Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wedding Blues!!

I always loved attending weddings when i was a younger! Weddings meant running around the house with all your other cousins, new shining clothes, arranging all the accessories matching the dress, applying mehandi, and even applying heavy makeup from aunt's or mom's cosmetic kit(meant red flashing lipstick and those rosy cheeks- gosh just cant believe how tawdry they used to be!) which wasn allowed on normal days.
I would be the most excited kid around, cos that was the only time where i gottta meet all cousins and it was almost like a get-together!

Ask me now to attend a relative's wedding and il go all awwwwww!!! oh no! not another wedding! Now wedding has become like a fete' where you sell out all your best breed horses. Most of the aunties are looking out for a girl, so they can get their son married asap before he finds someone for himself ( maybe some of the poor guys may even have no idea of all this being cooked up behind them. So Guys just in case your mother is attending a wedding - Be careul). They just keep observing the girls out there like some secret talent show! And you know you have won it when your folks get a call the next day or within a week asking if the girl is ready to get married!
If am attending a arranged marriage, i usually sit there and wonder whether the couple on the stage are actually happy or just putting up smiley faces! And how much do they even know each other for that matter. They might have gone out a few times, spoken on the phone for a while or exchanged e-mails!
Attending a friend's wedding always gives me these jitters, if am ever gonna get married ( i mean to some sensible guy:P ) ...

Edited and rambled on......

Recently one my friend got married. Unfortunately, we gals couldn make it for the wedding. going there would finally make us realize we are growing ole... i mean seriously "OLD"!! Wish there was a way to be stuck to any age between 18 - 24. It's unbelievable to even imagine that one among us gals is getting married and settling down. I just feel we are still a lot young. Gosh i still remember us gals in the hostel, living the very carefree life. Not at all bothered about what's tomorrow gonna bring for us.

I had to attend a wedding few weeks back. It was like a who's who of my community. All around were people whom I have known since a kid. People weren much bothered about the groom and bride, all were just busy talking among themselves, commenting on peoples clothes or just gossiping. Then there were these people whom i havn meet in a very long time(i mean literally like 6-10 yrs). You go and speak to them, they all go with an expression of 'now whose daughter are you'. Then they play the guessing game and if they nail it out right they go 'oh my gosh. look at you. you have grown so big. just cant recognize you now at all' and all you can do is give them your best cheesy smile! At times even I gotta play the guessing game, people come upto me and say 'remember me :) ' and i have to brush through my memory lane to see if i remember them. If i cant then again the same 'sorry cheesy smile' lites up on my face and my folks will have to refresh my memory of meeting them.

The best part of the weddings are you are all dressed up well, looking out for good looking guys in the crowd, and if you happen to notice one then feeling good that the wedding was worth attending after all :)!!!

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