Friday, November 7, 2008

Humilating moments at their Best - part 1

Guys! I have scrambled down a few of the humiliating moments from my life.....

* The Saree Strip *

Back then I hated schools!
I preferred playing at home, sleeping till noon ( this preference has never lost its charm even today ) and going to toilets which wouldn stink. Every morning getting me ready for school was like a mini-war at home. Mom came to drop me off to KG school this one day, when my tantrum had reached its peak. All I remember now is standing in front of the school gate besides my mom and the next moment I was crying hard and hanging onto her Saree and tugging it down hard.
well the result - Saree came out completely out of the skirt in the front and was hanging around loosely.
People please don't ask me the consequences after this tantrum.

* Drama Queens *

It was this really hot Sunday afternoon i guess back in 92. A friend of mine from the lane behind my house had come home to play. After lunch we decided to go back to her place. The roads were pretty deserted that day, i guess all were taking their sunny day noon naps! We both were just walking down my lane and then the moment we entered her lane,we realized that there was this shabby guy following us( I mean he was walking at a pretty fast pace as though trying to catch up with us). Well u know how we kids have been trained from our 4 yrs of age about the kidnappers..
1) Never talk to strangers.
2) Do not accept any chocolates from them.
3) And never believe them when they say "your parents have sent me to get you back from school"!
The very next thing we both do is scream our lungs out and run for our life. We din stop until we reached her place. I still remember the worried look on her folks face looking at us both. We just cried our hearts out and somehow got consoled at the end. Believe me back then we were the best drama queens!

* The Drama Queen Prevails *

My very first watch was this ZAP watch ( I think it had a image of Dennis the menace on the dial).
I really cherished it back then. Would wear it even to bed and remove it only when i had to have a bath or go to loo. After a week or so, our family had to visit a family friend of ours. So we would be staying there at night. I wore my new watch proudly to their house and guess did a little show off too !!! I really dint want to depart from my watch the night we stayed there.
But between all the chaos of meeting my ole friends again and get back together after a pretty long time, i totally forgot where i had kept my watch. Only the next day i remembered that my watch was missing..
Wail!!! Again being the drama queen I was, I cried a lot and made all the members of their family start a search for my watch! hmmmm well they never found my watch. It just remains as a lost watch in my memory.. blahhhh

* Bribing a Kidooo *

When i was in second standard, a cousin brother of mine was staying at our place for a few days. I really loved it when he came to stay with us. He would get these amul and nestle chocolates everyday. He used to also pick me from my school at times. One evening, he picked me up from school and took me directly to the bakery. He bought me these chocolates and honey cake again and bought himself a fag. Well he told me that the chocolates he bought were to ensure that i wouldn tell anything about his smoking habit at home. lolz. I happily finished all the choclates and cake and he too was kinda content after his fag. I reach back home and the very first thing i tell mom when she opened the door is " mom he smokes". The expression on my brother's face was priceless!

* Tantrums *

As a kid i loved staying at other's house more then my own house. During holidays coming back home was only to sleep. All the rest of the daily chores right from breakfast to dinner would be held at any one of my neighbors house. Mom too was fed up trying to tie me down back at home.
One of my neighbor finally got fed up of this habit of mine and ordered me to go back home and take a noon nap. I was kinda devastated, no one ever had asked me leave their house and go back home. I am not very proud to tell this ( the only consolation is that i was a kid back then ) .. I got so angry at her for telling me to go back home that i ended up throwing my sandals at her!
I still get teased by that girl even now for putting up such a tantrum!

More humiliations on their way guys... stay tuned...


nirmal said...
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ApocalypsE said...

Shouldn't have talked on your brother:-) Man I can totally imagine his reaction...

Showing sandals that sounds like fun game:-) Thats girls play with it often... I guess...:-)

ApocalypsE said...

that was Throwing sandals:-) What was I thinking:-)

Lancelot said...

phew quite a nasty kid...but I stayed back in my childhood planning to invent machine guns to fight the aliens and cookie monsters...sigh...

Charmed One! said...

I know i should not have told about my brother :).. what was i thinking, i was getting choclates everyday too cos of his fags :) ..
yeah throwing sandals.. you see i started practicing for the shotput throw at very early age :)

goodness machine guns huh :).. you should have never stopped with the invention, maybe you would have become like the iron man by now :) ...

Lancelot said...

but i have become worse than an Iron Man...A LAWYER :P