Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Chivalry Dead !?!

Ok Guys... A clear Cut warning!!! Not advisible to guys with a weak and narrow mind (:P)!

But i really wanna point out the fact guys.. so just try and be as cool as you can(:P)..

The actual meaning of chivalry i found from web after a tremendous search - the terms chivalry and chivalrous are used to describe courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women.

Ok where is that behavior gone... decayed along with the passing decade???? Guys we don't expect you to be our beck and call man.. but come on ... show us some of your best behavior atleast!
The actual fact is, if a guy gives too much of a importance to the girls.. everyone thinks he's a weirdo. U see... he loses all his so called macho attitude..
Well i too have had my fair amount of discourteous guys.. Better left that matter alone or they are gonna hunt me down and kick my ass.... I guess we girls are best on our own!

Hmmmm but there are some guys still left out there who know how to show out their chivarly. Atleast some of my friends have showed out their other best courteous side at times.

* Guys who have made sure that i reached home safely.
* Been there for me during my shopping and never complained for all the runs and re-runs I have done towards the changing room.
* Listened to my no-ending tantrums with a huge patience.
* Put up with me during my PMS days.
* Also the ones who have carried the shopping bags(you guys are the best.. muuaah:)
* The ones who have made me laugh during my mood slides and were always there for me with some advice.

This post is dedicated to all those chivalrous friends of mine!! Muuaaahhhh...


edson_dias said...

Have you read " the hungry tide" by Amitav Ghosh?
BTW, I think "the kite runner" is brilliantly written

VeNuS said...


Hey there... kite runner is one among my favorites. Thanks for your suggestion, il surely add "the hungry tide" in my next reading list.

edson_dias said...

Opps.. I just realized mu error. I actually wanted to post the comment on your " know me" post. :-)