Monday, December 1, 2008

Faces of Frustration!

Nov 27, Thursday, 2008
Morning, 7 AM:
I wake up to the news on TV, announcing that there have been terror attacks in Mumbai( Results of not watching news the previous night). Here my frustration is just being born.
Frustration level: 30-50 FL

Afternoon, Around 1-2 PM:
Try browsing through all the news channels possible and keep myself updated on the situation at office. Frustration is building up against the terrorists.
Frustration level: 50-80 FL

Evening, 8 PM:
Glued to Times Now and NDTV. Totally frustrated listening to the number of deaths increasing. And the usage of my foul language against the terrorists have reached its peak.
Frustration level: 100 FL

Nov 28, Friday, 2008
Morning, 8 AM:
Wondering when the SOB's torturing the people inside the hotels are gonna burn in hell. A new frustration is also building inside against the bloody politicians.
Frustration level: 100++ FL

Evening, 8 PM:
This has really gone on for a very long time now. Just praying for all this horror to
end.Frustration against all the politicians and political parties has been on rapid raise.
Frustration level: 100+++ FL

Nov 29, Saturday, 2008
Morning, 8 AM:
Totally frustrated with terrorists and the government for not being there for its
citizens and wondering where are all the political figures hiding!
Frustration level: 100+++ FL

Evening, 8 PM:
Again glued to TV and hoping for all this to get over.
Frustration level: 100+++ FL

Nov 30, Sunday, 2008
Morning, 8 AM:
Happy that this entire nightmare is over.
Frustration level: 10 FL

Morning, 10 AM:
I watch the news and now am totally frustrated with the dirty Indian politics. People
visting Taj with family members and friends like they are on a museum visit! Dumb politicians making really stupid and insensitive comments.
Frustration level: 100 FL

Evening, 7 PM:
Am happy to hear all the useless people resigning from their posts and hoping more resign. Now the frustration against the terrorists has reduced, cos i suddenly feel that our own government can never make us feel secure. Go to bed all frustrated.
Frustration level: 100+ FL

Dec 1, Monday, 2008
Morning, 10 AM:
A new frustration adds on to the existing frustration against the government. Thats my work frustration. Work has been just piling up and suddenly there seems to be no peace of mind till the end of another hectic week.
Frustration level: 100+++ FL

I am watching the news and listening to all the teeth biting comments being made by the assholes( politicians). The frustration against my own government continues......

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moi said...

hey cool down...high frustration level doesnt help us!!! :), so stop watching news channel, cos these news will remain only for few days, then it will be forgotten!!