Friday, January 30, 2009

A Shooting Star!

She stands there gazing at the night sky ...

Hopeless Soul seeking a miracle ...

Somewhere far, a shooting star fades away ...

She makes a wish ...

Cold winds whisper in her ear ...

Her wishes come true ...

Life now sees a new ray of hope ...

She smiles back at the sky ...

Or was it all a figment of her imagination!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who's the stalker! - The Finale

Gosh feels like a long time since i blogged.. and since am blogging the next episode of my last post, it seems like its become a weekly drama series :) !!!

Well lets now continue with the actual post....

Cast for the post
Raqs, Reemz, -> Friends of the Charmed One!
Dar -> A friend of Raqs.. But the Charmed One! doesn know him all that well as yet...
VJ -> A so-so friend of Co, whom she doesn know all that well as yet...
US -> unknown soul/stalker/stranger/.. whatever
Co -> The Charmed One! as herself

Previously on Who's the stalker! ...
CO and her friends were hanging out at a restaurant and Co accidentally seems to have found a stalker for herself...
Co's been receiving messages from a Unknown number claiming he knows her very well....

The Sunday

Co keeps receiving random messages and missed calls from the unknown number..
The US asks her if he could meet her and Co tries to ignore the messages and gives up her search for real identity of the US.

The Monday

Co is back in college now and still is receiving random missed calls and messages.

Around 4:00 PM

Co's mobile beeps...
US mobile says: Hey am near your college.. can you meet me?
Co ignores the message...receives non-stop missed calls... CO is completly frustrated by now..

US mobile says: Please meet me.. i will wait outside for you ...

And then again a series of random missed calls..

Then Raqs mobile beeps..
The message is from a random friend VJ, which says 'Hey i am at (insert shop name)stores outside college..there is guy asking for Co here'

Raqs(with smiles): Hey girl..the guy is near (insert shop name)stores..
CO(frowning): can anyone be more irritating??
Raqs(in a more serious note): Meet him and finish it off..

CO is reluctant at first and then as result from the public poll by her friends she decides to go and deal with the US.

Its been raining cats and dogs since noon, so CO and Reemz borrow a umbrella from Raqs and head towards (insert shop name)stores....

As Co reaches (insert shop name)stores, she can see the back of a guy wearing a hooded jacket sitting over on a empty cylinder.. A friend of CO, VJ is standing in front of the hooded guy and talking to him.. As CO and Reemz reach the place..VJ does the eye pointing (meaning this your US) glance towards the hooded guy... Now Co is almost there near the empty cylinder....

Everything played in slow motion now...

CO unfolds her umbrella and looks out at the hooded guy...
The hooded guy is still sitting...
CO is staring at the hooded guy's back...
CO looks at VJ, and sees a stupid smile on his face...
CO now reaches the hooded guy..
The hooded guy stands up..
CO's mind is running at a very high speed with too many toughts...
The hooded guy turns around...
CO has a very shocked and surprised look on her face..
Hooded guy removes the hood and screams 'bakhriiii'...
CO has got now all anger written on her face..
Co now lifts the umbrella and starts whacking the hooded guy...
2-3 umbrella sticks are broken in the process...
Any guesses who the hooded guy was...
Well it was our very own dar!!!

Behind the scenes...
When Co tells Raqs ..not to give the unknown guy the number, Raqs and dar team up and decide to have some fun of their own.. Dar starts messaging CO and irritating her, all the while enjoying it..

CO in time took her own sweet revenge on Mr. Dar&co...

Revenge No1: Co&Gang applied Vaseline on Dar's bench, knowing that dar always comes late to class and just hops into his place. Even though dar managed to escape from this tragedy by some lady luck, a poor friend of dar, joy got vaselined on his back and had to leave the class immediately to change himself..

Revenge No2: Dar's bike tyre went under a heavy air loss.

Revenge No3: Dar got Pepsodant pasted all over his head and started blaming the poor Co&Gang for his hair loss.

Geee Guys hope your not disappointed with this friendly stalker :P !!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's the stalker! - Episode 1

Year: 2004
Location: Somewhere in South India
Time: Around 2:00 PM
Cast for the day:
Raqs, Reemz, Mittu -> Friends of the Charmed One!
Dar -> A so-so friend of Raqs.. But the Charmed One! doesn know him all that well...
Co -> The Charmed One! as herself


Previously on Who's the stalker!...

Co, Raqs, Reemz and Mittu decide to hit a local restaurant for lunch on a saturday afternoon after the brain draining classes at college..
They finish placing their orders and while they are busy gossiping, Raq's mobile beeps..

Raqs looks into the mobile and flashes her best cheesy smile..
Then she looks up and announces...

Raqs: Hey girls.. i just received a message from Dar which says 'who's the thin girl at the restauarnt in our coll uniform?' (yup i know its very sad to make a 20 year ole gal wear uniforms...especially in a engineering college.. hmp!)

Well.. there are only two lean girls present there(now lean is a better word to describe oneself) .. Thats Co and Mittu....but only the Co is in uniform... So its decided who is the girl in question...

Reemz: Why does he want to know about a girl...
Raqs: Some friend of his from some blank(insert college name) college saw us here just now and wants to know the name of the girl and also is asking if he can get her number!

All of them look at Co waiting for a reaction from her..
She gives a are you kidding me, eyebrows raised look ..

Co: no ways... You guys are not giving my number to some weird stranger!
Raqs: You sure babes? (smiles)
Co: Yup! (grins)
Raqs: ok sweetie... if you say so... i wont give..(broader smiles)

The girls are done hogging and leave from there..
On the way back home.. Raqs gets a little curious to know more about this guy...

Raqs: Hey you really dont want to know about the guy huh? Sure you dont want me to give your number?

Well Co is a little curious to know too.. But doesnt want to run into mess of meeting a total freak..

Co: No girl.. even if i am curious.. il get over the curiosity ( cheesy grins) ..
Raqs: Ok girl! ( curiosity always doesn kill a cat look)

Co reaches home and takes a nap....Suddenly out of no where she hears her cell beeping..Cursing the person whoever is making her wake up from the sleep, she checks her cell.

The message reads 'Hey i saw you at restaurant today.. you look very pretty.. can i know you better'.

The girl goes Wtf and calls Raqs..

Co: Hey girl.. that unknown guy has got my number. did anyone among you give him?
Raqs: No sweetie.. no one gave him... i have told Dar too not to give him..
Co: Hmmmm.. wonder from where he got the number...
Raqs: Why dont you ask him only gal..
Co: Ok.. chal bye

Co messages the US (unknown soul/stalker/stranger/.. whatever )

Co mobile says(a little curious): Where did you get the number from? Who are you?
US mobile says: Now Now .. i cant tell you from i got the number.. i told the person that il keep it a secret.. Btw i am Sujay...
Co mobile says: Was it a girl or a guy who gave you the no..Where were you sitting at the restaurant?
US mobile says: I was just leaving when you guys came in...i know where exactly you sit in the class too.. You sit in the last but one bench na..
Co mobile says(all curious): Who has been giving you all that info now...
US mobile says: I have contacts :)... so can we be friends?
Co mobile says: i dont know you at all to make you my friend..
US mobile says: Well you can get to know me better...
Co mobile says: Lets see about that.. am busy now.. bye
US mobile says: ok take care.. i will message you later..

Around ten'oclock at night, Co mobile beeps again..

US mobile says: Good night pretty one... hope to know you better tomorrow.. sleep well...

Shall be continued :)...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Hope.....

Feel Free, Fly High..

A glass window, A crash against it!

Broken wings, Broken spirit..

A wish to fly again, A wounded soul..

A healing hand, A hope to fly again..

And Life continues.....

PS: This is about a cuckoo that crashed against our window ten days back... even though it is badly injured, the spirit with which the bird tries to fly again is amazing.. Few days back when we had kept the bird outside to enjoy the morning sun, a eagle out of no where came down and carried it away.. but then it dropped it back immediately into our neighbor's compound.. the bird was injured again due to the fall.. but it never lost its spirit... every day i look at it gazing up into the sky and trying to fly again...
And am very sure it will fly away one day....

Guess we all have something to learn from this....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goodness Gracious Me!

Fair Warning: This post is entirely a feminine one and shall not interest any boys around my blog. Now even after the warning, you ignore the above line and still read on..then the girl shall not be responsible for the very common saying from the boys that goes "All girls are the same.. they are never satisfied with the amount of clothes they own!"

Well the girl has to attend a wedding Saturday night(i.e; tonight) and as usual she feels her lack of wardrobe whenever there is a special occasion.
Now if it was a Hindu wedding, she would have happily settled down on a saree or a traditional wear without much fuss. But since it is a catholic wedding, the girl has too many choices( which she personally hates.. since it confuses her crazily.. the lesser number of choices you have.. the better).

(1) a dress or a gown  (2) a formal wear
(3) a salwar                 (4) a saree

So.. she is damn confused...

After a lot of calculations and brain works, the girl decides to go with option(2).. which also meant she has to go shopping in the evening, right after her work( which she again hates... nay not the shopping part.. but the shop hopping around the city part, after a tiring day at office)

The girl enters ShopNo1.. does not find anything good.. leaves immediately... because, the more you stay... the more you look around... the more you know you cant find anything... the more you realize 'WTF! I have no decent clothes for the wedding'... the more energy you loose cursing...

Exit ShopNo1, Enter ShopNo2

Still no luck at finding the 'appropriate occasion blending dress'... She imagines herself in most of the dresses around her.. because she is loosing a great amount of energy and time, trying out all the clothes possible..

Exit ShopNo2, Enter ShopNo3

Now after fifteen minutes of exploring the shopNo3.. the girl has finally found a maroon dress... quickly she bills it, before she can get any second thoughts over it... and gets out of the shop quite contented...

Now the girl is back at home.. has been trying out the new member in her wardrobe family... and Guess what... She doesn like what she bought.. she feels she doesn look elegent in it :( ..(Now where did that thing come from!)

So back to square one guys.. I don't have anything good to wear for the wedding now... the wedding is tonight.. Awwwww...

Told you boys to stay out of this post...not your area of interest (evil grins!)..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lonesome Gruesome....

She could hear the voices directly outside her bedroom window. She recognized the voices too. But she was not able to decide whether to go out of the house or stay in. Her mom would surely say she had no pride or self control at all. For a girl of age 11, words like pride did not value much. The voices outside were loud enough that it could be heard inside the house too. Maybe they actually wanted her to hear the conversation. Thats what her Mom told too. She was a child/girl who wanted to spend her entire day playing outside. She hated staying indoors. She could be easily fooled or bullied. She was a very slender girl for her age. Her name was Pia.

Pia remembered how nice it was to be out playing in the evening at this time usually. All Pia would think on her way back from school was what games would she be playing in the evening with her friends. But today her mother had suggested her to stay at home and do some painting or play the computer games. Outside her friends Aparna and Divya were discussing loudly about the new bi-cycle Divya's dad had bought for her that day. Divya was sounding very enthusiastic and maybe also wanted to show-off the new cycle to Pia.

Yesterday evening when Pia had gone out to play with Aparna and Divya, she had been ignored completely. They had formed a new code language of their own and were busy conversing with each other. And when Pia had asked them about the new code, the girls had told her that it was a secret language and did not want anyone else to learn. They had been treating her indifferently lately. It was their laugh she wanted to share and to be treated one among them and not like an outcast. But she had kept those thoughts to herself.

This was one of the reasons that made Pia decide not to go out and check out Divya's new possession. She also very well knew that Divya would pick on her and pass pesky comments at every given chance. But the child in her, who did not care about being ignored or affronted, was eager to run out of the house and check out the new bi-cycle. She also wanted to test ride it and hoped that Divya would ask her opinion too about the new bike. But then she also knew that it was impossible that Divya would be so good to her. So she sat there and tried concentrating on her drawing. But concentration too was highly impossible. She had flutters in her stomach ordering her to ditch her pride go out and check out the cycle.

After a while the voices seemed to fade away. Pia saw the time and realized that it was already seven, which also meant that the girls mom had called them back home to do their homework. All Pia could think throughout her dinner time was the look of the new bi-cycle. She had heard that it was ladies cycle, a purple lady bird bike. So she imagined it would look really beautiful.
That night before sleeping, she made a special request to God hoping that tomorrow her friends would call her to check out the new bike and finally stop ignoring her totally.

Friday, January 9, 2009

By default.....

We Live.... We See.... We Feel.... We Want.... We Crave.... We Pray.... We Get.... We Ignore.... We Lose.... We Regret.... We Repent....

But we never really learn!

Is this a common human defect?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sweets attract flies & I attract freaks

This is something you guys never knew about me.. I am a living freak magnet!

Meet Freak No1

It was a Christmas morning and the year was 2005. As it happens every year now, I was invited to my friends place for Christmas lunch. I just stopped on the way to buy a cake for them and as i walked back to the bus stop, a decent looking guy around 24 or something walked upto me. He asked me for the directions to reach the bus stop and where exactly he could get the bus and all. Well remembering my good manners, i showed him the way and gave him the directions and started to walk away! I might have taken like 5-6 steps, the guy walks back to me and asks me 'hi are you free tonight? can i take you out for dinner'.. for a second my mind refused to think anything and then when it got back in action, i just blurted out saying 'no thanks' and rushed out from there...All i was thinking at that moment was 'am gonna shoot the next guy who asks me for directions!'

Meet Freak No2

Last year i was waiting for the bus after my work and doing my random mulling over business. A girl between the age bar 19-22 came and stood next to me. By instinct, I just glanced at her for a second between my dreaming sessions and go back to my own dream land immediately. After a minute, purely by some weird human instincts, i could feel the female next to me moving a little more towards me and looking at me. After another minute she finally started the conversation:

Girl: Excuse me... your dupatta is really pretty.. where did you get it from.

Me: I got it from Bangalore (giving her a decent smile of mine)

Girl: Oh so u stay in Bangalore huh?

Me: No.. i just got it when i went over there.( still holding onto the decent smile)

Girl: Ok.. so you are staying here itself then.

Me: yeah (and a smile)

The female was looking a little dazed according to me.. like someone living in a zombie world.. her eyes were looking lost.. i was wondering whether she was drunk or doped or something.. but she dint look like a female who would do any such thing.. seemed like a pretty decent chit from here dressing sense.. then she moved a little more closer to me and now again my instincts were all screaming at me that she's staring at you... then again i just glanced her way to prove my instincts wrong.. and there she was.. indeed staring at me in a weird way and that freaked me all out.. then again she goes about to ask..

Girl: Do know what time is it now?

Me: Sorry i dont have a watch you see.. so i dont know ( showing her my wrists and silently cursing at the bus for taking so long)

Girl: Actually, i seem to have lost the time.. i cant figure out the time at all..

Then i saw my bus coming...

Me: I think the girl over there has a watch.. you can probably ask her...(pointing out my finger at a random girl with a small smile and a thanking prayer to the driver in my mind ran towards the bus)

I still wonder what was with that girl there.. cos she looked totally lost and confused to me... i kinda feel bad for her too.. she was looking like a lost dove in a very freaky way...

Meet Freak No3

This guy came for interview at my office and since that day there wasn anyone appropriate to take his interview.. my colleague suggested me to do it... Well the fellow finally came for the interview and it felt like he was the one taking our interview instead of us. These are random freakish questions he asks:

Me: So could you please explain me about the projects listed in your resume.

Fella: (explains the project and then) You see i should not be telling you this.. but i was betrayed before by the people in my old office.. they cheated on me...

Me: Oh ok ( why the hell are you even telling me this if you should not be telling this!)

Fella: So what is your qualification?

A little taken back and confused with this new sort of interview, i reply him back remebering my good manners her again..

Fella: So how much are these people paying you presently?

Me: Huh? (whats happening here)

Then my mobile rings and i cut the call...

Fella: Which connection are you using... Airtel or Vodofone? How many free messages do you have in a day?

I had reached my frustration peak by then..

We guys give him some small program to be done and the fella goes out to complain that the computer's hardware is not properly installed and will have to be re-installed again... (maybe he needs his internal system to be re-installed again)... well we tell him its ok.. he can leave now.. we will give him a call later and let him know.. he refuses and says that he doesn have any work for the entire day and will not leave until the program works( God save me phulease!)..

Finally we give up and i call my other colleague whose suggested that i take his interview and crib to him about this guy... He tells me to hand over the phone to the fella and talks to the him for a while. Finally the fella hands me my phone back after talking and shuts the computer down and walks out.

All of us in the office take a deep breath and the fella walks back into the office again (gosh what is he.. the betal from vikram aur betal huh?) . He comes to me and goes about to ask me.. 'so what feedback did you give him back about me' (he's refering to the colleague whom i spoke to on the phone.. who will be hiring him)... I give back a blank stare and he goes on saying 'did you tell him i was good at my work?' (Spare me the torture pleeasseee)

He really had a great knowledge but then the worst kind of communicating skills!!!

Phufff!!! I guess i have it all written over my forehead in a invisible ink.."I will and shall survive to attract freaks anywhere and everywhere"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Self Tagged

My blog was post less for the day! So I self tagged myself from Suresh's ole tagged post about questionare time! (Well Suresh (being a very sweet person here) also had mentioned at the end of the post that others too can take up the tag! )

So here it goes.....

My very first tag.. that too self tag.. yipeee!!! (hope i do a fair justice to myself here)

RULE #1 People who have been tagged(or in my case self tagged) must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?
A very surprised 'are you kidding me' look... then a dazed feeling... and once i get out of the zombie world...i would shop till my bank balance runs out, just to get over the depressed state. that would surely get me back into life :D...

2. If you could have one dream come true which one would it be?
Hmmmm... travel the world around or the best ... be an anchor to a worldwide travel show.. a very nice way to travel and earn at the same time :) !!

3. Is there any person, at whose face you wanted to throw your slippers/sandals/shoes at ?
Nopes... no one i know has entered into that zone yet ... but i am in the process of collecting my ole sandals in case i will need in future!

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Wohooo.... I would shop like crazy.... definitely!

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
Yup that would be great! But i dont mind it the other way too.. Fall in love and then make that person your best friend!

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
I feel only being loved by someone or just loving someone without any response from the other end, can be pretty painful at times. Being loved by the person whom you love the most is a true blessing!

7. How long would you wait for someone you love?
Till my end!

8. If the person you like finds someone better than you, what would you do?
I would try and find all kind of faults in the other person and prove myself better, just to get my self confidence back :)!

9. If you could root for one social cause which one would it be?
Communal riots!

10. What takes you down the fastest?
Narrow minded and egoistic people, and people who think women are meant only for indoors!

11. Would you like to have the job you love or love the job you have ?
I would love to do something that i have passion for and wouldn mind being workaholic when it comes to that.

12. Darna mana hai... But what is the thing that you fear most?
Waking up one fine morning and regretting any decision ever made in my life so far!

13. What kind of person(s) do you think the person who tagged you is/are(or the person's blog from where you have tagged yourself)?
A very amazing dreamer and writer.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
Hmmm .. very difficult one... can i mix and match here! Come on... you get such kinda offers every where now :) !!

15. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Search for my cell to check the time!

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who would you pick?
Well i would be damn happy.. i have two choices here.. can i also double date until i find the better one among the two :D !

17. Would you give all in a relationship?
Hell a yes! Anything for love and relationships baby :) !!

18. What's eating you now?
Right now the worms in my stomach are trying to me eat up due to excessive hunger!

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
In a relationship. You have someone to dump all your worries and and share happiness with !

Well I tag...

Here goes your very first tag gal :) !!!


I hope you dont mind :) !!

Hope to read funky answers from you :P !!

You need to kickstart into blogging again geoff :) ! and am eagerly waiting for your response to this tag!

Way tooo goooo guys!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Expectation Fever

When do you think its the right time to stop expecting more from others in your life?

A very wise friend of mine once told me that Expectation leads to Frustration!

they are relative...

Expectation --> Not fulfilled --> Frustration

We are born greedy, i guess! We always expect for more from others than ourselves!

We give our exams, we expect for some miraculous extra marks then deserved!
As teenagers, we expected our parents to understand the fact that we had grown up and stop treating us as kids!
We will always find our salary to be less then our expectations, no matter how much it may increase!
We watch a movie, we say that the movie could have been a better entertainer for the ticket amount paid.
At times people go out to the extent of arguing with the cobblers b'cos they feel he is charging more. They expect him to always charge less then 5 bucks!
As parents in future, we may always expect our kids to study and score more their the child's ability!
Buy the discounted goods and we come home and complain that the quality is really bad!
Some of us taste the food in the restaurant and always complain that it could have tasted better unless we are dead hungry(thats the only time we eat without any complaints).
We are in a relationship, we expect more from our partners, a little more understanding, a little more care and a little more love.
Its always easy to complain and sulk if dont get more from others rather then thinking what we can do.

Then there are times when we expect others to understand our fears, worries, and our pains without us saying a word!

This post is from the philosophical part in me!
My advice Guys...

Stop expecting from others and start expecting a little more from yourself! (Give it a try people)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HaPpY nEw YeAr PeOpLe!!!!

Happy New Year Guys!!!

Finally its 2009.. If I was Back in school days, i would take atleast a week of January to get used to writing -/-/09 instead of -/-/08...Thank God i dont have to write down the dates on paper anymore!

Hope you all had a blast yesterday night guys!!

Well I celebrated my new years at home... I would say there are quite a few advantages of spending the new years eve at home...
- You dont have to wake up on the first day of the year in the noon with a hangover!
- You get to count your own countdown to the new years.
- You can listen to your favorite music and not complain about the music the DJ plays at the party!
- You are surrounded by people whom you actually know and not a bunch of strangers.

And you can go for a 10'o clock show and then crash at the pub on the very first day of the year :) !!!!

Yup i went for a 10'o clock show of Madagascar-Escape 2 Africa today!It feels good to spend your entire morning just laughing your heart outs!! Anyone out there interested in watching this movie..Please do go for it.. its good!
Right after the movie, after lot of heavy discussion me, path and geoff (my two other dharlingis who spent their new years too at home sweet home) ended up at a local pub(which has been like our second home)... We were the first customers for the day.. oh! the year too...and we guys made some dumb resolutions too(which we very well know wont be followed) ..

Here I am now on the very first post under my 2009 blog archive!
All you guys reading this post have a fabulous year ahead of you!

This post is dedicated to my dharlingis who spent their new years night at home.. raqs, path, geoff, moi!!!