Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goodness Gracious Me!

Fair Warning: This post is entirely a feminine one and shall not interest any boys around my blog. Now even after the warning, you ignore the above line and still read on..then the girl shall not be responsible for the very common saying from the boys that goes "All girls are the same.. they are never satisfied with the amount of clothes they own!"

Well the girl has to attend a wedding Saturday night(i.e; tonight) and as usual she feels her lack of wardrobe whenever there is a special occasion.
Now if it was a Hindu wedding, she would have happily settled down on a saree or a traditional wear without much fuss. But since it is a catholic wedding, the girl has too many choices( which she personally hates.. since it confuses her crazily.. the lesser number of choices you have.. the better).

(1) a dress or a gown  (2) a formal wear
(3) a salwar                 (4) a saree

So.. she is damn confused...

After a lot of calculations and brain works, the girl decides to go with option(2).. which also meant she has to go shopping in the evening, right after her work( which she again hates... nay not the shopping part.. but the shop hopping around the city part, after a tiring day at office)

The girl enters ShopNo1.. does not find anything good.. leaves immediately... because, the more you stay... the more you look around... the more you know you cant find anything... the more you realize 'WTF! I have no decent clothes for the wedding'... the more energy you loose cursing...

Exit ShopNo1, Enter ShopNo2

Still no luck at finding the 'appropriate occasion blending dress'... She imagines herself in most of the dresses around her.. because she is loosing a great amount of energy and time, trying out all the clothes possible..

Exit ShopNo2, Enter ShopNo3

Now after fifteen minutes of exploring the shopNo3.. the girl has finally found a maroon dress... quickly she bills it, before she can get any second thoughts over it... and gets out of the shop quite contented...

Now the girl is back at home.. has been trying out the new member in her wardrobe family... and Guess what... She doesn like what she bought.. she feels she doesn look elegent in it :( ..(Now where did that thing come from!)

So back to square one guys.. I don't have anything good to wear for the wedding now... the wedding is tonight.. Awwwww...

Told you boys to stay out of this post...not your area of interest (evil grins!)..


Suresh Kumar said...

But still i went ahead inspite of the warning... I have heard my GF speaking like these many times.... and i get bored.... then she says 'mimmge hudugiyara kasta athagla' (You will not understand the plight of the girls).

It brought back me thousand memories.

mayz said...

its always a pleasure readin into a girls mind...even thou have neva been successful!!!

CяystąL said...

Aww crap..
Why not wear teh maroon dress?
Or sarees..they're lovely!

okay okay..m confused too. :(

Charmed One! said...

Yeah its very easy for you guys to decide on clothes then us....
hope the post bought you back some sweet memories :)!!

:) .. guess now you have a insight of how the mind of a girl works regarding clothes.. hope we havn freaked you out there :P !!!

Maroon dress is not fitting me that well :).. i have feeling at the end it will be a saree only.. my final saviour. lolz..
thanks a lot for suggesting the saree :)

Lena said...

i bet you would look beautiful in that maroon dress!
So just go for it, it caught you glance in the shop after all ;)

but then saree must be a great option as well... i guess i would be confused too.

*CяystaL said...

So tell me what did you finally wear? ;)

Charmed One! said...

I was the most confused soul all the while when i was getting ready :) .. most of my clothes were out of the cupboard and on my bed :) !!
Finally i said 'yes' to the saree :D!!!

I finally settled with the saree :) !!! The only thing for which i had my accessories ready too .. :) !!
A lesson learnt ... start getting ready for any good occasion a month before :D !!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever said n done i jus have one thing to say.. The girl was lookin absolutely gorgeous in the saree!!!

Charmed One! said...

Gee thanks :) ... you made my day :)!!!

Akansha Agrawal said...

hehe... I've had too much of shopping today it seems... (details on my blog, and no i m not advertising!)