Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Declaration & Announcements!!

I will try to .......

# Take life as it comes and not worry about every other silly things!

# Wake up early by 7 every morning and go for my driving classes.

# Be more of a optimistic person!

# Iron my hibernating cotton clothes and start wearing them to office.

# Learn to cook stuff other then Maggi and eggs!

# Be less cranky during my PMS days!

# Reach office everyday at least by 9:05. (hmmm a bit difficult... but surely shall give a try)

# Give a random visit to Beauty salon at least once a month.

# Not to run around the house in a haste, trying to get my morning chores done in a hurry.

# Charge my cell everyday and not wait until the battery dies its own sweet death.

# Not to tempt myself into buying news clothes!

# Move my ass around and not just laze every evening after getting back from work!

# Not to throw my clothes around and try to fold them neatly and stack them up.

# Pay my mobile bill on time every month!

# Remember things, people, & numbers and not turn myself into a 80 yr old grany!

# Call up my old friends and gossip a bit and catch up with them!

# Not to shop at every store that has discounts and sales!

# Start believing that milk and fruit juices are actually good for health!

# Watch all the movies being stored from past 6-8 months on my laptop.

# Call up my tailor and blast at him if he hasn finished stitching my clothes as yet! ( He's always late guys! Need to call him at least 5 times before i actually get the clothes)

# Return my library books, have been lying with me from past a month or more! Gosh cant remember when was the last time i was in the library!

# Post and update my resumes in all the Job sites.

# Change my sitting posture in office! (I sit in a very twisted manner guys! N most of the times either one of leg will be up on the chair)

# Act and think like a daughter and not like a parent around my folks!

Ok after scribbling at all this... I guess i need a new ME!


Anonymous said...

tall order!!!

Start wherever u can and let it roll!

good luck :)

Amith said...

You better watch all the movies, else there will be no more movies given...

Charmed One! said...

Yeah thats the ultimate confusion!!! where the hell to start from :) !!!

He he I know i know!!! I havn asked you for the second set of cds only for that reson! But all shall be watched in good times mister :) !!

Suresh Kumar said...

The list s a lengthy one. While I am posting this one... rather... while u r reading this one, would love to know, how many of the above have u really tried and was successful ?

Charmed One! said...

well i have accomplished around ten of those listed thingis!!! But then i can never take control over my shopping habit.. thats a very hard one!!!