Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wedding Blues!!

I always loved attending weddings when i was a younger! Weddings meant running around the house with all your other cousins, new shining clothes, arranging all the accessories matching the dress, applying mehandi, and even applying heavy makeup from aunt's or mom's cosmetic kit(meant red flashing lipstick and those rosy cheeks- gosh just cant believe how tawdry they used to be!) which wasn allowed on normal days.
I would be the most excited kid around, cos that was the only time where i gottta meet all cousins and it was almost like a get-together!

Ask me now to attend a relative's wedding and il go all awwwwww!!! oh no! not another wedding! Now wedding has become like a fete' where you sell out all your best breed horses. Most of the aunties are looking out for a girl, so they can get their son married asap before he finds someone for himself ( maybe some of the poor guys may even have no idea of all this being cooked up behind them. So Guys just in case your mother is attending a wedding - Be careul). They just keep observing the girls out there like some secret talent show! And you know you have won it when your folks get a call the next day or within a week asking if the girl is ready to get married!
If am attending a arranged marriage, i usually sit there and wonder whether the couple on the stage are actually happy or just putting up smiley faces! And how much do they even know each other for that matter. They might have gone out a few times, spoken on the phone for a while or exchanged e-mails!
Attending a friend's wedding always gives me these jitters, if am ever gonna get married ( i mean to some sensible guy:P ) ...

Edited and rambled on......

Recently one my friend got married. Unfortunately, we gals couldn make it for the wedding. going there would finally make us realize we are growing ole... i mean seriously "OLD"!! Wish there was a way to be stuck to any age between 18 - 24. It's unbelievable to even imagine that one among us gals is getting married and settling down. I just feel we are still a lot young. Gosh i still remember us gals in the hostel, living the very carefree life. Not at all bothered about what's tomorrow gonna bring for us.

I had to attend a wedding few weeks back. It was like a who's who of my community. All around were people whom I have known since a kid. People weren much bothered about the groom and bride, all were just busy talking among themselves, commenting on peoples clothes or just gossiping. Then there were these people whom i havn meet in a very long time(i mean literally like 6-10 yrs). You go and speak to them, they all go with an expression of 'now whose daughter are you'. Then they play the guessing game and if they nail it out right they go 'oh my gosh. look at you. you have grown so big. just cant recognize you now at all' and all you can do is give them your best cheesy smile! At times even I gotta play the guessing game, people come upto me and say 'remember me :) ' and i have to brush through my memory lane to see if i remember them. If i cant then again the same 'sorry cheesy smile' lites up on my face and my folks will have to refresh my memory of meeting them.

The best part of the weddings are you are all dressed up well, looking out for good looking guys in the crowd, and if you happen to notice one then feeling good that the wedding was worth attending after all :)!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Walk By The Memory Lane - Glimpse 2

It was all decided within a span of 10 minutes. It was just a discussion between us friends and we turned out leaving the hostel with all the required stuff packed after half n hour.
I still have no idea, in whose mind this amazing plan to spend the Friday night out at my roomie's empty house got activated. And we all girls just rushed out to pack our bags. Since all were busy, I thought, Me and another friend of mine would go and sign on the hostel leaving register for everyone. Well I ended up signing for everyone. Without any second thoughts in our mind, we seven girls set out for our adventurous night out!!
First things first, as the house was empty and locked up, it was horribly dusty and suffocating. Somehow we managed to get the place dusted and swabbed up. After that we split out into groups for out night out grocery shopping. One group managed the food and the other set out to buy the booze. By nineish something we were all back home all set for our sleepover. Well, who the hell knew it was gonna be after all a sleepless night, at least for two of us gals(me n kuri).

We prepared this amazing jelly vodka ( After all gals are known to be good cooks right ;) )!!
Here's the recipe for those cookery souls out there!!!
Just mix the jelly powder in vodka guys and keep it in the fridge to cool off!!
After a hour or so... Viola !! Your Jelly Vodka is ready !!

We had bought crabs and lot of chicken stuff... so just sat around and hogged like pigs!! Had our drinks!!! and danced around a little too!! Literally licked out the jelly vodka from the bowl!! By then it was twoish i guess.. by now the kick from the booze was also wearing out... n since all our drinks were over by then .. there was nothing to get high on!! N then the real torment of the night started. The night was really hot and there was no way you could manage to sleep in that hot weather. Even the fan on speed 5 wasn helping us. Opening the window n sleeping wasn even a option as the mosquitoes were just waiting for their hunt outside the window. By then it was around three... n most of the gals somehow managed to sleep... But it was impossible for me kuri.. We watched a movie and somehow made it to five'o clock. Then v decided should really give a try n get some sleep.. Am really not sure when i fell asleep, but surely remember waking up to the most horrifying news!!!
Damn!!! They had found out that we were all missing from the hostel n all our folks were getting calls asking where their ward were missing. So much for the sleepless night before!! Somehow managed to reach back to hostel by 9:30 ... Then v had to go n meet the asst director!! Myself, raqs n kuri went n meet the director.. We all were really spooked up waiting outside his office. But thank God his mood seemed a bit ok and all he asked was who had signed the hostel outgoing register! Now i was in a fix.... Wat do you expect me to say!!! "Father am so sorrryy!! It was me who signed out for all the gals.. Please forgive me.. It wont happen again!"

No Ways!! Am not so crazy to behead myself in his cabin... All i tried to say was all the gals were little busy so .... never completed my sentence you see :) ... N e ways .. he was in a good enough mood to let us all of the hook.. But then we had to cancel our saturday night out plan to the rock concert (Our college band was performing and my best friend was performing :( ... but v had to cancel out from the plan as v couldn risk getting caught two nightouts continuously!! )

The worst part out of this entire nightout was that our padri came up with a new rule that , all of them who wanted to go home on weekends had to write a letter and personally hand it off to the padri a day before!!! Everyone (especially guys ) couldn figure out from where the hell this ridiculous idea had been bought up!! N we could never risk saying that it was b'cos of us seven gals this whole new rule had been started... Guess what that rule is still being carried out for the juniors!! All thanks to Us!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Freaks Out There!!!

I was having this conversation about relationships with one of my ex-colleague.. and then this guy goes on to say that "Well...When I get into a relationship with a girl, I want her to believe in me blindly, If I say.. go forward and jump down the cliff, she should do so, Shouldn question me!"
I was little dumbstruck! Just couldn believe that anyone will have such a crazy thought!
He's the kind of guy who thinks that - a girl can never decide whats good for her, all the decision making abilities should be left out for the guys!

Me: "Thats absolutely not fair! Doesn she have to have a opinion of her own? What the hell, do you want a puppet in your life"

Mutant: "NO! Its all about trust, She should think that whatever I am saying is right and just do it"

By now I was already battling for the poor damsel ( The Unfortunate soul from his future) silently in my mind, against the swellheaded guy in front of me!

Me: "Come on Man! She's gotta use her own brains too... ( he couldn just expect a silent cow in his life) ...Everyone's got the freedom for expression!"

Mutant: "You dont understand, If she's got faith in me, she'll do what i say, Just should have a blind belief in me"

I really dint understand this dumb logic. This guy was beyond redemption.
I told to myself - Gosh I am banging my head against a brick wall.. This freak just doesnt belong here!!! Must be a re-incarnated soul from some 1950's! Or maybe 1930's! He's a absolute weirdo!

I just had a rude awakening. What if i too end up with a total freak like this one. Suddenly i was a bundle of nerves!
Come on guys.. this is just one category of a "FREAK".. I haven done any Phd on the community for freaks, but am sure they can be divided into different families, then those into a separate classes, then a sub class.... gosh my imagination here is really running wild.. At this rate i guess, I will also be added to some or the other freaky sub class.

It doesn mean that the freaks just belong to the male gender, there are the female freaks too!

Well, One of my friend had a similar experience with a female fatal...
He started dating this girl whom he had met online. Everything went on quite fine for the first week. Then there was trouble in paradise. He had to wake up every morning at five, just to answer her romantic calls, she literally became his freakish morning alarm. That wasn the icky part, well he could manage with the morning calls. The worst part came when she started making up theses lousy stories saying that every other guy she is meeting is hitting on her. The complaints seemed endless and finally he was left high and dry. He managed to breakup with her without any damage.

It's quite a serious matter here, what if you are the most outgoing freak and you find yourself with the most reserved freak? Who's gonna win the battle of wills here at the end????

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Single Again !

Three phases of the Single Again Syndrome...

* The First Phase *

This phase starts right after the very next moment of the breakup! The very crucial period and you are in a hopelessly sober state.

Symptoms: Individuals with blood shot eyes - results of extensively pouring your heart out, People who appear to be living in their very own lost world, The one's with ability to burst into tears anywhere and everywhere, Also people who think that drinking is the best way to bury one's grief!

Prescription for Syndrome: Avoid happy couples, Stay at least 100 mts away from the location - where you had been with your X-factor, Please stack up all the Souvenir and cards and photos you have got till now in a gunny bag and hide them somewhere - where you cant reach easily, And try not to check your cell every five minutes!

OK jokes apart guys!!!

Real pain of the soul going through this tunnel of breakup, can only be actually experienced by the ones who have been there. Nothing seems to be alright during this phase. You have absolutely no mood to work, your mind keeps wandering back to some soothing flashbacks, no appetite for food, and a good night's sleep seems to be just a very ancient dream. Basically you have just removed the words happy, cheerful, bright, satisfied from your dictionary. Hangouts like mall's, cinema hall's, pubs, where you see all these couples walking hand in hand, arms around each others waist, and couples beaming at each other, start creeping the hell out of you. You keep checking your mobile for calls, messages or even a single missed call and keep hoping the name of your X-factor glows out, whenever the mobile gets back to life. Worst case scenario is when you spot someone who resembles the X-factor and all the mushy feeling stored inside you, just flows out like the broken dam. The only thing you do in this phase is think about your X-factor infinity times in a single day.

* The Second Phase *

This phase starts after a week or a month or a year ( for some exceptional cases, it can start right after a day, a two or even three hours)
This is when you start socializing again, and you are not as freaked as you were before, gawking at the happy couples. You are now finally back in the flirting game and can now have a decent discussion about your X-factor without having to burst into tears.

* The Third Phase *

This is the most exceptional and worst phase, from which we all try to escape given a chance. It happens only when you have completely moved on from your X-factor and from whom you haven heard in ages. Suddenly out of no-where the X-factor appears in front of you and bloody all those lost feeling just happen to fall out , back into its old adobe out of nowhere...

And all you can say is " God! why me!! pleaaaaseeee no way! Not again! "