Sunday, December 28, 2008

The week that was!!

Guys!! what do i say??? The best part of this week was that i had to work only for three days in this entire week(all smiles )!!! But then had been one hell of a busy three days at office ...All i had been waiting was for Wednesday evening to start feeling the holiday seasonal effects!
Well other then that i had wonderful week...

Achievements for this week!

* My age old craving for sitting on the high bar stool near the bar tender and having a shooter was fulfilled. And after two shooters down i was good enough to throw ice around the place! Yup thats what happens when you directly crash at a pub with your friends after work!

* Had a very appetizing Christmas lunch on Thursday at my friends place...I guess starting from 12 to 5, i competed against myself on a non-stop munching contest. I had a lovely lunch and may have gained atleast a kilo in a single day!

And the Over-Achievements for this week!

* I had my first ever "Gang of Dogs Attack" experience. Gosh a hell of a crazy experience guys! I was just walking back home through one of the short cut ways and out of nowhere some four dogs just came out all barking at me. All i did was stand there all shocked and call out different names for each dog! If i had moved even a inch here or there, a white dog's teeth would have been directly on my legs! Finally my calling the name game worked and one dog started wagging its tail a little.. After some 50 seconds the other dogs too got a little tired and moved away and next moment i just rushed out from there without a second glance..Phew! am happy that my legs are safe enough!

Entertainment for this week!

* Then was the whitey Christmas beach party ...actually the theme for the party was white...yes guess you guys guessed it right.. It was UV party and all you could see was white glowing clothes dancing around and I had a last minute shopping done for the white party!
The party wen on till 5 in the morning.. and we guys danced nonstop.. I just danced the entire night away on some watermelon vodka and a shot of Bacardi ...Well the results of the groovy dancing started showing its side effects from the next morning and since then my body has been silently revolting against me each time i move a muscle...

* I watched Ghajini on saturday.. I personally wouldn recommend it to any of you guys... a very long and draggy movie.. And for those who have watched the English version (Memento) of this movie... phuleeaase don goooo....Hindi version is just a sandwich of romance and action... The only attraction in the entire movie is Amir Khan. Damn he looks hot in those vest and tight shirts... Man! you can just keep staring at him..

Finally the Sunday!

I was totally in my hibernation mode today (except for the morning when i washed two week load of clothes). Then all i did was eat, sleep and watch tv... My idea of a perfect Sunday :) ..

Well that was my entire weekend.. gotta get back to work tomorrow.. aawwwww!!!

PS: Guess i act worst then my 5th std when it comes to Sunday evenings thinking about office tomorrow after a four day break!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Feminine Famine!

I feel the need to revolutionize my feminine side b'cos of the following reasons:

* I carry a blank expression on my face when people talk about exotic perfumes!

* I wear pointed sandals or high heels only when there is an absolute need for it.. else i am very happy to wear flats.

* I still hav'nt learnt the art of applying eyeshadow!

* I feel a little lost when i enter any lingerie store.

* Never carried a hand kerchief with me (maybe only at extreme nose flow conditions).

* My beauty salon visits are meant only for eyebrows and haircuts.

* People can never associate me with any particular fragrance. Just use random deodorants!

* I dont carry any umbrella during summers. (forget the summer... I carry an umbrella during the rainy season with a heavy heart)

* I feel sorry for men after reading Shobha De's book.

* My knowledge on face creams and lotions suck!

* I wear a chain around my neck only when my grany comes for a visit!

* I dont mind getting out of the house without any accessory.

* I cannot pitch into any conversation about the cosmetic products.

* I dont posses any bindi packets!

* Its been ages since I have shopped for any lipsticks or nail colors.

Basically a anti femme fatale!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Declaration & Announcements!!

I will try to .......

# Take life as it comes and not worry about every other silly things!

# Wake up early by 7 every morning and go for my driving classes.

# Be more of a optimistic person!

# Iron my hibernating cotton clothes and start wearing them to office.

# Learn to cook stuff other then Maggi and eggs!

# Be less cranky during my PMS days!

# Reach office everyday at least by 9:05. (hmmm a bit difficult... but surely shall give a try)

# Give a random visit to Beauty salon at least once a month.

# Not to run around the house in a haste, trying to get my morning chores done in a hurry.

# Charge my cell everyday and not wait until the battery dies its own sweet death.

# Not to tempt myself into buying news clothes!

# Move my ass around and not just laze every evening after getting back from work!

# Not to throw my clothes around and try to fold them neatly and stack them up.

# Pay my mobile bill on time every month!

# Remember things, people, & numbers and not turn myself into a 80 yr old grany!

# Call up my old friends and gossip a bit and catch up with them!

# Not to shop at every store that has discounts and sales!

# Start believing that milk and fruit juices are actually good for health!

# Watch all the movies being stored from past 6-8 months on my laptop.

# Call up my tailor and blast at him if he hasn finished stitching my clothes as yet! ( He's always late guys! Need to call him at least 5 times before i actually get the clothes)

# Return my library books, have been lying with me from past a month or more! Gosh cant remember when was the last time i was in the library!

# Post and update my resumes in all the Job sites.

# Change my sitting posture in office! (I sit in a very twisted manner guys! N most of the times either one of leg will be up on the chair)

# Act and think like a daughter and not like a parent around my folks!

Ok after scribbling at all this... I guess i need a new ME!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Songs for my Soul...

I'Am currently hooked onto....

=> Jason Mraz - I'am yours *I just hear everybody humming it nowadays!!! Now even i have started humming it along :) *

=> Mar jaawana - Fashion *This song touches some mysterious part of my heart!*

=> Kabhar Nahin - Dostana *Awwwww!! A damn cute one!*

=> Unfaithful - Rihanna *Has been one among my favs from a pretty long time*

=> Half the world away - Oasis *First i heard path sing this number.. after that i have a been a hell of a fan for this one!1*

=> Don't Believe in Love - Dido *Dido's songs are like food for my starving soul!! N this one's truly amazing guys! Must hear!*

=> Last Christmas - Wham *This song just rushes back into my mind every winter season*

=> Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper *There's something sweet about this song*

=> california - The o.c *My fingers too start their drumming business whenever this song begins*

=> Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus *I heard a guy sing this one at pantaloons one day and after that it always lands on my must listen list :)*

=> Dreams - The Corrs *These songs are truly composed for my soul*

=> Only When I Sleep - The Corrs *Can keep listening to this number on and on!*

=> In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge *The lyrics of this one makes you realize never to take loved ones at home for granted*

=> Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall *I like listening to this just to keep my feminine confidence in check*

=> Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd *Just can listen to this one anywhere, anytime n in any mood*

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A conversation with a bugged soul

Day: Friday
Time: 3:15 PM
Location: At their respective offices
Me: As myself, the Charmed One!
BG: A Bugged soul!

me: mister
BG: miss
me: hows the day treating you?
BG: Very busy

After a while .......

BG: I am frustrated now
me: mind not working huh?
BG: bugged
me: whats happening with your work?
BG: already written 800 lines of code...
Now I cant see things..
me: take a break mister
BG: I am blinded!!
me: brain is working real hard here..
i tell u...
BG: hehe
me: close your eyes for a moment. put your thumb on your eyes .. n sit silently n think of a nice dish to eat :)
BG: :P
me: no no.. you aren going to think of booze here :)
BG: haha
me: huh? finally a devils laugh... thats a relief :)
BG: i am going for coffee...
me: ok.. n hope not for fag :P

Friday, December 5, 2008

So where's the catch???

The pamphlet on our table read "Get a gift voucher of 500 bucks for every v Dot cocktail"!

Now all of us were excited looking at that!! Sales and discounts anywhere and everywhere gets me all excited and on my toes!! At times i think i live only for sales and offers!! I know this time it was nothing for us gals and you can use this voucher at the Van Heusen showroom only. My friend Geoff has gotten back from Jakarta and since this lazy bum hasn done any shopping for clothes over there... finally made us order around 5 cocktails and collected 2500 worth coupons for his next day shopping. I was still wondering... its not a yearly clearance time nor has the festive sales started, so where was the catch for this gift voucher!!

Well yesterday i learnt that the catch was that, you can use only one 500 bucks ka coupon for every purchase made above 2500.. Now that we have 5 coupons..let me do my maths here... we would have to shop for clothes worth 12500... hmmm nay not that worth...unless you are doing some major wedding shopping or your once a yearly shopping!!!

Anyways we crashed at the Van Heusen showroom yesterday evening and spent like around an hour looking out for something good.. There wasn anything that voucher holders can be choosers too right and even if we did find some two good shirts and trousers, we couldn find the perfect fit and size...( thats something you gotta do about Geoff - you get what am saying na :P )!! Finally got out of that place and we did end up buying clothes from some other shop without any discount or offer :)!!

So the gift voucher still lives .....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Faces of Frustration!

Nov 27, Thursday, 2008
Morning, 7 AM:
I wake up to the news on TV, announcing that there have been terror attacks in Mumbai( Results of not watching news the previous night). Here my frustration is just being born.
Frustration level: 30-50 FL

Afternoon, Around 1-2 PM:
Try browsing through all the news channels possible and keep myself updated on the situation at office. Frustration is building up against the terrorists.
Frustration level: 50-80 FL

Evening, 8 PM:
Glued to Times Now and NDTV. Totally frustrated listening to the number of deaths increasing. And the usage of my foul language against the terrorists have reached its peak.
Frustration level: 100 FL

Nov 28, Friday, 2008
Morning, 8 AM:
Wondering when the SOB's torturing the people inside the hotels are gonna burn in hell. A new frustration is also building inside against the bloody politicians.
Frustration level: 100++ FL

Evening, 8 PM:
This has really gone on for a very long time now. Just praying for all this horror to
end.Frustration against all the politicians and political parties has been on rapid raise.
Frustration level: 100+++ FL

Nov 29, Saturday, 2008
Morning, 8 AM:
Totally frustrated with terrorists and the government for not being there for its
citizens and wondering where are all the political figures hiding!
Frustration level: 100+++ FL

Evening, 8 PM:
Again glued to TV and hoping for all this to get over.
Frustration level: 100+++ FL

Nov 30, Sunday, 2008
Morning, 8 AM:
Happy that this entire nightmare is over.
Frustration level: 10 FL

Morning, 10 AM:
I watch the news and now am totally frustrated with the dirty Indian politics. People
visting Taj with family members and friends like they are on a museum visit! Dumb politicians making really stupid and insensitive comments.
Frustration level: 100 FL

Evening, 7 PM:
Am happy to hear all the useless people resigning from their posts and hoping more resign. Now the frustration against the terrorists has reduced, cos i suddenly feel that our own government can never make us feel secure. Go to bed all frustrated.
Frustration level: 100+ FL

Dec 1, Monday, 2008
Morning, 10 AM:
A new frustration adds on to the existing frustration against the government. Thats my work frustration. Work has been just piling up and suddenly there seems to be no peace of mind till the end of another hectic week.
Frustration level: 100+++ FL

I am watching the news and listening to all the teeth biting comments being made by the assholes( politicians). The frustration against my own government continues......