Sunday, December 28, 2008

The week that was!!

Guys!! what do i say??? The best part of this week was that i had to work only for three days in this entire week(all smiles )!!! But then had been one hell of a busy three days at office ...All i had been waiting was for Wednesday evening to start feeling the holiday seasonal effects!
Well other then that i had wonderful week...

Achievements for this week!

* My age old craving for sitting on the high bar stool near the bar tender and having a shooter was fulfilled. And after two shooters down i was good enough to throw ice around the place! Yup thats what happens when you directly crash at a pub with your friends after work!

* Had a very appetizing Christmas lunch on Thursday at my friends place...I guess starting from 12 to 5, i competed against myself on a non-stop munching contest. I had a lovely lunch and may have gained atleast a kilo in a single day!

And the Over-Achievements for this week!

* I had my first ever "Gang of Dogs Attack" experience. Gosh a hell of a crazy experience guys! I was just walking back home through one of the short cut ways and out of nowhere some four dogs just came out all barking at me. All i did was stand there all shocked and call out different names for each dog! If i had moved even a inch here or there, a white dog's teeth would have been directly on my legs! Finally my calling the name game worked and one dog started wagging its tail a little.. After some 50 seconds the other dogs too got a little tired and moved away and next moment i just rushed out from there without a second glance..Phew! am happy that my legs are safe enough!

Entertainment for this week!

* Then was the whitey Christmas beach party ...actually the theme for the party was white...yes guess you guys guessed it right.. It was UV party and all you could see was white glowing clothes dancing around and I had a last minute shopping done for the white party!
The party wen on till 5 in the morning.. and we guys danced nonstop.. I just danced the entire night away on some watermelon vodka and a shot of Bacardi ...Well the results of the groovy dancing started showing its side effects from the next morning and since then my body has been silently revolting against me each time i move a muscle...

* I watched Ghajini on saturday.. I personally wouldn recommend it to any of you guys... a very long and draggy movie.. And for those who have watched the English version (Memento) of this movie... phuleeaase don goooo....Hindi version is just a sandwich of romance and action... The only attraction in the entire movie is Amir Khan. Damn he looks hot in those vest and tight shirts... Man! you can just keep staring at him..

Finally the Sunday!

I was totally in my hibernation mode today (except for the morning when i washed two week load of clothes). Then all i did was eat, sleep and watch tv... My idea of a perfect Sunday :) ..

Well that was my entire weekend.. gotta get back to work tomorrow.. aawwwww!!!

PS: Guess i act worst then my 5th std when it comes to Sunday evenings thinking about office tomorrow after a four day break!


Comfortably Numb said...

A week isnt a week. Seriously. What a waste.

And grrrr...The PS :|


Suresh Kumar said...

Seemed to have a great week.

And Ek aadmi and char khutte... bahut na insaafi.. :)