Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News Hour!

Headlines for the day!
-> Chramed One's blog got it's very second award for friendship from Moi.
-> Chramed One! has also been interviewed by Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator.

Entertainment news!
-> Happy Holi to all you guys!

News in Brief!

Yeah you heard it right! My interview by Ghazala Khan from The Pakistani Spectator has been published! Yipee! (Again doing the happy dance on my chair).. You can check it out here! (Guys warn you! it’s a pretty long one. Please try not to doze off). And also congratulations to all the bloggers whose interview has been published!

Moving on…Here comes my second award from sweet Moi for friendship. Thank you girl. I have known Moi for almost 6 years now. She is a very caring friend. She is great at advices for issues under any category too. But to know her caring side you gotta be in her list of good friends first. We both make a very deadly team when it comes to gossiping and commentary judgment. I mean to say we display all the characteristics of being girls!

Moi has already awarded this to LAncelot, Suresh, Mayz, Chriz, Hope, Akansha and Keshi. I wanna acknowledge them too. You guys are truly great.

Now i pass on this award to 8 Bloggers...

A friend who has always been there with great advices and stupid PJ's( as i always say - Priceless Jokes). Now he has started one hell of a newsense blog too! Yeah his words too make great new sense now!

My father figure! (Hope you have not forgotten your family back in India) Lols Geoff please dont kill me for that now. Another crazy, great friend! Irregular at blogging (shaking my finger at you). But writes good stuff!

This guy will do anything for his friends. True definition of Friends for life! He writes amazing poems! But has gone missing for a long time ! Hope he returns soon.

She is truly goddesses of emotions. She writes what we usually feel and find difficult to express. A great writer and a lovely person too.

Her posts leave you speechless. She is great at combining emotions with words. And after reading 25 things about her, I would say she is a wonderful person too.

I just love the way she writes about very simple things. Her posts always leave you with a smile on the face. I have not known her for long. But her blog describes her perfectly and she seems to be great person.

*Tinkerbell's Neverland*
She writes about simple stuff which we hardly ponder on. But after reading her posts, You will be shifted to the thinking mode. A very different yet powerful blog!

A random writer.. Yet a very powerful writer.. He is good at his words and comes up with beautiful posts!

Guys you all are great! Applauds!

Now for some Entertainment news!

HAppy Holi People!
I guess all are busy celebrating Holi today at their offices and colleges. Enjoy guys and get colorful!
Today I remember my college days, where we used play holi like crazy cows.. run out of colors and then start pouring buckets of water on each other! Awww I miss those days!

On a more serious note..
Holi means the triumph of good over evil and conquest of sensual values by spiritual values (No doubt! Copied from Google search).. Nay i cant elaborate on that now..So I would only say.. be good guys and celebrate the day!

Adios for now my lovlies!


moi said...

Hey kudos to you!! And happy holi, even I am missing hostel to throw buckets of water on you....lolz

We have been "crime-partners" in hostel for a long time indeed :)

Tinkerbell said...

hey thanks for the award :) . How can I collect it ?

Charmed One! said...


yeah i miss those hostel days too gal !! Especially on such occasions as holi :)...


You deserve it :) ...
You can right click on the image of that friends and save the image onto your computer.. and you can upload the image back at your blog as the Friends award :)!

ApocalypsE said...

congrats on the interview being published...:-) Will read tat soon...

Happy holi:-)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Happy Holi and congrats on the award!

Love your blog header :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hey!Read your interview... :)

And a very happy holi to you too... :D

And thnks for the acknowledgment... :)

Chantel said...

Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet!! Congrats on the interview (I read it), and thank you for passing along my name as well (I think...?).

You've made my day! :-)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

oh this is very touching, thank you so much!

Lena said...

thank you so much for the award and for the lovely words :)
read your interview, really good one, and again thanks for mentioning me :)

have a great day!

pisku said...

Thats the best two lines that i've read about my blog.

Thank you soo much for the encouragement

Lancelot said...

@ Charmed One

Congrats thats pretty interesting and I am stealing some of your answers :P

Nemesis said...

Thank you hun for the award.. You are a true inspiration... mwh..

Happy holi to you too... And I have seen the hostel holi pics.. They were quite a 'revelation'.. :D

Arv said...

Congrats to you and all the awardees...

not much of holi festivities around these parts... it was an usual day...

you have a nice day... cheers...

kanaguonline said...

congrats for your award charmed one.. and happy holi too

Suresh Kumar said...

Nice interview there. Happy Holi too.

I was also invited for the interview. But Mind was not inclined to give it.

Chriz said...

happy holi.. i so badly wanna play holi..

congos for the award.. it is raining awards..
and 6 years of long friendship.. thats great ... charmed one.. keep going..

comfortably numb said...

congo....hopping onto the interview page:)

Charmed One! said...

Hey happy Holi to u too!
hope you enjoyed the day :) ...

thanks for dropping by :) ...
Happy Holi to u too!

@Akansha Agrawal
Girl your interview was really good :)
Hope you enjoyed holi!

Charmed One! said...

you deserve the award :) ..
your interview on The Pakistani Spectator was really good :) ...
Btw I dint get the chance to pass your blog for the interview.. you had already been interviewed by then :) ...

You too deserve it sweetie :) ...

You totally deserve it Lena..Its good to have back to blogging :) ...

Charmed One! said...

really :) ... but your blog does deserve all those words..

Mooommmmyyyy!!! Arun was planing on copying my answers !!!!
Shame shame. is that what you have learnt Arun :P ...
But seriously your interview was really good :) ..

Me n Inspiration.. think again :P ..
Btw where did you get to see those horrible Holi pics.. Ohhh kate Raqs had it on Face Book na :P .. il deal with her separately :) ...

Charmed One! said...

Oh there was no Holi celebration at office huh ?

You have a lovely evening mister :) ...

thank for dropping by :)
hope you enjoyed the Holi :) ...

yeah its been raining awards :) ..
Ohh you too dint get to play Holi huh
hopefully next year buddy :) ...

Charmed One! said...

@Suresh Kumar
Hey Suresh try n give the interview when you free :) ..

Take care Suresh ..

@comfortably numb
Hoping you dint doze off on that page :)..

Lancelot said...

*Lancelot feeling so shy and blushing*

Thank u :)

aZoed said...

nice way of going about giving NEWS! and congrats twice over... you are an award winning celebrity now... err... do you still do interviews for free?? ;)