn't that good guys, come on.. you are saving lots of money here, otherwise needed for extravagant wedding and more over couples who are struggling to get the big "yes" from their folks need not worry anymore.. Mr Muthalik is making it very easy for you guys :) ... Just get married and blame it on Mr Muthalik...

    You all must have heard about The Pink Chaddi Campaign... I am gonna make my contribution to this society too and now i am a proud member of the Consortium of pubgoing, loose and forward women.

    You too can join in guys and start donating your old torn ones to Mr Muthalik.. The Pink Chaddi Campaign have now announced that they are not going to discriminate based on color and can donate any color undies.. so i say... its time to clean your wardrobe .... search and dig out for your ole holed ones and start donating guys...

    You can get more info over that over here ...

    Mr Muthalik now says that “The move of some women to present pink chaddis reflects their mindset" and has decided to give back sarees as return gifts.

    Well sir i would like to thank you for thinking about return gifts too and talking about mindset... hmmm lets just get into a little bit of flash back and ask him again "Beating and trashing women in public...What sort of mind set do you think that reflects about your personality now"...

    That was enough of love show for Mr Muthalik from me...

    For this lovely week...

    Gotta listen songs ..

    -> Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
    -> Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply
    -> Daniel Beddingfield - If You're Not The One
    -> LIM - Bateein kuch ankahein si
    -> John Denver - Annie´s Song
    -> Lionel Richie & Diana Ross - Endless Love
    -> Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around
    -> Stevie Wonder - I just called to say I love you
    -> Zorro - Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You
    -> Ronan Keating - when you say nothing at all
    -> Daniel Bedingfield - Never Gonna Leave Your Side
    -> UB40 - Can't help falling in love
    -> Chriz - You ask me if i love you (This one's by one of the blogger boy Chriz... do listen to this one.. it will surely bring a smile on your face : ) )

    Recommended movies for this weekend ..

    -> Maine Pyar Kiya
    -> You've got mail
    -> Sweet Home Albama
    -> Socha Na Tha
    -> A Walk To Remember

    Hoping guys you do have some witching plans for this weekend and don't end up just watching these movies ..

    Enjoy this glorious week guys and celebrate love and life everyday....

    Now i leave you with this ..

    "What is it about you that makes me go all smiles!"
    Can i call it love?

    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    Humilating moments at their Best - part 2

    Few posts back, i had scrambled down few of my humiliating moments from my life..

    That post can be found here ......

    Now i have again scrambled some more such moments....

    Go ahead guys and enjoy the humilations .....


    In class 7th, a boy from my class was staying pretty close to my house.. Most of the evenings, he would come home to discuss homework or exchange notes.. You know that age, any guy who talks to you or the guy you speak to, gets shamelessly teased.. so usually i would be the one targeted to undergo this royal tease from the girls in my neighborhood ... for this reason, i had not given him my home number and i guess he too was a little shy to ask me for it..
    On one of his such random visits, i had called him inside the house and we were siting on the sofa and busy discussing some homework... after some time he asked me for a glass of water..
    Well by the time i got back from the kitchen with the water, the boy had gotten up from the sofa and was standing next to the small table, busy looking down at our phone on that table ( Does anyone remember that the phone numbers used to be written over the telephones in those old models) ...
    The moment he saw me, he blurted out saying "There was a cockroach here, so i was chasing it" ... the poor fella looked a little embarrassed peeping down at the phone... so all i said was "Yeah ..there are too many cockroaches in the house nowadays"...


    When you are a kid, birthdays mean only gifts and cakes .... I would wait for my birthday just for the sake of good gifts. Around my eighth year birthday, an aunt of mine had come home to stay with us... and since my birthday was close by, this aunt took me shopping ... she got me a dress and some board games ... i was totally a happppyy kid that day..
    Then uncle decides to buy shoes and we ended up at a shoe shop.... Out of blue i remember that my dad too was discussing something about shoe shopping for himself with mom ....
    Since aunt had already bought me so many things that day, i assumed she wouldn mind buying few more... And there we already were in a shoe shop too... so were sweetly i asked my aunt "Daddy's birthday is over, but can you buy shoes for him too"

    Goodness that did leave her quite speechless ....

    And So much for my mom's value education classes about not asking or accepting things from others...


    Back in high school, we had these gardening classes, where the guys were made to dig a hole and plant tress outside and girls were made to clean the classrooms with brooms weekly... We were given only one hosepipe and so had take turns and share it with the boys.... During one such classes, we both needed the hosepipe at the same time.. so a huge debate took place between us regarding who needs it the most... then this is what happened there...
    Representing myself 5'4 as the girls representative i stepped forward...
    A boy of 5'2 as the boys representative stepped forward...
    -First it all started as an argument between us.
    -Soon it lead to loud voices and finger pointing.
    -Before i knew, i had a broom in my hand and he had just a single stick of that same broom in his.
    And then we both were busy sword fighting ...
    Somewhere in the middle of this historical fight, he managed to snatch the broom from me and i ended up with two broom sticks ... We were so engrossed in our battle that we never realized our Hindi teacher had suddenly become the spectator of this great war too..
    We realized it only when we heard a voice saying "Aap ladkiyon ke sath yudh karthe hain, aapko sharam nahi attha" (you are waging a war against girls, aren you ashamed) ..
    The poor boy got all the yelling ... All i got was "Aap Bhi" (Even you!)...


    I used to hate those gardening classes for many more reasons too. Those classes were totally jinxed where i was concerned ... It was the only class in which i would be held responsible for lot of mischievous acts.. again after few months or so in the same period, myself and three more of my other friends were sitting in the class and gossiping ... Our gossip topics ranged from Tv serials to actors to cute boys in the class and finally to our teachers signatures.. We got so interested with this topic that we even started signing each of their signatures neatly on our desk with a chalk and discussed who's was the easiest of all..
    Out of no where we saw our principal walk towards us ( who the hell knew, she would choose that time of the day to take her grand walk around the school )... By the time we recovered from the initial shock of her visit, it was too late to rub all those signatures off the desk...
    The end result was that we got a very good lecture about forgery and were made to call our parents too ...

    Can anyone blame her.. after all her signature too was there on that desk .....

    Yeah guys i know.. i was really a very impossible character back then :) .....

    You can tell me your humiliating stories too .. no biggie :) ... ( I solemnly promise to keep it a secret :) )

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    A Goodbye....

    He: I am leaving tonight.... will you meet me when i get back?

    * A heavy silence on the other end*

    He: Will you be all right?

    She: Yeah... I will learn to deal with this in time..

    He: I am sorry if i ever hurt you...

    *She tried not to reflect on that *

    She: Are you feeling fine?

    He: Yeah I am, do i have any other choice?

    *yes, that reply did hurt badly*

    She: Our love was like cancer, you know its all gonna end someday, but until then you keep relishing each moment and fight for it...

    He: yes, i understand...

    *Did he? Really! Because even she was confused about her bitter feelings*

    She hoped he would truly understand what she was feeling at that moment someday....

    PS: I tried for a 55 fiction.... well just could not limit my fiction to 55 words.... will try it some other time :) ...

    Friday, January 30, 2009

    A Shooting Star!

    She stands there gazing at the night sky ...

    Hopeless Soul seeking a miracle ...

    Somewhere far, a shooting star fades away ...

    She makes a wish ...

    Cold winds whisper in her ear ...

    Her wishes come true ...

    Life now sees a new ray of hope ...

    She smiles back at the sky ...

    Or was it all a figment of her imagination!

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Who's the stalker! - The Finale

    Gosh feels like a long time since i blogged.. and since am blogging the next episode of my last post, it seems like its become a weekly drama series :) !!!

    Well lets now continue with the actual post....

    Cast for the post
    Raqs, Reemz, -> Friends of the Charmed One!
    Dar -> A friend of Raqs.. But the Charmed One! doesn know him all that well as yet...
    VJ -> A so-so friend of Co, whom she doesn know all that well as yet...
    US -> unknown soul/stalker/stranger/.. whatever
    Co -> The Charmed One! as herself

    Previously on Who's the stalker! ...
    CO and her friends were hanging out at a restaurant and Co accidentally seems to have found a stalker for herself...
    Co's been receiving messages from a Unknown number claiming he knows her very well....

    The Sunday

    Co keeps receiving random messages and missed calls from the unknown number..
    The US asks her if he could meet her and Co tries to ignore the messages and gives up her search for real identity of the US.

    The Monday

    Co is back in college now and still is receiving random missed calls and messages.

    Around 4:00 PM

    Co's mobile beeps...
    US mobile says: Hey am near your college.. can you meet me?
    Co ignores the message...receives non-stop missed calls... CO is completly frustrated by now..

    US mobile says: Please meet me.. i will wait outside for you ...

    And then again a series of random missed calls..

    Then Raqs mobile beeps..
    The message is from a random friend VJ, which says 'Hey i am at (insert shop name)stores outside college..there is guy asking for Co here'

    Raqs(with smiles): Hey girl..the guy is near (insert shop name)stores..
    CO(frowning): can anyone be more irritating??
    Raqs(in a more serious note): Meet him and finish it off..

    CO is reluctant at first and then as result from the public poll by her friends she decides to go and deal with the US.

    Its been raining cats and dogs since noon, so CO and Reemz borrow a umbrella from Raqs and head towards (insert shop name)stores....

    As Co reaches (insert shop name)stores, she can see the back of a guy wearing a hooded jacket sitting over on a empty cylinder.. A friend of CO, VJ is standing in front of the hooded guy and talking to him.. As CO and Reemz reach the place..VJ does the eye pointing (meaning this your US) glance towards the hooded guy... Now Co is almost there near the empty cylinder....

    Everything played in slow motion now...

    CO unfolds her umbrella and looks out at the hooded guy...
    The hooded guy is still sitting...
    CO is staring at the hooded guy's back...
    CO looks at VJ, and sees a stupid smile on his face...
    CO now reaches the hooded guy..
    The hooded guy stands up..
    CO's mind is running at a very high speed with too many toughts...
    The hooded guy turns around...
    CO has a very shocked and surprised look on her face..
    Hooded guy removes the hood and screams 'bakhriiii'...
    CO has got now all anger written on her face..
    Co now lifts the umbrella and starts whacking the hooded guy...
    2-3 umbrella sticks are broken in the process...
    Any guesses who the hooded guy was...
    Well it was our very own dar!!!

    Behind the scenes...
    When Co tells Raqs ..not to give the unknown guy the number, Raqs and dar team up and decide to have some fun of their own.. Dar starts messaging CO and irritating her, all the while enjoying it..

    CO in time took her own sweet revenge on Mr. Dar&co...

    Revenge No1: Co&Gang applied Vaseline on Dar's bench, knowing that dar always comes late to class and just hops into his place. Even though dar managed to escape from this tragedy by some lady luck, a poor friend of dar, joy got vaselined on his back and had to leave the class immediately to change himself..

    Revenge No2: Dar's bike tyre went under a heavy air loss.

    Revenge No3: Dar got Pepsodant pasted all over his head and started blaming the poor Co&Gang for his hair loss.

    Geee Guys hope your not disappointed with this friendly stalker :P !!!

    Friday, January 23, 2009

    Who's the stalker! - Episode 1

    Year: 2004
    Location: Somewhere in South India
    Time: Around 2:00 PM
    Cast for the day:
    Raqs, Reemz, Mittu -> Friends of the Charmed One!
    Dar -> A so-so friend of Raqs.. But the Charmed One! doesn know him all that well...
    Co -> The Charmed One! as herself


    Previously on Who's the stalker!...

    Co, Raqs, Reemz and Mittu decide to hit a local restaurant for lunch on a saturday afternoon after the brain draining classes at college..
    They finish placing their orders and while they are busy gossiping, Raq's mobile beeps..

    Raqs looks into the mobile and flashes her best cheesy smile..
    Then she looks up and announces...

    Raqs: Hey girls.. i just received a message from Dar which says 'who's the thin girl at the restauarnt in our coll uniform?' (yup i know its very sad to make a 20 year ole gal wear uniforms...especially in a engineering college.. hmp!)

    Well.. there are only two lean girls present there(now lean is a better word to describe oneself) .. Thats Co and Mittu....but only the Co is in uniform... So its decided who is the girl in question...

    Reemz: Why does he want to know about a girl...
    Raqs: Some friend of his from some blank(insert college name) college saw us here just now and wants to know the name of the girl and also is asking if he can get her number!

    All of them look at Co waiting for a reaction from her..
    She gives a are you kidding me, eyebrows raised look ..

    Co: no ways... You guys are not giving my number to some weird stranger!
    Raqs: You sure babes? (smiles)
    Co: Yup! (grins)
    Raqs: ok sweetie... if you say so... i wont give..(broader smiles)

    The girls are done hogging and leave from there..
    On the way back home.. Raqs gets a little curious to know more about this guy...

    Raqs: Hey you really dont want to know about the guy huh? Sure you dont want me to give your number?

    Well Co is a little curious to know too.. But doesnt want to run into mess of meeting a total freak..

    Co: No girl.. even if i am curious.. il get over the curiosity ( cheesy grins) ..
    Raqs: Ok girl! ( curiosity always doesn kill a cat look)

    Co reaches home and takes a nap....Suddenly out of no where she hears her cell beeping..Cursing the person whoever is making her wake up from the sleep, she checks her cell.

    The message reads 'Hey i saw you at restaurant today.. you look very pretty.. can i know you better'.

    The girl goes Wtf and calls Raqs..

    Co: Hey girl.. that unknown guy has got my number. did anyone among you give him?
    Raqs: No sweetie.. no one gave him... i have told Dar too not to give him..
    Co: Hmmmm.. wonder from where he got the number...
    Raqs: Why dont you ask him only gal..
    Co: Ok.. chal bye

    Co messages the US (unknown soul/stalker/stranger/.. whatever )

    Co mobile says(a little curious): Where did you get the number from? Who are you?
    US mobile says: Now Now .. i cant tell you from i got the number.. i told the person that il keep it a secret.. Btw i am Sujay...
    Co mobile says: Was it a girl or a guy who gave you the no..Where were you sitting at the restaurant?
    US mobile says: I was just leaving when you guys came in...i know where exactly you sit in the class too.. You sit in the last but one bench na..
    Co mobile says(all curious): Who has been giving you all that info now...
    US mobile says: I have contacts :)... so can we be friends?
    Co mobile says: i dont know you at all to make you my friend..
    US mobile says: Well you can get to know me better...
    Co mobile says: Lets see about that.. am busy now.. bye
    US mobile says: ok take care.. i will message you later..

    Around ten'oclock at night, Co mobile beeps again..

    US mobile says: Good night pretty one... hope to know you better tomorrow.. sleep well...

    Shall be continued :)...

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    A Hope.....

    Feel Free, Fly High..

    A glass window, A crash against it!

    Broken wings, Broken spirit..

    A wish to fly again, A wounded soul..

    A healing hand, A hope to fly again..

    And Life continues.....

    PS: This is about a cuckoo that crashed against our window ten days back... even though it is badly injured, the spirit with which the bird tries to fly again is amazing.. Few days back when we had kept the bird outside to enjoy the morning sun, a eagle out of no where came down and carried it away.. but then it dropped it back immediately into our neighbor's compound.. the bird was injured again due to the fall.. but it never lost its spirit... every day i look at it gazing up into the sky and trying to fly again...
    And am very sure it will fly away one day....

    Guess we all have something to learn from this....

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Goodness Gracious Me!

    Fair Warning: This post is entirely a feminine one and shall not interest any boys around my blog. Now even after the warning, you ignore the above line and still read on..then the girl shall not be responsible for the very common saying from the boys that goes "All girls are the same.. they are never satisfied with the amount of clothes they own!"

    Well the girl has to attend a wedding Saturday night(i.e; tonight) and as usual she feels her lack of wardrobe whenever there is a special occasion.
    Now if it was a Hindu wedding, she would have happily settled down on a saree or a traditional wear without much fuss. But since it is a catholic wedding, the girl has too many choices( which she personally hates.. since it confuses her crazily.. the lesser number of choices you have.. the better).

    (1) a dress or a gown  (2) a formal wear
    (3) a salwar                 (4) a saree

    So.. she is damn confused...

    After a lot of calculations and brain works, the girl decides to go with option(2).. which also meant she has to go shopping in the evening, right after her work( which she again hates... nay not the shopping part.. but the shop hopping around the city part, after a tiring day at office)

    The girl enters ShopNo1.. does not find anything good.. leaves immediately... because, the more you stay... the more you look around... the more you know you cant find anything... the more you realize 'WTF! I have no decent clothes for the wedding'... the more energy you loose cursing...

    Exit ShopNo1, Enter ShopNo2

    Still no luck at finding the 'appropriate occasion blending dress'... She imagines herself in most of the dresses around her.. because she is loosing a great amount of energy and time, trying out all the clothes possible..

    Exit ShopNo2, Enter ShopNo3

    Now after fifteen minutes of exploring the shopNo3.. the girl has finally found a maroon dress... quickly she bills it, before she can get any second thoughts over it... and gets out of the shop quite contented...

    Now the girl is back at home.. has been trying out the new member in her wardrobe family... and Guess what... She doesn like what she bought.. she feels she doesn look elegent in it :( ..(Now where did that thing come from!)

    So back to square one guys.. I don't have anything good to wear for the wedding now... the wedding is tonight.. Awwwww...

    Told you boys to stay out of this post...not your area of interest (evil grins!)..

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Lonesome Gruesome....

    She could hear the voices directly outside her bedroom window. She recognized the voices too. But she was not able to decide whether to go out of the house or stay in. Her mom would surely say she had no pride or self control at all. For a girl of age 11, words like pride did not value much. The voices outside were loud enough that it could be heard inside the house too. Maybe they actually wanted her to hear the conversation. Thats what her Mom told too. She was a child/girl who wanted to spend her entire day playing outside. She hated staying indoors. She could be easily fooled or bullied. She was a very slender girl for her age. Her name was Pia.

    Pia remembered how nice it was to be out playing in the evening at this time usually. All Pia would think on her way back from school was what games would she be playing in the evening with her friends. But today her mother had suggested her to stay at home and do some painting or play the computer games. Outside her friends Aparna and Divya were discussing loudly about the new bi-cycle Divya's dad had bought for her that day. Divya was sounding very enthusiastic and maybe also wanted to show-off the new cycle to Pia.

    Yesterday evening when Pia had gone out to play with Aparna and Divya, she had been ignored completely. They had formed a new code language of their own and were busy conversing with each other. And when Pia had asked them about the new code, the girls had told her that it was a secret language and did not want anyone else to learn. They had been treating her indifferently lately. It was their laugh she wanted to share and to be treated one among them and not like an outcast. But she had kept those thoughts to herself.

    This was one of the reasons that made Pia decide not to go out and check out Divya's new possession. She also very well knew that Divya would pick on her and pass pesky comments at every given chance. But the child in her, who did not care about being ignored or affronted, was eager to run out of the house and check out the new bi-cycle. She also wanted to test ride it and hoped that Divya would ask her opinion too about the new bike. But then she also knew that it was impossible that Divya would be so good to her. So she sat there and tried concentrating on her drawing. But concentration too was highly impossible. She had flutters in her stomach ordering her to ditch her pride go out and check out the cycle.

    After a while the voices seemed to fade away. Pia saw the time and realized that it was already seven, which also meant that the girls mom had called them back home to do their homework. All Pia could think throughout her dinner time was the look of the new bi-cycle. She had heard that it was ladies cycle, a purple lady bird bike. So she imagined it would look really beautiful.
    That night before sleeping, she made a special request to God hoping that tomorrow her friends would call her to check out the new bike and finally stop ignoring her totally.

    Friday, January 9, 2009

    By default.....

    We Live.... We See.... We Feel.... We Want.... We Crave.... We Pray.... We Get.... We Ignore.... We Lose.... We Regret.... We Repent....

    But we never really learn!

    Is this a common human defect?

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009

    Sweets attract flies & I attract freaks

    This is something you guys never knew about me.. I am a living freak magnet!

    Meet Freak No1

    It was a Christmas morning and the year was 2005. As it happens every year now, I was invited to my friends place for Christmas lunch. I just stopped on the way to buy a cake for them and as i walked back to the bus stop, a decent looking guy around 24 or something walked upto me. He asked me for the directions to reach the bus stop and where exactly he could get the bus and all. Well remembering my good manners, i showed him the way and gave him the directions and started to walk away! I might have taken like 5-6 steps, the guy walks back to me and asks me 'hi are you free tonight? can i take you out for dinner'.. for a second my mind refused to think anything and then when it got back in action, i just blurted out saying 'no thanks' and rushed out from there...All i was thinking at that moment was 'am gonna shoot the next guy who asks me for directions!'

    Meet Freak No2

    Last year i was waiting for the bus after my work and doing my random mulling over business. A girl between the age bar 19-22 came and stood next to me. By instinct, I just glanced at her for a second between my dreaming sessions and go back to my own dream land immediately. After a minute, purely by some weird human instincts, i could feel the female next to me moving a little more towards me and looking at me. After another minute she finally started the conversation:

    Girl: Excuse me... your dupatta is really pretty.. where did you get it from.

    Me: I got it from Bangalore (giving her a decent smile of mine)

    Girl: Oh so u stay in Bangalore huh?

    Me: No.. i just got it when i went over there.( still holding onto the decent smile)

    Girl: Ok.. so you are staying here itself then.

    Me: yeah (and a smile)

    The female was looking a little dazed according to me.. like someone living in a zombie world.. her eyes were looking lost.. i was wondering whether she was drunk or doped or something.. but she dint look like a female who would do any such thing.. seemed like a pretty decent chit from here dressing sense.. then she moved a little more closer to me and now again my instincts were all screaming at me that she's staring at you... then again i just glanced her way to prove my instincts wrong.. and there she was.. indeed staring at me in a weird way and that freaked me all out.. then again she goes about to ask..

    Girl: Do know what time is it now?

    Me: Sorry i dont have a watch you see.. so i dont know ( showing her my wrists and silently cursing at the bus for taking so long)

    Girl: Actually, i seem to have lost the time.. i cant figure out the time at all..

    Then i saw my bus coming...

    Me: I think the girl over there has a watch.. you can probably ask her...(pointing out my finger at a random girl with a small smile and a thanking prayer to the driver in my mind ran towards the bus)

    I still wonder what was with that girl there.. cos she looked totally lost and confused to me... i kinda feel bad for her too.. she was looking like a lost dove in a very freaky way...

    Meet Freak No3

    This guy came for interview at my office and since that day there wasn anyone appropriate to take his interview.. my colleague suggested me to do it... Well the fellow finally came for the interview and it felt like he was the one taking our interview instead of us. These are random freakish questions he asks:

    Me: So could you please explain me about the projects listed in your resume.

    Fella: (explains the project and then) You see i should not be telling you this.. but i was betrayed before by the people in my old office.. they cheated on me...

    Me: Oh ok ( why the hell are you even telling me this if you should not be telling this!)

    Fella: So what is your qualification?

    A little taken back and confused with this new sort of interview, i reply him back remebering my good manners her again..

    Fella: So how much are these people paying you presently?

    Me: Huh? (whats happening here)

    Then my mobile rings and i cut the call...

    Fella: Which connection are you using... Airtel or Vodofone? How many free messages do you have in a day?

    I had reached my frustration peak by then..

    We guys give him some small program to be done and the fella goes out to complain that the computer's hardware is not properly installed and will have to be re-installed again... (maybe he needs his internal system to be re-installed again)... well we tell him its ok.. he can leave now.. we will give him a call later and let him know.. he refuses and says that he doesn have any work for the entire day and will not leave until the program works( God save me phulease!)..

    Finally we give up and i call my other colleague whose suggested that i take his interview and crib to him about this guy... He tells me to hand over the phone to the fella and talks to the him for a while. Finally the fella hands me my phone back after talking and shuts the computer down and walks out.

    All of us in the office take a deep breath and the fella walks back into the office again (gosh what is he.. the betal from vikram aur betal huh?) . He comes to me and goes about to ask me.. 'so what feedback did you give him back about me' (he's refering to the colleague whom i spoke to on the phone.. who will be hiring him)... I give back a blank stare and he goes on saying 'did you tell him i was good at my work?' (Spare me the torture pleeasseee)

    He really had a great knowledge but then the worst kind of communicating skills!!!

    Phufff!!! I guess i have it all written over my forehead in a invisible ink.."I will and shall survive to attract freaks anywhere and everywhere"

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    Self Tagged

    My blog was post less for the day! So I self tagged myself from Suresh's ole tagged post about questionare time! (Well Suresh (being a very sweet person here) also had mentioned at the end of the post that others too can take up the tag! )

    So here it goes.....

    My very first tag.. that too self tag.. yipeee!!! (hope i do a fair justice to myself here)

    RULE #1 People who have been tagged(or in my case self tagged) must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

    RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

    1. If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?
    A very surprised 'are you kidding me' look... then a dazed feeling... and once i get out of the zombie world...i would shop till my bank balance runs out, just to get over the depressed state. that would surely get me back into life :D...

    2. If you could have one dream come true which one would it be?
    Hmmmm... travel the world around or the best ... be an anchor to a worldwide travel show.. a very nice way to travel and earn at the same time :) !!

    3. Is there any person, at whose face you wanted to throw your slippers/sandals/shoes at ?
    Nopes... no one i know has entered into that zone yet ... but i am in the process of collecting my ole sandals in case i will need in future!

    4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
    Wohooo.... I would shop like crazy.... definitely!

    5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
    Yup that would be great! But i dont mind it the other way too.. Fall in love and then make that person your best friend!

    6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
    I feel only being loved by someone or just loving someone without any response from the other end, can be pretty painful at times. Being loved by the person whom you love the most is a true blessing!

    7. How long would you wait for someone you love?
    Till my end!

    8. If the person you like finds someone better than you, what would you do?
    I would try and find all kind of faults in the other person and prove myself better, just to get my self confidence back :)!

    9. If you could root for one social cause which one would it be?
    Communal riots!

    10. What takes you down the fastest?
    Narrow minded and egoistic people, and people who think women are meant only for indoors!

    11. Would you like to have the job you love or love the job you have ?
    I would love to do something that i have passion for and wouldn mind being workaholic when it comes to that.

    12. Darna mana hai... But what is the thing that you fear most?
    Waking up one fine morning and regretting any decision ever made in my life so far!

    13. What kind of person(s) do you think the person who tagged you is/are(or the person's blog from where you have tagged yourself)?
    A very amazing dreamer and writer.

    14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
    Hmmm .. very difficult one... can i mix and match here! Come on... you get such kinda offers every where now :) !!

    15. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
    Search for my cell to check the time!

    16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who would you pick?
    Well i would be damn happy.. i have two choices here.. can i also double date until i find the better one among the two :D !

    17. Would you give all in a relationship?
    Hell a yes! Anything for love and relationships baby :) !!

    18. What's eating you now?
    Right now the worms in my stomach are trying to me eat up due to excessive hunger!

    19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
    In a relationship. You have someone to dump all your worries and and share happiness with !

    Well I tag...

    Here goes your very first tag gal :) !!!


    I hope you dont mind :) !!

    Hope to read funky answers from you :P !!

    You need to kickstart into blogging again geoff :) ! and am eagerly waiting for your response to this tag!

    Way tooo goooo guys!

    Saturday, January 3, 2009

    Expectation Fever

    When do you think its the right time to stop expecting more from others in your life?

    A very wise friend of mine once told me that Expectation leads to Frustration!

    they are relative...

    Expectation --> Not fulfilled --> Frustration

    We are born greedy, i guess! We always expect for more from others than ourselves!

    We give our exams, we expect for some miraculous extra marks then deserved!
    As teenagers, we expected our parents to understand the fact that we had grown up and stop treating us as kids!
    We will always find our salary to be less then our expectations, no matter how much it may increase!
    We watch a movie, we say that the movie could have been a better entertainer for the ticket amount paid.
    At times people go out to the extent of arguing with the cobblers b'cos they feel he is charging more. They expect him to always charge less then 5 bucks!
    As parents in future, we may always expect our kids to study and score more their the child's ability!
    Buy the discounted goods and we come home and complain that the quality is really bad!
    Some of us taste the food in the restaurant and always complain that it could have tasted better unless we are dead hungry(thats the only time we eat without any complaints).
    We are in a relationship, we expect more from our partners, a little more understanding, a little more care and a little more love.
    Its always easy to complain and sulk if dont get more from others rather then thinking what we can do.

    Then there are times when we expect others to understand our fears, worries, and our pains without us saying a word!

    This post is from the philosophical part in me!
    My advice Guys...

    Stop expecting from others and start expecting a little more from yourself! (Give it a try people)