Sunday, November 30, 2008

Moral of the day!!!

Question: What happens when you have just woken up from your evening nap and your folks are not at home and there you happen to see that you have unexpected guests at your door ????

First things first -- > The UG's(Unexpected Guests) where my dad's second cousin's kids and haven't met them in a pretty long time and by now have even forgotten their names ( don't judge me guys!! They stay really far an have just met them like 5-6 times in my entire life).
Ok now am pretty good at carrying a decent conversation even if i dont know the other person that well( Now now am not bragging at all, just making a general statement)

Anyways, now being a good hostess I have to offer them something to drink. Well they settled for something cold and i started preparing tang! I know its not a big deal to prepare tang for two people. But I have no idea where mom has kept the sugar jar, apparently she has moved it to a new location.
I search the entire kitchen for the sugar jar( all the while thinking in my mind that GOD is punishing me for not being an active member in the kitchen) Finally I give up, ( tell silently that "God I have learnt my lesson for the day") and call mom and ask her for the directions to get to the sugar jar.

Moral of the post....
At least try not to forget your second cousin's names and always keep a fresh account of all the changes occurring in your Mom's kitchen!

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