Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nobody is safe anymore !!!

Damn these terrorists, bloody fucking guys.. the only mission in their life is to kill maximum number of people and create destruction, before they meet their own death. How can any person be so cruel that they can go on shooting. Aren people's life valued anymore.. Have we all just turned into a toy that can be shot or blown off any time. Any of us can be under the terror situation. From now on, i dont think any of us are that safe from these bloody terrorists. I have no clue what we all are supposed to do in such a terrorized situation.

N the most depressing thing is the stupid speeches these dumb politicians make.. like thats gonna make everything alright now. These stupid guys will just carry on playing their petty politics tomorrow blaming each other, like nothing has ever happened.

I know its very easy for us to sit over here and comment, but actual terror one goes through cant even be explained in any words i guess.
Hats off to all the police officials, Army guys, ATS guys, NSG(black commandos), Marine guys, Fire fighters, who have showed great courage at this horrible period of time. "I SALUTE THEM ALL" ..N just pray for a lot of courage and luck for all the people who are still stuck inside, to come through this whole horror safely.

May these terrorists see their own bitter end soon... Burn in hell all you bastards !!!

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