Friday, April 10, 2009

And I Am Back !!!!!!!!

Many of you must be wondering if i am still alive :) ...
guess i am out of reasons to say, for staying away from my blog... Just for the sake of reasons my mind was running on blank space and was totally topic less..

Well i have been a little busy over days with the usual wedding thingis and lot of other stuff too ... After two days of continuous wedding saree shopping with my mom and my MIL, now i dread entering any saree shops.. I being a shopoholic, have started running away in the opposite direction whenever i happen to see a saree shop .. We dragged the boy for the saree shopping too, and guess what.. he managed to doze off at one shop..

If i start the countdown, 37 days left for the Big Day.. hmmmm and still no signs of runaway bride jitters :) (hoping that the boy skips this line).. Nowadays everyone keeps asking me how are your wedding preparations going and i swear i dont know what to reply back.. I cant think of any such preparations to be done except for shopping.. Guys am i missing out something here.. people who are already married, please help me out here ..

Guys thanks a lot for stopping by and checking on me.. Guess i have lot to catch upon in your blogs.. i have missed blogging .. its nice to be back here.. Hope all of you have been good :) ..

And now i leave you with this mail i had got... Its truly amazing.. its just a Irish college entrance exam... Well i dint pass in this... Hope il have some company at least here ...all the best and no peeking in for answers before you try out everything.. behave!! (People, please click on the image to see the enlarged version)


яノςんム said...

hehe.. wedding shoppings.. well, have fun :Ddun mind if u dun enjoy saree shopping, look forward to lingrie shopping and footwear shopping :D

and rofl @ the tests :D

Anonymous said...

Welcome back !!!

so whilst you got bored of shopping, I got bored of blogger... moved to wordpress !!!

But i m sure in another fortnight your love for shopping will be back !!! lol....

37 days to go... !!! counting eh !! ;)

ApocalypsE said...

We missed you... :)

37 days to go... yupee!!

test: I got three of them except the 2 one... 545 tht was cheating...

Sorry for the boy who got bored and dozed off in a shop... ;)

Arv said...

Welcome back...

Congrats :)

And dont they shop like till the last day???

h ehee... have a nice weekend... cheers...

pisku said...

First of all Congratulation!!!!!

And glad the writer's block wasn't too long! Drop by my blog if u find time and keep writing!

Suresh Kumar said...

Welcome Back... And in the test, except for the last one, I had the other three done.

Chantel said...

So nice to have you back again! It was nice to read your update. 37 days! Wow! How exciting!

Puneet said...

Well I have no idea about shopping for wedding. And after reading about the groom's trips to the saree shops, I sure hope I do not have to do any of it for a long long time.

And thank god, I am not form Ireland or I would have flunked in their A-level exams. I got only one correct. Something.

Nemesis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chronicwriter said...

moi and u disappeared together
i wanted to ask u that..

happy married life men..

hope u r paying a heavy fone bill this month

Chronicwriter said...

Tinkerbell said...

Welcome back ,
Congradulations :)

comfortably numb said...

all set r u?
advance mein congoz:)
btw...test was superb though I peeked:D

Mayz said...

welcome back thou i wonder how long is this come back gonna b...after all as u said D day is only 37 days away...

Anonymous said...

I am excited about your day! And I am also glad to see you back!! I kept coming but I said she must be doing exams or something. lol!

I have reopened my private blog and well then you come back! woo hooo!!

talk to you later and slow down and breatheeeeeeeeee! lol


D said...

Hey shoppings....arent they supposed to be fun? u keeping buying things for nearly a month and then suddenly before the wedding day u realise that uve missed out on something...

Do put up a pic of the wedding saree.

Lancelot said...

WOWWWWWWWWWW Welcome back... and I pity the boy - send him to me I will tell him how to protect his purse :P :P :P and girlie u said u wanted some tips - write to me anytime and waiting to hear the time and date of the marriage...

Chriz said...

again on leave?

Geoff said...

Hey good to see you back...
haven't heard from you in a longg time....
n ur running away from shoppin??? i count that as very good news!!!

btw i got 3 correct in ur test...
first question i screwed up...
guess i shud be looking at Ireland for my Masters ;)

u tc.. n have fun

Lena said...

welcome back! but i guess you should be busy with all the preparations these days.

err... seems like i would never be admitted to Irish college :P

D said...

I didn't get any wedding jitters till after I got married :) Have fun!

aZoed said...

I 'll never get why gals make such an issue of there guys being bad shopping partners!!! guy 'll be guys... all the best or your shopping sprees though..
and hilarious test must say... I failed with a zero..

iforgotthat said...

hmmmm .... very nice... tired of shopping.I sure wanna see dat day in my life.. Congratulations and have a lovely time ahead

Lena said...

and you seem to be away againnnnnnn, guess busy with all the preparations :D

anyways when you get back i want you to know that am moving to a new place: can you imagine how many people make it their job to create such silly jokes :D

you seem to be off blogger's scent nowadays.

The Colors Magazine

All the best in your new life!!

AD said...

it isnt the same without you!

ApocalypsE said...

I am the first to wish you here I guess.... Happy married life... :)

Suresh Kumar said...

My Best wishes to the couple on this special occassion.
Wishing you a happy married life.

@ Nirmal
Thx for reminding, dude....

Lena said...

and yaa happy married life :) :) :)eric

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