Saturday, November 29, 2008

Life Will Never be the Same Again....

58 hours and finally its all over!!
But then has it really gotten over for people who went through this trauma!! Will they ever be able to go out again and live their life without any fear in their hearts. We the common people out here are going to forget this entire episode within a week or so... But then how will the family of people who died due to all this actually feel. How can the people who have lost their loved ones, ever go back to the place of tragedy and not feel a thing!! How can Taj or Oberio be the same again.. No Nothing will be the same again for people who have lost their loved ones to this...

Many Brave hearts have lost their life fighting this terror bravely. Without them i dont think this terror would have seen its end so soon.

I dedicate this post to all those brave hearts who have fought against this 26/11 Mumbai terror!!!

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