Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lonesome Gruesome....

She could hear the voices directly outside her bedroom window. She recognized the voices too. But she was not able to decide whether to go out of the house or stay in. Her mom would surely say she had no pride or self control at all. For a girl of age 11, words like pride did not value much. The voices outside were loud enough that it could be heard inside the house too. Maybe they actually wanted her to hear the conversation. Thats what her Mom told too. She was a child/girl who wanted to spend her entire day playing outside. She hated staying indoors. She could be easily fooled or bullied. She was a very slender girl for her age. Her name was Pia.

Pia remembered how nice it was to be out playing in the evening at this time usually. All Pia would think on her way back from school was what games would she be playing in the evening with her friends. But today her mother had suggested her to stay at home and do some painting or play the computer games. Outside her friends Aparna and Divya were discussing loudly about the new bi-cycle Divya's dad had bought for her that day. Divya was sounding very enthusiastic and maybe also wanted to show-off the new cycle to Pia.

Yesterday evening when Pia had gone out to play with Aparna and Divya, she had been ignored completely. They had formed a new code language of their own and were busy conversing with each other. And when Pia had asked them about the new code, the girls had told her that it was a secret language and did not want anyone else to learn. They had been treating her indifferently lately. It was their laugh she wanted to share and to be treated one among them and not like an outcast. But she had kept those thoughts to herself.

This was one of the reasons that made Pia decide not to go out and check out Divya's new possession. She also very well knew that Divya would pick on her and pass pesky comments at every given chance. But the child in her, who did not care about being ignored or affronted, was eager to run out of the house and check out the new bi-cycle. She also wanted to test ride it and hoped that Divya would ask her opinion too about the new bike. But then she also knew that it was impossible that Divya would be so good to her. So she sat there and tried concentrating on her drawing. But concentration too was highly impossible. She had flutters in her stomach ordering her to ditch her pride go out and check out the cycle.

After a while the voices seemed to fade away. Pia saw the time and realized that it was already seven, which also meant that the girls mom had called them back home to do their homework. All Pia could think throughout her dinner time was the look of the new bi-cycle. She had heard that it was ladies cycle, a purple lady bird bike. So she imagined it would look really beautiful.
That night before sleeping, she made a special request to God hoping that tomorrow her friends would call her to check out the new bike and finally stop ignoring her totally.


Suresh Kumar said...

A peep into a young girl's mind who didn't care about criticism or what the world speaks.

Its so difficult to be our self in this world and enjoy things as they are.

Tell me if i understood the story right. I read it thrice.

pisku said...

Simple and so well narrated :)

mayz said...


really well written

Charmed One! said...

Yeah you got it right :)... Its about a girl, who doesnt care what others talk about her and just wants her friends to stop ignoring her and treat her as one among them...

Thank you :)
i was just hoping the story would make some sense :)

My very first trail at narration..hope i did some justice :)

mayz said...

complete justice :)