Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We live in a virtual world now....

So we( me n the boy) have taken up farming as our main interest... we now own piece of land and have been cultivating it regularly. You can also say.. these are the side effects of recession...

No, the boy has not quit his job, he still goes for work.. but his heart n mind are all always on his farm. Even during his regular days at work, he has sometimes rushed back home to cultivate his obsessive farm.

The boy who finds it difficult to wake up early in the morning to do his regular exercise, has gone to the extent of keeping an alram to wake up ealy and harvest his farm. I say he is totally obsessed with his farm.
Oh did i not tell you this... we even own cattle - cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, horses, goats, sheep and also brown cows... we have got it all ...

Even when away from our farm... all we think about is our virtual world farm. As i blog this, i realize that, we have turned into one of those couples, who dedicate all their time into virtual farming. Boy we got to do something about this ... hmmmmm...

So tell me guys, are anyone else also being hooked onto virtual farming on FaceBook????


Anonymous said...

I want to retire in real life and take up farming... ! but land prices.. sheeeeeesh...

Farming on FB ?? i got lots of invites but still dont quite understand what to do... !!!!

Charmed One! said...

Yup actually i too love the idea of farmin after some 20 years...
Try the farming on FB.. its a little confusing.. but its good... kinda addictive...

Suresh Kumar said...

Virtual Farming! Wud be fun....Wud like to try. Can u share the link...

Pri said...

i guess soon enough facebook will be launching virtual professions for which we will be getting paid :D

яノςんム said...

good one :D

so temme hows the life going on?? I have joined the league, I got engaged too :D

pisku said...

this is intriguing. Whats going on?

The Ketchup Girl said...

hahahahaha- this sounds like me. am growing those raspeberried or whatever tht grow in like 2 hours flat- super fun. Tired of collecting milk , eggs and truffles !

The Ketchup Girl said...


lena said...

thank god, i have never approved any of invitations of farming on FB...I am too lazy for farming :D I even have given up pet society to play to a friend, because i seriously didnt want my little pet get hungry and stinky but was too lazy to clean it myself :D

AS said...

hahaah! yup i love FARMVILLA TOO :D

and yo villa is even more advanced :)

Chriz said...

hahaha.. yus is ee people playing the farmville game.. i am not into it.. not into any applications for that matter

workhard said...

HAHA.. that is so refreshing..i swear..i wd love to own a big piece of land someday and grow my own crops.. but right now.. i do that in lil pots in the balcony...

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