Friday, April 10, 2009

And I Am Back !!!!!!!!

Many of you must be wondering if i am still alive :) ...
guess i am out of reasons to say, for staying away from my blog... Just for the sake of reasons my mind was running on blank space and was totally topic less..

Well i have been a little busy over days with the usual wedding thingis and lot of other stuff too ... After two days of continuous wedding saree shopping with my mom and my MIL, now i dread entering any saree shops.. I being a shopoholic, have started running away in the opposite direction whenever i happen to see a saree shop .. We dragged the boy for the saree shopping too, and guess what.. he managed to doze off at one shop..

If i start the countdown, 37 days left for the Big Day.. hmmmm and still no signs of runaway bride jitters :) (hoping that the boy skips this line).. Nowadays everyone keeps asking me how are your wedding preparations going and i swear i dont know what to reply back.. I cant think of any such preparations to be done except for shopping.. Guys am i missing out something here.. people who are already married, please help me out here ..

Guys thanks a lot for stopping by and checking on me.. Guess i have lot to catch upon in your blogs.. i have missed blogging .. its nice to be back here.. Hope all of you have been good :) ..

And now i leave you with this mail i had got... Its truly amazing.. its just a Irish college entrance exam... Well i dint pass in this... Hope il have some company at least here ...all the best and no peeking in for answers before you try out everything.. behave!! (People, please click on the image to see the enlarged version)