Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's the stalker! - Episode 1

Year: 2004
Location: Somewhere in South India
Time: Around 2:00 PM
Cast for the day:
Raqs, Reemz, Mittu -> Friends of the Charmed One!
Dar -> A so-so friend of Raqs.. But the Charmed One! doesn know him all that well...
Co -> The Charmed One! as herself


Previously on Who's the stalker!...

Co, Raqs, Reemz and Mittu decide to hit a local restaurant for lunch on a saturday afternoon after the brain draining classes at college..
They finish placing their orders and while they are busy gossiping, Raq's mobile beeps..

Raqs looks into the mobile and flashes her best cheesy smile..
Then she looks up and announces...

Raqs: Hey girls.. i just received a message from Dar which says 'who's the thin girl at the restauarnt in our coll uniform?' (yup i know its very sad to make a 20 year ole gal wear uniforms...especially in a engineering college.. hmp!)

Well.. there are only two lean girls present there(now lean is a better word to describe oneself) .. Thats Co and Mittu....but only the Co is in uniform... So its decided who is the girl in question...

Reemz: Why does he want to know about a girl...
Raqs: Some friend of his from some blank(insert college name) college saw us here just now and wants to know the name of the girl and also is asking if he can get her number!

All of them look at Co waiting for a reaction from her..
She gives a are you kidding me, eyebrows raised look ..

Co: no ways... You guys are not giving my number to some weird stranger!
Raqs: You sure babes? (smiles)
Co: Yup! (grins)
Raqs: ok sweetie... if you say so... i wont give..(broader smiles)

The girls are done hogging and leave from there..
On the way back home.. Raqs gets a little curious to know more about this guy...

Raqs: Hey you really dont want to know about the guy huh? Sure you dont want me to give your number?

Well Co is a little curious to know too.. But doesnt want to run into mess of meeting a total freak..

Co: No girl.. even if i am curious.. il get over the curiosity ( cheesy grins) ..
Raqs: Ok girl! ( curiosity always doesn kill a cat look)

Co reaches home and takes a nap....Suddenly out of no where she hears her cell beeping..Cursing the person whoever is making her wake up from the sleep, she checks her cell.

The message reads 'Hey i saw you at restaurant today.. you look very pretty.. can i know you better'.

The girl goes Wtf and calls Raqs..

Co: Hey girl.. that unknown guy has got my number. did anyone among you give him?
Raqs: No sweetie.. no one gave him... i have told Dar too not to give him..
Co: Hmmmm.. wonder from where he got the number...
Raqs: Why dont you ask him only gal..
Co: Ok.. chal bye

Co messages the US (unknown soul/stalker/stranger/.. whatever )

Co mobile says(a little curious): Where did you get the number from? Who are you?
US mobile says: Now Now .. i cant tell you from i got the number.. i told the person that il keep it a secret.. Btw i am Sujay...
Co mobile says: Was it a girl or a guy who gave you the no..Where were you sitting at the restaurant?
US mobile says: I was just leaving when you guys came in...i know where exactly you sit in the class too.. You sit in the last but one bench na..
Co mobile says(all curious): Who has been giving you all that info now...
US mobile says: I have contacts :)... so can we be friends?
Co mobile says: i dont know you at all to make you my friend..
US mobile says: Well you can get to know me better...
Co mobile says: Lets see about that.. am busy now.. bye
US mobile says: ok take care.. i will message you later..

Around ten'oclock at night, Co mobile beeps again..

US mobile says: Good night pretty one... hope to know you better tomorrow.. sleep well...

Shall be continued :)...


Chriz said...
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Chriz said...

i would have written that unknown number in a train toilet..

do that.. am pretty sure that you wont get any calls after that...

Suresh Kumar said...

I hope you dont say YES and meet him in the next episode.

In my case, it was a girl who stalked me, seriously.

Anyway, waiting for the next episode.

Charmed One! said...

Lols.. yeah now i wish back then, i had written the number down with some girls name in a public place :)..

Charmed One! said...

Goodness a girl stalked huh?? did you come to know who was she???
And about the next episode.. the writers mouth is zipped right now... :)

Lancelot said...

a movie int he blog eh?????

Lancelot said...

i know the the secret cat shall i let it out of the bag???the cats name is charmed one... :P

mayz said...


btw i second chriz!!!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Whoa!it sounds freaky, and Chriz's idea is cool... I'm going to do it if it happens to me...

Geoff said...

Lol poo... i know all about this story :)

shall i spill the beans??

comfortably numb said...

stalker stalker...who are you:D

Amith said...

hahahahah... This one's a classic.. I know all about it. And no.. I ma not the US.. :)

Lena said...

awww... that was cute, curious to read more of the series :)

Cяystal said...

Pleease stop writing GAL. :(
And oh yez..this sure is interesting. So you're another Southie! :D

Whatever whatever..the plot seems good till now..I'm on with my ideas that the stalker got the number from one of Co's friends..or perhaps he's a classmate whose been seeing her since long..lez see! ;)

Charmed One! said...

Yeah almost like a drama series in the blog :) !

Yeah wish i had this idea back then :)...

Yeah now we all know how to deal with stalkers.. thanks to Chriz :)

Good you dint :).. else would have surely whacked you :P

@comfortably numb
Identity of the stalker is out in the next post :)

Yeah thanks for letting us know that you are not the US :P

The next episode is out :)

Aww girl you had guessed it right :) ..