Thursday, March 19, 2009

When beauty turns into arrogance!

So how many of you catch up with the MTV splitsvilla show on Saturdays.... For those who have no idea about this show.. it is dating game... where 9 girls and 9 boys(all strangers to each other) have to find love.. and only one couple can survive and win at the end.. Actually all you will find in the show is lot of cat fights and girls getting at each others throats and bithching endlessly..

For people who know about this show already please jump onto the next paragraph... n for those who dont know.. read on..

One girl and a boy are chosen as the king and the queen. They have the ultimate power to eliminate a boy and a girl from the show every week.. Every week three girls and boys are put in the dumping zone and those in the dumping zone have to go on a date with the king and queen and impress them, to save themselves from the elimination. So the girls try to impress the king royally and guys try and impress the queen.
So last week in the show three gals had to impress the king and were sent on a date.. the date location was next to a swimming pool... each girl had 20 minutes to impress the guy.....So the first girl goes for the date.. The girl is nicely dressed in a one piece party wear with all accessories.. The guy is wearing a pair of shorts and is acting all snooty.. tells her to get into the pool... the girl says a no since she is in that dress.. the guys says he doesn know all that and she has to get into the pool if she wants to talk to him.. she finally says a ok. n tells him she will change to a swimming costume... he tells her, he will give her 30 seconds to get into the pool or else she can leave.. finally left with no choice she gets in.. and she slips in the pool too and this guy with no absolute decency treats the girl like a crap and makes the other two to get into the pool in their party wear...

Ok now lets get to my actual point.. well the present king is quite handsome guy.. He's kinda cute and he knows that as well. So the cuteness plus the king power has made him a real devil in the show. He treats girls in the date like his slaves...

when do you think the good looks actually turn someone into a heartless sick person... they start thinking other girls are living only for their bidding..they forget to treat them as girls.. and remove the word chivalry from the dictionary and turn themselves into cold, mean, self centered person.. Its just not the boys here.. there are many girls out there too.. who think beauty comes with the power to treat the rest of the people like a dirt..

You are beautiful / gorgeous / handsome / cute ... flaunt it... cherish it... love it... glorify it... But why the hell let arrogance of the beauty take over your senses ....

this is only my point of view... it can differ from person to person and all such opinions are welcomed here without any vengeance ;) ...

So tell me what do you think guys???

Monday, March 16, 2009


This one is a very old pending tag and the most difficult one too.. writing 25 things about yourself is a huge pain indeed ....

I been cracking my brains for 25's past three days..finally i gave up and asked the boy and my friends to help me out with this... So here goes the 25's..

Things from my memory....

1) I hated going to school until my 7th grade... In 7th grade i had a crush on a cute boy in my class. And thats what inspired me to attend classes.

2) As a kid I always wanted to be a teacher. I would drape bath towels around as a saree and would teach the walls and floor with a book and stick in my hand.

3) I sucked my forefinger + middle finger together until i was 5 years old and i ended up getting bunny teeth later. Thanks to the people called dentists, it doesn exist anymore.

4) I was very mischievous as a kid. I got my hand fractured jumping down the compound wall and was operated thrice on the same fracture.

5) I have once entered a shop, tried on a dress.. fell in love with the dress.. got it billed without any second thoughts.. and walked out of the store wearing the same.

6) Three to two shooters down, and i can win any laughter contest.

7) Laziness is my middle name. My laziness has no absolute boundaries. At times I feel lazy even to eat something. (yeah chewing can be tiresome you see)

8) A total bookworm.. I love reading (anything other then academic books)... I can sit up the entire night just to finish a good book.

9) I love corn.. baby corn, boiled corn, sweet corn, (*)corn.. you name it and i will eat it....

Thats it guys... I cant brag anything more about myself :) ..

So now i leave the space for the boy and my friends to brag ...

My dharlinge friends say that...

10) She is always up to some or the other mischief and will never spare anyone when it comes to pranks.

11) She likes her name being used in each sentence.

12) She is very photogenic..

13) Her love for peach schnapps and martini never dies..

Well the boy and my friends both agree that...

14) Girl is crazy about puppies.

15) Girl is sweet and caring. She is the best of the friends one can have.

And the Boy (who stayed back at office.. just to write this) says ...

16) Girl likes to be very independent.

17) Girl doesn’t get irritated too easily. Has a high level of patience.

18) Girl is very carefree. Lives for the moment and doesn’t think too much about the past or future.

19) Girl keeps her friends waiting 9 times out 10 if they plan going out. (It’s worth waiting though )

20) Girl loves anything dipped in mayonnaise.

21) Girl is a shopping freak. Can spend the entire day in her favorite shops given a chance. (Suits me very well )

22) Girl is highly conscious about the social and political scenario happening around. (She can be a good politician!! )

23) Girl is very forgetful when it comes to remembering dates.

24) Girl is naturally beautiful and gorgeous. Doesn’t put on too much of a make up. She doesn't take care of herself though.

25) Girl gets these weird dreams which can be related to anything under the sun. Highly imaginative. (I get embarrassed sometimes once she starts imagining things :) !!)

Well the boy and my friends have said it all ... thank you guys.. you are the best .... mmuuaahh :) ....

Anyone reading this can take up the tag.. all the best finding 25 things guys :) ...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Ever Hero in My Life !

My mind is running on low battery guys, so cant think of anything to post! Yeah i had a very light breakfast today!
so today i am just gonna re-post a very old dedication in my blog!

He's the guy who used to protect me from this big bad world. All I knew about him was that he is really smart and there would be nothing he couldn do or dint know off. No matter how busy he was or how tired he looked, he always found time to hear out my silly worries and petty problems. The one I would always turn towards for suggestions when any decision(important or equally stupid) had to be done. I always could just be myself and not act sweet or cute with him. He would be always there to dry my tears when I broke down, the one who would never forget to kiss me good night before i dozed off!! He always made me these Sunday morning promises to take me out on the evenings!

I would be very proud of him when i used to see him all dressed up to go to work. I still remember having a conceited smile on my face when he made me sit in the front seat of his new car and saw him driving with a pleased smile on his face. He used to be sometimes my topic of discussion with my friends. Always eagerly waited in the evenings for him to get back home. My ears would always stay glued to the noises outside, and the moment I heard his car coming in, Would make a dash towards the door to welcome him in with my cheesy smile. I just wanted to believe that - i was the only cute girl in his life and there wasn anyone else who would make him more happy. I always believed that my Dad was the most handsome dad amongst all the other dad's i knew off!!!

After all he was the guy who saved me from my childhood monsters. The one who held my hand during my dose of first ten year ka injections and who bought me chocolates later to make up for the tantrums i made during those injections. He's the one who always bandaged my wounded knees and hands. He was my dad in the shining Armour. I would be the happiest kid around whenever he came to pick me up from my school. At times I would walk in proudly to his cabin, nose held up all high in the air and with a haughty walk ( guess wanted all his colleagues to know that i was very proud of my hero).

There was a time when he would have to go for these week long trips - and i just would not be able to sleep the night before his return, knowing that I'll feel safe only once he gets back home. The very first thing i used to do after he got back was to go rug mugging through his bag for my presents. He would get these beautiful dolls and kitchen sets which i loved the most.. Later I would cook for him in that new kitchen set and invite him over for dinner.

But the universal truth is that as we grow older, our hero's get replaced by crushes, boy friends and some one specials. We start depending on our new replaced hero's for advice and protection. As time passes by, we tend to get easily embarrassed by our folks. We feel we can make our own decisions now and dont need any more help from them. Now I try to act all snooty, proficient and too big for one's shoes. I dont like my Dad visiting my lecturers in collage or giving a daily visit to my work place ( whereas I used to be very proud to crash at his office). Guess we all forget one common truth - they have always loved us and will always think for our own good!

In a way i know that he is proud of me too, just the way I'll always be proud of him and he still remains one of my knight in the shining Armour - whom i will always look upto.
After all he will always remain the 'First Ever Hero in My Life' and i will always be his little girl!!!

Happy Birthday Pa !

PS: At times we ignore people who are very close to us. We take them and their love for granted. Cos We always believe that no matter what happens, they will always be there for us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News Hour!

Headlines for the day!
-> Chramed One's blog got it's very second award for friendship from Moi.
-> Chramed One! has also been interviewed by Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator.

Entertainment news!
-> Happy Holi to all you guys!

News in Brief!

Yeah you heard it right! My interview by Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator has been published! Yipee! (Again doing the happy dance on my chair).. You can check it out here! (Guys warn you! it’s a pretty long one. Please try not to doze off). And also congratulations to all the bloggers whose interview has been published!

Moving on…Here comes my second award from sweet Moi for friendship. Thank you girl. I have known Moi for almost 6 years now. She is a very caring friend. She is great at advices for issues under any category too. But to know her caring side you gotta be in her list of good friends first. We both make a very deadly team when it comes to gossiping and commentary judgment. I mean to say we display all the characteristics of being girls!

Moi has already awarded this to LAncelot, Suresh, Mayz, Chriz, Hope, Akansha and Keshi. I wanna acknowledge them too. You guys are truly great.

Now i pass on this award to 8 Bloggers...

A friend who has always been there with great advices and stupid PJ's( as i always say - Priceless Jokes). Now he has started one hell of a newsense blog too! Yeah his words too make great new sense now!

My father figure! (Hope you have not forgotten your family back in India) Lols Geoff please dont kill me for that now. Another crazy, great friend! Irregular at blogging (shaking my finger at you). But writes good stuff!

This guy will do anything for his friends. True definition of Friends for life! He writes amazing poems! But has gone missing for a long time ! Hope he returns soon.

She is truly goddesses of emotions. She writes what we usually feel and find difficult to express. A great writer and a lovely person too.

Her posts leave you speechless. She is great at combining emotions with words. And after reading 25 things about her, I would say she is a wonderful person too.

I just love the way she writes about very simple things. Her posts always leave you with a smile on the face. I have not known her for long. But her blog describes her perfectly and she seems to be great person.

*Tinkerbell's Neverland*
She writes about simple stuff which we hardly ponder on. But after reading her posts, You will be shifted to the thinking mode. A very different yet powerful blog!

A random writer.. Yet a very powerful writer.. He is good at his words and comes up with beautiful posts!

Guys you all are great! Applauds!

Now for some Entertainment news!

HAppy Holi People!
I guess all are busy celebrating Holi today at their offices and colleges. Enjoy guys and get colorful!
Today I remember my college days, where we used play holi like crazy cows.. run out of colors and then start pouring buckets of water on each other! Awww I miss those days!

On a more serious note..
Holi means the triumph of good over evil and conquest of sensual values by spiritual values (No doubt! Copied from Google search).. Nay i cant elaborate on that now..So I would only say.. be good guys and celebrate the day!

Adios for now my lovlies!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Love Lost .....

He saw her gazing at the blue dress displayed on the mannequin. Even after 2 long years, he had recognized her at one glance. She had grown thin, but definitely looked more beautiful then ever. She still held that attractive look which made people to just stare at her. And that was what he was doing at the moment. Admiring her from a very safe distance. Something seemed to have disturbed her, and she suddenly turned his way. She looked all surprised now to see him there.

He walked towards her, fearing the possibility of her ignoring him and walking away. But then she smiled at him and his tension seemed to fade away. They stood there facing each other silently. There were so many things he wanted to tell her, so many questions he wanted to ask. No words came out of him.

He: Hi, such a long time.

She: Yes, its really a surprise to see you. You look the same.

He: Yeah. So hows life? Hey how about a cup of coffee? Are you busy?

She: No, cup of coffee will be great.

They now sat at the coffee shop talking about everything other then anything related to their personal life. He was actually scared to ask her about her present. He was not sure to how me may react, if she said that now she had someone in her life. They had a distance of 2 years between them. There seemed to be a lot many changes in her now. She had changed the way she wore her hair. But her smile was the same. He still knew how to make her laugh. For anyone else looking at them now, they may have seemed like a perfect couple enjoying a cup of coffee. But only they knew about the underlying tension in between them.

An hour had passed by quickly and she realized that she had to leave now.

She: Its already late. I have to leave. Thanks for the coffee.

He: Oh am i paying for it? I thought you were, so i ordered the most expensive one!

She laughed, stood up and ruffled his head. And he just wanted to freeze that moment.

He walked her to the lift and the tension was back now. He was not sure whether he should ask for her number and she seemed quite jittery too.
The lift opened and she walked inside. He just stood out and smiled at her.

She: i dont know if i will see you again anytime.

He nodded silently. The life door started to close.

She: You know ... I still ...

The door had closed completely by now.

He stood there staring at the closed door.
Then very silently he murmured "yeah i love you too!"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sweet Heart... Please come back!!!

I missed you last night... i missed you more then i ever could have imagined possible... You were there right before me and i still was not able to do anything..i was feeling a lot helpless too for the very first time in many days.. life can be so unfair at times... it can separate you from your love in many cruel ways...

I know that i have hurt you at times.. also i have gotten you really frustrated with my silly ways of loving you..i know you will say i am very selfish, i always take from you more and more..but darling, you are my life..its because of you i breathe everyday.. its because of you I look forward to each new day.....

You know love, last night i did try to come close to you.. but it was really impossible however hard i tried.. i am sure it was your dad's idea to separate us like this.. i know he does not approve of me.. he has never even tried to like me.. i always get that negative vibe when he is around ... Last night I stood out there looking at you sleeping peacefully inside that darn mosquito net, telling myself that from now on i guess this is how its gonna be...never together again in this life time, sigh!

i miss u ..

please come back to me...

Buzzingly yours!
Mosquito no-420

PS: hoping that atleast one mosquito would have missed me last night :D !!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Me, My Tens and a Cute Award!

Well I was having my usual Monday blues running around for various reasons until i saw that Seher has honored my blog with an Award for Cuteness.. Thats when 60% of my blues disappeared ... She has presented me with this award in the criteria 'Cute is Innocence'...

Wohoo! Thats my very first blog award (all smiles, blushes and am humming in my mind)
Thanks a lot Seher ....You truly made my day... *smiles and hugs*

I was introduced to blogging by Moi ... thanks a lot sweetheart ...If it wasn for you i wouldn be blogging... and then there was eM's blog to inspire me ..thank you eM for all the motivation..

And again a huge thanks and hugs to Seher for this cute award :) !!!

I am supposed to write 10 things about myself for receiving this award ... now i cant find any cute things about me.. so here it goes the tens...

1) I can survive for a week without any human connection. i just need a lot of books..a constant supply of junk food and sofa or bed ....But after a week of isolation.. the next person to come in front of me will undergo a serious torture of non stop ramblings..

2) At times i feel i have a sixth sense regarding people's characters.. Especially when it comes to morons and freaks, i recognize them immediately....Now please don't say only one freak can recognize another :) ...

3) I can be hopelessly romantic .. i love carnations, moonlit beaches and candle light dinners (yup, thats a very visible hint for the boy now :) ) ...and at times i can also turn into a complete practical female too ...

4) Rules were never made with me in mind...I hate rules(except traffic).. can never follow them ....I love my freedom.. a good thing that i was born after independence ...

5) I have a very high tolerance power... But once someone crosses my highest marked tolerance line in red (it would take a real hard work to reach that red line for any given human being), I can go to the extent of forever ignoring that particular human being (yeah i know thats quite mean, but cant help it people)...

6) If ever my life was to mirror a movie character, i would love it to be like Melanie Smooter(Reese Witherspoon) from Sweet Home Alabama ( see the signs of hopeless romance here :) )...

7) I sometimes wonder what would it be, if there was no earth or universe... that we are here because of some sheer luck.. so i tell myself to let out all the worries and just learn to live the 'one chance life' ..

8) At times am scared of getting attached to people closely.. i fear that they start expecting a lot from you and you end up disappointing them..

9) I am 5'4 and can be described a fragile piece on earth (basically underweight)... but the boy thinks am perfect :) .. i hope he thinks the same, a few years down the line :P ..

10) I always wanted to be an architect or an interior designer... I am still wondering how the hell i crash landed in the software jungle ...

I honor this Cute Blogger Award to 10+ cute bloggers,

Moi , Hope (For their cute posts on the boys in their life)
Suresh ( For all the lovely cute posts on Prem aur Simran ka prem katha )
Lancelot ( Now for the cute blog and cute boy he is ..i mean the Indian Brad Pitt :) )
mayz ( He is getting a more and more romantic each day, after this anon blogger girl he has fallen in love with )
chriz (For all the cute posts about Renu and also for the cute posts on his nephew and neice )
Akansha & Mith (For the very cute blog they have )
ApocalypsE & hitch writer (For some very cute posts )
Nemesis (For a very cute inspiration )

Go on.. flaunt this cute award... Cheers Guys !