Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The First Hero In My Life

He's the guy who used to protect me from this big bad world. All I knew about him was that he is really smart and there would be nothing he couldn do or dint know off. No matter how busy he was or how tired he looked, he always found time to hear out my silly worries and petty problems. The one I would always turn towards for suggestions when any decision(important or equally stupid) had to be done. I always could just be myself and not act sweet or cute with him. He would be always there to dry my tears when I broke down, the one who would never forget to kiss me good night before i dozed off!! He always made me these Sunday morning promises to take me out on the evenings!

I would be very proud of him when i used to see him all dressed up to go to work. I still remember having a conceited smile on my face when he made me sit in the front seat of his new car and saw him driving with a pleased smile on his face. He used to be sometimes my topic of discussion with my friends. Always eagerly waited in the evenings for him to get back home. My ears would always stay glued to the noises outside, and the moment I heard his car coming in, Would make a dash towards the door to welcome him in with my cheesy smile. I just wanted to believe that - i was the only cute girl in his life and there wasn anyone else who would make him more happy. I always believed that my Dad was the most handsome dad amongst all the other dad's i knew off!!!

After all he was the guy who saved me from my childhood monsters. The one who held my hand during my dose of first ten year ka injections and who bought me chocolates later to make up for the tantrums i made during those injections. He's the one who always bandaged my wounded knees and hands. He was my dad in the shining Armour. I would be the happiest kid around whenever he came to pick me up from my school. At times I would walk in proudly to his cabin, nose held up all high in the air and with a haughty walk ( guess wanted all his colleagues to know that i was very proud of my hero).
There was a time when he would have to go for these week long trips - and i just would not be able to sleep the night before his return, knowing that I'll feel safe only once he gets back home. The very first thing i used to do after he got back was to go rug mugging through his bag for my presents. He would get these beautiful dolls and kitchen sets which i loved the most.. Later I would cook for him in that new kitchen set and invite him over for dinner.

But the universal truth is that as we grow older, our hero's get replaced by crushes, boy friends and some one specials. We start depending on our new replaced hero's for advice and protection. As time passes by, we tend to get easily embarrassed by our folks. We feel we can make our own decisions now and dont need any more help from them. Now I try to act all snooty, proficient and too big for one's shoes. I dont like my Dad visiting my lecturers in collage or giving a daily visit to my work place ( whereas I used to be very proud to crash at his office). Guess we all forget one common truth - they have always loved us and will always think for our own good!

In a way i know that he is proud of me too, just the way I'll always be proud of him and he still remains one of my knight in the shining Armour - whom i will always look upto.
After all he will always remain the 'First Ever Hero in My Life'!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Laws For Attraction!

You know how it is when you enter the mall... Its almost like you are looking at a parade of good looking guys and gals. All guys will be busy checking out the gals and all the gals too Will be busy checking out what the other gals are wearing. Last weekend I also happened to notice a very handsome guy a the mall.
Suddenly there was this voice in my head saying - 'damn! he's too good! Why the hell is he not looking at me!!!!' (this voice belongs to the angel part of me - the optimistic one who thinks all good things do happen in life)The other voice is the devilish side of me (the one who always has to comment on the angel voice and who believes only in the reality and no illusions work here)
Devilish voice: 'Why the hell are you so bothered. Stop acting like a love struck cow. He is not going to look at you anyways!! you are not dead-set on nailing that guy! are you?'
Angelic Voice: 'Come on !! who knows!! he might be the one made for me and we might fall in love and get married and may live happily together'
Devilish voice: ' Ya right!! Even a goat wouldn marry you, If it happens to hear your present thought...so just admire him and move on to the next guy besides him - he kinda looks good too !!!'

Well FYI - I never got a second look from that guy!! A known fact is that the devilish side in me always wins over!!!
The Guy Community has written its own code!
* You need to be a hottie, for guys to drool over you and all that matters is the clothes you wear!!!
The moment a guy spots a hot babe on the road or in orkut or facebook.. the first reaction goes...
'Fuck man! check her out! she's damn hot!'
and the inner thought goes about saying - 'damn! she's my kinda girl. Hope she's single'
Well you see, you can call me the pretty one! But alas am no hottie. Guess that's where i loose my scores in "second glances".
It's a worldwide knowledge all over that guys prefer the hot babes!! When i say guys - i mean guys ranging from 12 years of age to 50!!!

That doesn mean we girls find every other guy we lay our eyes on handsome!
For your Attention - We got our preferences too Guys!!

I usually do a random search for guys who are tall and broad shouldered!! I just dont feel any sense of attraction when it comes to guys shorter than 5'6!!! I get only these platonic feelings for lean guys!!! A guy doesn have to be too handsome or doesn have to have the Greek God looks. It doesn matter how you look. All that matters is the personality, how you dress up and carry your self around!!!

In some weird way, I guess we all write our own laws for attraction!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Chivalry Dead !?!

Ok Guys... A clear Cut warning!!! Not advisible to guys with a weak and narrow mind (:P)!

But i really wanna point out the fact guys.. so just try and be as cool as you can(:P)..

The actual meaning of chivalry i found from web after a tremendous search - the terms chivalry and chivalrous are used to describe courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women.

Ok where is that behavior gone... decayed along with the passing decade???? Guys we don't expect you to be our beck and call man.. but come on ... show us some of your best behavior atleast!
The actual fact is, if a guy gives too much of a importance to the girls.. everyone thinks he's a weirdo. U see... he loses all his so called macho attitude..
Well i too have had my fair amount of discourteous guys.. Better left that matter alone or they are gonna hunt me down and kick my ass.... I guess we girls are best on our own!

Hmmmm but there are some guys still left out there who know how to show out their chivarly. Atleast some of my friends have showed out their other best courteous side at times.

* Guys who have made sure that i reached home safely.
* Been there for me during my shopping and never complained for all the runs and re-runs I have done towards the changing room.
* Listened to my no-ending tantrums with a huge patience.
* Put up with me during my PMS days.
* Also the ones who have carried the shopping bags(you guys are the best.. muuaah:)
* The ones who have made me laugh during my mood slides and were always there for me with some advice.

This post is dedicated to all those chivalrous friends of mine!! Muuaaahhhh...

A Walk By The Memory Lane - Glimpse 1

Ever gone on a Girls Night Out which has ended up in a disaster???

Our "All Girls Night Out" after the last semester exams was near disaster.. Well you can say our girls night out started out only with a disaster. We had planed for a movie from 5 PM to 8 PM and then go out for drinks, after that go to a local disc. Me, and other two friends of mine got the tickets for the movie chup chup ke... but then the rest of the girls wanted to watch hera pheri part 2 ( a lot of communication gap in between you see which included noisy bus rides).
Three of us then set out on selling out the seven tickets we had purchased... literally begging each and everyone to buy the tickets in front of adlabs (we all looked like those kids selling out the black tickets in old hindi movies.. lolz) Finally we somehow sold out all the tickets !!! yipee!!! Guess we gotta be proud of ourself...
Next we met up with the other girls and then headed out to the pub... As usual I had my favorite Peach Schnapps... My love for Peach Schnapps never ends... Now its become like a ex-boyfriend, I just cant getover [:(].. They have stopped producing it!!!! Blllahhhhh ( How can they do that to poor Schnapps lover souls like mine)
We had a few rounds of drinks and photo shoots ( photos which would gradually land in Orkut )..Our next and last destination was the Disc.... Guess what.... The guys sitting next to us in the disc were our own first year juniors who started flirting with us...They went way out to buy us drinks and food. This was really embarrassing, Reasons - 1) Our Juniors 2) The waiters seemed to be having a gala time at our price of embarrassment 3) We were all really tired about this and getting crankier by every minute.
Finally our crankiness got better over us and we left the place really tired. We all just wanted to hit the bed and sleep away our tiredness. We had already decided to camp out the night at one of my friends house which was empty as her parents were staying abroad.
The next "Disaster" was really tedious... We reached her place and were shocked to realize that there was absolutely no water at her place. One of my friend is a little too particular about her face and makeup and at that point of time she wanted nothing more then to wash her face. We decided that the best thing to do would be to go and get water from her neighbor. The Neighbor awake at that time of night was two houses away. They agreed to give us water and all of us girls started the transfer of water in buckets and vessels. I guess it nearly took us around an hour to store water enough for any loo activities and morning works. Finally the disastrous evening was over and for once we were happy that it was over!!!!

I have had more disastrous night outs, again this is just one among them !!!!

Know Me!!!

Things You Should Know About Me..

  • I love shopping for clothes, bags and shoes. Shopping is my biggest stress buster.
  • Can just keep reading and watching movies the entire day( addable to the passions in my life).
  • Like hanging out with my friends and gossiping about anything and everything.
  • Am in love with the color red, black, pink and purple.
  • Martini and peach schanpps are all my all time favorites!!!
  • There are times when i get scared of horror movies.
  • I hate guys who act cocky , and have this impression saying guys are more intelligent then girls and basically girls are dumb.
  • Not a great a fan of any political party or any religion.
  • I am too lazzyyy... just cant explain you the boundaries of my laziness.... i have to get like around15 calls from the hutch customer care before i ditch my laziness and go out and pay the bill.
  • I am 23 years old.. running on my way to 24 and still have a lot of things to be completed on my to-do-list-before-25.
  • Am a girl who thinks that flowers are pretty and moonlight beaches are romantic.
  • A girl with average looks you can say. Not anyone who can leave guys drooling after me. But then i can look pretty some days when i have the mood to deck myself up.
  • Basically a girl who wants to live life carefree and fearless but can get tied due to the traditional Indian family views.
So Guys!!! Hope you do like my sip of life on the rocks!! Cheers!!