Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The First Hero In My Life

He's the guy who used to protect me from this big bad world. All I knew about him was that he is really smart and there would be nothing he couldn do or dint know off. No matter how busy he was or how tired he looked, he always found time to hear out my silly worries and petty problems. The one I would always turn towards for suggestions when any decision(important or equally stupid) had to be done. I always could just be myself and not act sweet or cute with him. He would be always there to dry my tears when I broke down, the one who would never forget to kiss me good night before i dozed off!! He always made me these Sunday morning promises to take me out on the evenings!

I would be very proud of him when i used to see him all dressed up to go to work. I still remember having a conceited smile on my face when he made me sit in the front seat of his new car and saw him driving with a pleased smile on his face. He used to be sometimes my topic of discussion with my friends. Always eagerly waited in the evenings for him to get back home. My ears would always stay glued to the noises outside, and the moment I heard his car coming in, Would make a dash towards the door to welcome him in with my cheesy smile. I just wanted to believe that - i was the only cute girl in his life and there wasn anyone else who would make him more happy. I always believed that my Dad was the most handsome dad amongst all the other dad's i knew off!!!

After all he was the guy who saved me from my childhood monsters. The one who held my hand during my dose of first ten year ka injections and who bought me chocolates later to make up for the tantrums i made during those injections. He's the one who always bandaged my wounded knees and hands. He was my dad in the shining Armour. I would be the happiest kid around whenever he came to pick me up from my school. At times I would walk in proudly to his cabin, nose held up all high in the air and with a haughty walk ( guess wanted all his colleagues to know that i was very proud of my hero).
There was a time when he would have to go for these week long trips - and i just would not be able to sleep the night before his return, knowing that I'll feel safe only once he gets back home. The very first thing i used to do after he got back was to go rug mugging through his bag for my presents. He would get these beautiful dolls and kitchen sets which i loved the most.. Later I would cook for him in that new kitchen set and invite him over for dinner.

But the universal truth is that as we grow older, our hero's get replaced by crushes, boy friends and some one specials. We start depending on our new replaced hero's for advice and protection. As time passes by, we tend to get easily embarrassed by our folks. We feel we can make our own decisions now and dont need any more help from them. Now I try to act all snooty, proficient and too big for one's shoes. I dont like my Dad visiting my lecturers in collage or giving a daily visit to my work place ( whereas I used to be very proud to crash at his office). Guess we all forget one common truth - they have always loved us and will always think for our own good!

In a way i know that he is proud of me too, just the way I'll always be proud of him and he still remains one of my knight in the shining Armour - whom i will always look upto.
After all he will always remain the 'First Ever Hero in My Life'!!!

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