Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kitchen Chronicles - 2

There is something about boiling the milk my way. I prefer the flame to be a bit low, so i can carry on doing my usual stuff without being worried of any quick-milk-spill-causalities, which usually happens on a high flame. And the boiling milk should reach the highest point-of-drop-out from the vessel. Only then i go to turn off the gas. Thats how i have seen my mom do it. And that's how i like to do it too.

Unlike the boy, the flame will be high, he's right there in front of the milk waiting for it to just start boiling. And he's already turned off the gas even before the milk starts its raise upwards.

I have often told the boy that the germs dont get killed that way and the boy has also pointed out to me many times that the milk is already pasteurized, so requires very little boiling. Alas, my Indian brain is already set on a equation that says only when the milk is about to spill out, the germs get killed. I still prefer boiling the milk the mommy way. Let's just say, Me and the boy have had our share of fights over split milk ;) .

So today there were two of us preparing the morning breakfast and looking after the boiling milk. The milk started its raise and the boy immediately turned off the gas.

Me: You could have let it boil a few more seconds! *With hands on her hips*

Boy: What difference would it have made.. *Ohh not again .. the same drilling milk session*

Me: Well.... Psychologically..... It would have made me a lot happier then i am now..... *smiling coyly *

Boy: arrgghhh!!!

Well, am hoping that someday boy starts boiling the milk my way :)...

Monday, March 22, 2010

When a man turns into monster..

I read this blog post Happiness is a choice not circumstance by KM and all i could feel was a bit of distress and a hell lot of a respect for this lady here to have finally stood up against the harassment... Please do read the post.. It really draws a huge inspiration for all the domestically abused women.... this post was one among the top 10 for Indusladies International Women's Day Blog Contest and also won the best blog post for the month of February in Colors Magazine..

I have come across few women in my life who have been the target of this harassment demon.. May it be due to dowry issues or a short tempered egoistic husband...

My aunt was a victim to such a person. She married the guy her parents chose for her.. he was the only son among 7 sisters.. quite wealthy and royally pampered from childhood... She saw the change in him within a month of the wedding.. he started throwing the plate with the food on her face, if the taste were not upto his standards.. waking her up at middle of the night for water even when she was running a very high fever and prohibiting her talking to any males including her own cousins.. He would act very sweet and innocent with rest of the family or her family members.. No one would have suspected such a monster lived underneath his innocent smile...

This aunt of mine had hardly finished her 12th grade and already has two kids, so divorce seemed like a really big step, since she would have been unable to stand her own and support the children too. Finally her parents and family went and drilled some sense into her husband's head.. Since other members in his family are quite nice, She still stays with him and he seems to have controlled his temper a lot better now.

All the while when this was going on, i was in total support for her to get a divorce. I kept telling my mom why should she leave such a terrible life. But since she has hardly studied, i guess it would have been impossible for her to support her two kids and give them a good future. Maybe she did stay back for them.

I have always wondered how can a women go through such torment and harassment.. why doesn she walk out.. but i have realized something .. when u love the man in your life blindly.. you really want your relationship to work out, no matter how bad the situation is.. i would be doing the same for my boy for upto some limit... But am lucky enough to have a really amazing person in my life...

For all the unfortunate victims.. who live the torture each and everyday.. its never too late to end a nightmare and start a new life and find a caring man.... Please draw some faith and inspiration from this lady's blog.. she is truly courageous to walk out and make a better life for herself rather then living in hell.. i know it may not be that easy as said.. i really cant talk about the emotional torture one goes through due to this.. it can only be spoken by a person who has lived the nightmare..but then you have to draw a line somewhere and decide "Enough is Enough"..

Life does not have a defined time limit.. so you gotta be strong and start living someday!!!