Friday, December 5, 2008

So where's the catch???

The pamphlet on our table read "Get a gift voucher of 500 bucks for every v Dot cocktail"!

Now all of us were excited looking at that!! Sales and discounts anywhere and everywhere gets me all excited and on my toes!! At times i think i live only for sales and offers!! I know this time it was nothing for us gals and you can use this voucher at the Van Heusen showroom only. My friend Geoff has gotten back from Jakarta and since this lazy bum hasn done any shopping for clothes over there... finally made us order around 5 cocktails and collected 2500 worth coupons for his next day shopping. I was still wondering... its not a yearly clearance time nor has the festive sales started, so where was the catch for this gift voucher!!

Well yesterday i learnt that the catch was that, you can use only one 500 bucks ka coupon for every purchase made above 2500.. Now that we have 5 coupons..let me do my maths here... we would have to shop for clothes worth 12500... hmmm nay not that worth...unless you are doing some major wedding shopping or your once a yearly shopping!!!

Anyways we crashed at the Van Heusen showroom yesterday evening and spent like around an hour looking out for something good.. There wasn anything that voucher holders can be choosers too right and even if we did find some two good shirts and trousers, we couldn find the perfect fit and size...( thats something you gotta do about Geoff - you get what am saying na :P )!! Finally got out of that place and we did end up buying clothes from some other shop without any discount or offer :)!!

So the gift voucher still lives .....

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