Monday, November 3, 2008

D downfall of the great empire!

Ok people out there! I really wanna discuss a very serious topic with you guys today!
I feel recently I have become a queen of negativism!!! Gosh just cant help myself, i tend to see the dark side in all the matters. Come on people be honest here, my lovely optimistic imaginative empire is falling right ?!?

I no more think that am good at certain things ( nopes not fishing for any sympathy or complements here guys! ). There are times when i see the faulty stuff in people rather then concentrating on the good stuff in them. But atleast i see more positive things in other people then myself! It have no idea whether this is a good thing or bad one. Aren there times when you have felt like living someone else's life rather than your own ?!? Dosen the other side of the forest always look greener. Hmmmm i guess the best way to brighten up our lives is fight our own negative demons!!!

This little post is a dedication to my positive side angel !!!

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