Saturday, December 6, 2008

A conversation with a bugged soul

Day: Friday
Time: 3:15 PM
Location: At their respective offices
Me: As myself, the Charmed One!
BG: A Bugged soul!

me: mister
BG: miss
me: hows the day treating you?
BG: Very busy

After a while .......

BG: I am frustrated now
me: mind not working huh?
BG: bugged
me: whats happening with your work?
BG: already written 800 lines of code...
Now I cant see things..
me: take a break mister
BG: I am blinded!!
me: brain is working real hard here..
i tell u...
BG: hehe
me: close your eyes for a moment. put your thumb on your eyes .. n sit silently n think of a nice dish to eat :)
BG: :P
me: no no.. you aren going to think of booze here :)
BG: haha
me: huh? finally a devils laugh... thats a relief :)
BG: i am going for coffee...
me: ok.. n hope not for fag :P


Amith said...

800 lines of code??? OMG.. That is quite amazing in a day :P Who's that guy.. Must be a genius... :)

Charmed One! said...

lolz.. yeah he's one hell of a superstar.. but i would like not to take his name and embarrass the poor genius soul in this blog :P !!!

Amith said...

How considerate of you... :)