Saturday, January 3, 2009

Expectation Fever

When do you think its the right time to stop expecting more from others in your life?

A very wise friend of mine once told me that Expectation leads to Frustration!

they are relative...

Expectation --> Not fulfilled --> Frustration

We are born greedy, i guess! We always expect for more from others than ourselves!

We give our exams, we expect for some miraculous extra marks then deserved!
As teenagers, we expected our parents to understand the fact that we had grown up and stop treating us as kids!
We will always find our salary to be less then our expectations, no matter how much it may increase!
We watch a movie, we say that the movie could have been a better entertainer for the ticket amount paid.
At times people go out to the extent of arguing with the cobblers b'cos they feel he is charging more. They expect him to always charge less then 5 bucks!
As parents in future, we may always expect our kids to study and score more their the child's ability!
Buy the discounted goods and we come home and complain that the quality is really bad!
Some of us taste the food in the restaurant and always complain that it could have tasted better unless we are dead hungry(thats the only time we eat without any complaints).
We are in a relationship, we expect more from our partners, a little more understanding, a little more care and a little more love.
Its always easy to complain and sulk if dont get more from others rather then thinking what we can do.

Then there are times when we expect others to understand our fears, worries, and our pains without us saying a word!

This post is from the philosophical part in me!
My advice Guys...

Stop expecting from others and start expecting a little more from yourself! (Give it a try people)

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Suresh Kumar said...

Sometimes we don't expect and then there is a pleasant surprise. As I am having now reading this philosophical blog post :)