Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Walk By The Memory Lane - Glimpse 1

Ever gone on a Girls Night Out which has ended up in a disaster???

Our "All Girls Night Out" after the last semester exams was near disaster.. Well you can say our girls night out started out only with a disaster. We had planed for a movie from 5 PM to 8 PM and then go out for drinks, after that go to a local disc. Me, and other two friends of mine got the tickets for the movie chup chup ke... but then the rest of the girls wanted to watch hera pheri part 2 ( a lot of communication gap in between you see which included noisy bus rides).
Three of us then set out on selling out the seven tickets we had purchased... literally begging each and everyone to buy the tickets in front of adlabs (we all looked like those kids selling out the black tickets in old hindi movies.. lolz) Finally we somehow sold out all the tickets !!! yipee!!! Guess we gotta be proud of ourself...
Next we met up with the other girls and then headed out to the pub... As usual I had my favorite Peach Schnapps... My love for Peach Schnapps never ends... Now its become like a ex-boyfriend, I just cant getover [:(].. They have stopped producing it!!!! Blllahhhhh ( How can they do that to poor Schnapps lover souls like mine)
We had a few rounds of drinks and photo shoots ( photos which would gradually land in Orkut )..Our next and last destination was the Disc.... Guess what.... The guys sitting next to us in the disc were our own first year juniors who started flirting with us...They went way out to buy us drinks and food. This was really embarrassing, Reasons - 1) Our Juniors 2) The waiters seemed to be having a gala time at our price of embarrassment 3) We were all really tired about this and getting crankier by every minute.
Finally our crankiness got better over us and we left the place really tired. We all just wanted to hit the bed and sleep away our tiredness. We had already decided to camp out the night at one of my friends house which was empty as her parents were staying abroad.
The next "Disaster" was really tedious... We reached her place and were shocked to realize that there was absolutely no water at her place. One of my friend is a little too particular about her face and makeup and at that point of time she wanted nothing more then to wash her face. We decided that the best thing to do would be to go and get water from her neighbor. The Neighbor awake at that time of night was two houses away. They agreed to give us water and all of us girls started the transfer of water in buckets and vessels. I guess it nearly took us around an hour to store water enough for any loo activities and morning works. Finally the disastrous evening was over and for once we were happy that it was over!!!!

I have had more disastrous night outs, again this is just one among them !!!!


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