Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moments that bring on the warm smile ...

Guys i scribbled down a few moments in life which brings on the warm mushy mushy smile on to our faces....

* Hearing a phone ring or message beep when you are totally bored to death.

* The very first rain of every monsoon season after a scorching hot summer.

* Curling up in bed and knowing that you don't have wake up till ten or so on weekends.

* The smell of food being bought to you in a restaurant, when your stomach can no longer take the hungry growls.

* The sight of your entire house lite up with candles during diwali.

* The smile on your folks face when they are tasting a new recipe of your's.

* Waking up to bright sunny morning after days of gloominess due to monsoons.

* Thought of the weekend ahead after a tiring Friday.

* Watching the lightening with friends at midnight.

* Old friends with whom you have literally lost contact calling you up on birthday and giving the ultimate surprise.

* Reading the cheeky mushy messages we all get at times.

* Looking at the huge colorful rockets that burst and lite up the sky right above your heads.

* Watching the huge chunks of clouds and the rains come in, from the balcony.

* Licking on ice candies during rainy season.

* The double chilled watermelon juice or sugarcane juice you drink after a heavy summer shopping.

* Finding the very accessory or a dress you had been searching for ages.

* And then again the satisfied smile on your face after paying for it, that it is finally yours.

* Looking out at the rains and drinking soup.

* Sitting at a beach and looking out at the sunset.

* The smile on the babies face when you are carrying them around.

* Listening to your mom breathe, when you have made her to sleep next to you after watching some crazy horror movie.

* The Kiss at the end of every romantic flick.

* The very thought that there are people around you who really really care for you.

* Finding old hidden money in your bag or jeans when you are desperately searching for coins in the bus and the conductor is yelling at you.

* The very first sight of your parents when you came back home after staying out for a very long time.

* Times when old grannies or aunties say "Hope you get what you want in life".

* The surprise birthday cakes made for you or the surprise gifts you get when you least expect it.

* Reading this blog when am all brain drained out at work.

* Napping on grany's lap out on the veranda and admiring the starry sky.

* Blowing out bubbles from soap water along with the kidoo cousins.

Wish could freeze all these moments forever!!!!


* And more recently i get this smile when i see that there has been a comment written for my scribblings on this blog :) !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey , here goes.. You have a comment.. Now smile..

Charmed One! said...

Hey thanks buddy!!! u made my day :) !!!

Dhandal said...

And how come you have only 2 comemnts here....very word brought a smile...Hi this is Anandita, a fellow blogger...Loved your Blog....