Friday, September 25, 2009

Domestic Battle!

What do most married couples fight about???

Reason 1 - Food & Cooking!

Not an issue with us. The boy manages the non-veg section and i look after the veg section and sausages section. We are very well co-ordinated in the food department. So no fights in the kitchen.

Reason 2 - TV shows!

The boy prefers only the movies and sports channels. And i am not a big fan of these sport channels. But being a good wife (coyly smiling), i let boy watch his football matches and F1. And he too lets me watch my shows (at least on their re-runs). So no fight over remote too here.

Reason 3 - Cleaning around the house

Boy is very helpful in this section. He shows his typical Virgo cleanliness streak here. So no fights over dirty dishes and brooms.

Reason 4 - Annoying habits

Either there are no such "tick off" habits in the boy or i have gotten used to all his pesky habits. And i dont hear the boy complaining much about mine too. So no fights over snoring or toilet seat covers.

So you think we dont fight at all??

Highly mistaken.... Wondering the reason for fight???

Reason is a big brown towel !!!

My mom had packed this towel along with all my other clothes when i moved in with the boy. The towel was totally forgotten. Few days back, the boy suddenly remembered about the towel and from then on the battle has begun.

Boy says his MIL has bought the towel especially for him. And i told the boy to call up my mom and get his confusion cleared. When my folks had called him to wish on his birthday, he asked my mom about towel, she sweetly took his side and agreed that it was for him.
Well i dint give up that easily. I got the boy another big peach towel as a birthday gift along with all his other gifts. Then i told the boy to forget about the brown towel. But canny boy says that he would lend me his new peach towel and i could use it permanently. aaarrgghhh!!!

Well the brown towel has never been used until now. It is still under the dispute for true ownership. Both the parties are not planning on letting it go.

So the towel tussle continues.......

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cakes, Mousse and Surprises!

So it was the Boy's birthday last Friday!!! N i had planned on few surprises for his day.. But this smart fella made it so difficult to surprise him...

Surprise No 1:
Day: Thursday - Before the Birthday.

I have never tried any chicken dish before. It was always the boy who was assigned to the non-vegetarian section in our kitchen. But this time i wanted to surprise the boy with some chicken curry. So i got chicken from the market in the morning. Around 3'0 clock, i started with the preparations. I had called my mom earlier and had written down her recipe. Cleaning the chicken in itself was very new for me. After some 10 -12 calls to my mom during the entire while, somehow managed to prepare a green chicken curry. Boy loves Jamoons. By six something i was done with the chicken n Jamoons. The boy usually is back home by 7, so wanted to finish everything by then. He called me around 6 and i told him i was preparing tomato curry for the night. Then i cooked some sausages n by 7 somehow was done with the ghee rice too. All the dishes were hidden safely in the chicken.

Even the boy was right on time.

7:00 - Boy enters the house.
7:01 - Done with greeting the boy inside the house.
7:02 - The boy smells around the house n knows something has been cooking all the while.
7:02 - Boy enters the kitchen n i am caught red handed with the chicken curry.
7:03 - A sad n pouty faced girl cribbing that it was supposed to be surprise for dinner n boy spoilt it all by sharp smelly nose.
7:03 - A smiling boy consoling the girl saying it was a very sweet surprise even though found before time.

Surprise 2:
Day Friday - At 12:00 AM

The boy promptly dozed of at 11:00 watching the tv, as he always does. I usually wake him up, but this time i let him sleep peacefully. Around 11:50, I took out the strawberry mousse, which was hidden safely in the fridge. Lit candles around the mousse and turned off the lights. Woke the boy up a little before 12. The boy gets up all dazed and totally lost. Once all awake, the boy is totally amazed that there was strawberry mousse hidden in the fridge all the while. Ahh atleast he got surprised somewhere..

Surprise 3:
Day Friday - Boy's Day

Boy is a big fan of Liverpool Football club. So i had already ordered for a cake with the Liverpool Logo on that. Getting the cake done with that logo was kinda problem, since no one agreeing on doing that sort of fancy cake. I finally had found a shop, and after much of fuss, the baker agreed on it. It was decided earlier that the boy would take his friends out for lunch in the noon and even i would join them. So i planned on taking the cake and surprising him during lunch there. But the boy calls me around eleven in the morning and says that one of his friend has to leave to Delhi immediately and the boy wont be taking them out for lunch today. Now i was totally confused with what to do with the entire cake.

I called up his other friend and told her to convince him on them all out for lunch. Somehow boy agreed and calls me up about the lunch. By then i was already on my way to collect the cake. So i told the boy i was out and would come directly there for lunch. But by 12:30 i got the cake n was also back home. The boy calls up again saying they were leaving now to that place and that he would come and pick me up. Somehow i managed to brush off the boy saying il take more time, so will come on my own. I take the cake and reach there... Boy's eyes is just fixed on the big cover i was carrying. Finally managed at surprising the Birthday Boy...

In the evening i open the door for the boy, I can see a bunch of flowers instead of the boy... My first thought is someone got flowers for the birthday boy. Then the boy says he got the flowers for me for all the surprises i gave him :) ...... Boy also took me out for a lovely open air dinner and drinks under the moonlight.

In short it was very beautiful day and i also discover that it is really very difficult to surprise some people :) ...