Friday, June 19, 2009

Just an ordinary morning conversation!

The boy is busy getting ready for work..

Me: Hon you have been gaining weight since the wedding. hasn anyone told you this at office?

The Boy: Don ask.. I have become a constant mockery at office since the wedding?

Me: Really... what have been people telling you?

The Boy: They have started calling me a married man!! (with a sad pouty face)

A heavy silence for 10 seconds.. then a busrt of laughter

Ahhha nows thats called sheer tragedy.. my poor boy .. *evil laughs*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From single to being married!

So has anyone been visiting this lonely blog, while i was away ???!!!??

Guess a there may have been quite lot of dramatic changes in people's life around while i was away.. Phewww i gottta lot of catching up to do....

Well let me summarize my update here...
A dramatic change in relationship status from single to married in my FB!

More about the wedding!
Wedding was on may 17th.. I still have no idea how the entire day went by.. but was damn tired by the end of the day.. so i hardly gotta enjoy it properly.. I have told the boy i want a re-wedding with him.. this time in goa.. and without any of those heavy gold stuff!!! Les see hows that goes now! The worst post-wedding trauma was that we were made to drink milk at each relatives house we visited!

Now am enjoying my days doing nothing but experimenting my recipes on the boy. Lets just put it this way -- Its a new adventure everyday in my kitchen!

GUys, for all those who are scared of getting married (who think bunjee jumping is any day better then a wedding), please go ahead n try it.. It may look a lot scarier from outside.. but once inside, you'll love it .. I owe it all to my boy...
So telll me guys.. wats new???