Friday, October 3, 2008

Freaks Out There!!!

I was having this conversation about relationships with one of my ex-colleague.. and then this guy goes on to say that "Well...When I get into a relationship with a girl, I want her to believe in me blindly, If I say.. go forward and jump down the cliff, she should do so, Shouldn question me!"
I was little dumbstruck! Just couldn believe that anyone will have such a crazy thought!
He's the kind of guy who thinks that - a girl can never decide whats good for her, all the decision making abilities should be left out for the guys!

Me: "Thats absolutely not fair! Doesn she have to have a opinion of her own? What the hell, do you want a puppet in your life"

Mutant: "NO! Its all about trust, She should think that whatever I am saying is right and just do it"

By now I was already battling for the poor damsel ( The Unfortunate soul from his future) silently in my mind, against the swellheaded guy in front of me!

Me: "Come on Man! She's gotta use her own brains too... ( he couldn just expect a silent cow in his life) ...Everyone's got the freedom for expression!"

Mutant: "You dont understand, If she's got faith in me, she'll do what i say, Just should have a blind belief in me"

I really dint understand this dumb logic. This guy was beyond redemption.
I told to myself - Gosh I am banging my head against a brick wall.. This freak just doesnt belong here!!! Must be a re-incarnated soul from some 1950's! Or maybe 1930's! He's a absolute weirdo!

I just had a rude awakening. What if i too end up with a total freak like this one. Suddenly i was a bundle of nerves!
Come on guys.. this is just one category of a "FREAK".. I haven done any Phd on the community for freaks, but am sure they can be divided into different families, then those into a separate classes, then a sub class.... gosh my imagination here is really running wild.. At this rate i guess, I will also be added to some or the other freaky sub class.

It doesn mean that the freaks just belong to the male gender, there are the female freaks too!

Well, One of my friend had a similar experience with a female fatal...
He started dating this girl whom he had met online. Everything went on quite fine for the first week. Then there was trouble in paradise. He had to wake up every morning at five, just to answer her romantic calls, she literally became his freakish morning alarm. That wasn the icky part, well he could manage with the morning calls. The worst part came when she started making up theses lousy stories saying that every other guy she is meeting is hitting on her. The complaints seemed endless and finally he was left high and dry. He managed to breakup with her without any damage.

It's quite a serious matter here, what if you are the most outgoing freak and you find yourself with the most reserved freak? Who's gonna win the battle of wills here at the end????

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