Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Know Me!!!

Things You Should Know About Me..

  • I love shopping for clothes, bags and shoes. Shopping is my biggest stress buster.
  • Can just keep reading and watching movies the entire day( addable to the passions in my life).
  • Like hanging out with my friends and gossiping about anything and everything.
  • Am in love with the color red, black, pink and purple.
  • Martini and peach schanpps are all my all time favorites!!!
  • There are times when i get scared of horror movies.
  • I hate guys who act cocky , and have this impression saying guys are more intelligent then girls and basically girls are dumb.
  • Not a great a fan of any political party or any religion.
  • I am too lazzyyy... just cant explain you the boundaries of my laziness.... i have to get like around15 calls from the hutch customer care before i ditch my laziness and go out and pay the bill.
  • I am 23 years old.. running on my way to 24 and still have a lot of things to be completed on my to-do-list-before-25.
  • Am a girl who thinks that flowers are pretty and moonlight beaches are romantic.
  • A girl with average looks you can say. Not anyone who can leave guys drooling after me. But then i can look pretty some days when i have the mood to deck myself up.
  • Basically a girl who wants to live life carefree and fearless but can get tied due to the traditional Indian family views.
So Guys!!! Hope you do like my sip of life on the rocks!! Cheers!!

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