Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Times when we feel really helpless!!

This just happened today noon. Me and my friend moi were walking on the road and suddenly we heard a fall and a scream. The very next thing i noticed is that a girl around the age between 8-10 years had been knocked off by a rick in the middle of the road. My very first thought was that the girl had jumped off the moving rick ( Now i know how our minds can form dumb baseless conclusions at the time of panic).

Well the driver must have banged on her from the back and she fell down on her face on the road and started screaming.It would have been fine if the rick driver had stopped the vehicle the very moment he had hit her. But then he was in full speed and just wouldn stop. I still get goosebumps thinking of it. I could only look the helpless girl until the back tires started running over her leg. Then all i could do is shut my eyes and hide behind my friend and scream at her too to shut her eyes.

Moi's instant reaction was to run towards the girl to help her out, but i was scared to my guts and was just trembling and pulling her back. Well am not very proud to say this, but am not that brave that i would go and help the girl out. I was trembling and feeling pretty helpless myself.
I have heard of so many incidents where people get run over by tyre and all i could was able to think at that moment was that the girl also may get run over by the tyre completely. Moi who saw the entire scene told me that the rick dragged the gal for a few meters and when people helped her to get back on her feet,she had twisted her leg.

Usually I walk carefree on the roads, as though my dad owns it, but today was extra cautious. This entire incident is still giving me creeps and all i did on my way back to the office was look at the tyres of running buses, cars and other vehicles.

After all I guess for a reason, I am not a doctor by profession

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