Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Single Again !

Three phases of the Single Again Syndrome...

* The First Phase *

This phase starts right after the very next moment of the breakup! The very crucial period and you are in a hopelessly sober state.

Symptoms: Individuals with blood shot eyes - results of extensively pouring your heart out, People who appear to be living in their very own lost world, The one's with ability to burst into tears anywhere and everywhere, Also people who think that drinking is the best way to bury one's grief!

Prescription for Syndrome: Avoid happy couples, Stay at least 100 mts away from the location - where you had been with your X-factor, Please stack up all the Souvenir and cards and photos you have got till now in a gunny bag and hide them somewhere - where you cant reach easily, And try not to check your cell every five minutes!

OK jokes apart guys!!!

Real pain of the soul going through this tunnel of breakup, can only be actually experienced by the ones who have been there. Nothing seems to be alright during this phase. You have absolutely no mood to work, your mind keeps wandering back to some soothing flashbacks, no appetite for food, and a good night's sleep seems to be just a very ancient dream. Basically you have just removed the words happy, cheerful, bright, satisfied from your dictionary. Hangouts like mall's, cinema hall's, pubs, where you see all these couples walking hand in hand, arms around each others waist, and couples beaming at each other, start creeping the hell out of you. You keep checking your mobile for calls, messages or even a single missed call and keep hoping the name of your X-factor glows out, whenever the mobile gets back to life. Worst case scenario is when you spot someone who resembles the X-factor and all the mushy feeling stored inside you, just flows out like the broken dam. The only thing you do in this phase is think about your X-factor infinity times in a single day.

* The Second Phase *

This phase starts after a week or a month or a year ( for some exceptional cases, it can start right after a day, a two or even three hours)
This is when you start socializing again, and you are not as freaked as you were before, gawking at the happy couples. You are now finally back in the flirting game and can now have a decent discussion about your X-factor without having to burst into tears.

* The Third Phase *

This is the most exceptional and worst phase, from which we all try to escape given a chance. It happens only when you have completely moved on from your X-factor and from whom you haven heard in ages. Suddenly out of no-where the X-factor appears in front of you and bloody all those lost feeling just happen to fall out , back into its old adobe out of nowhere...

And all you can say is " God! why me!! pleaaaaseeee no way! Not again! "

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