Thursday, March 4, 2010

Geography Genius!!!

Boy and me are watching MTV Rodies... And most of you already know that Rodies team is presently in Africa....
So here goes a very cleaver normal conversation...

Me: Gosh none of these places look like South Africa..
Boy: Yeah they are in Kenya now... Not yet in South Africa..
Me: *silence*

After some 30 seconds of silence

Boy: Wait!!! You thought entire continent is called South Africa... ( knowing how good his wife is at Geography )
Me: Of course not.. i know SA is a country.. *an i know it obviously look*
Boy: Ok, then name me five countries in Africa *raising his eyebrows*
Me: Hmmm South Africa.. (one finger)
Boy: Ok
Me: Kenya.. (two fingers)
Boy: As expected :) ... *with a wicked laugh*
Me: Egypt (three fingers)

Then i start thinking of school map times.. *yeah there was some country with N ..somewhere in the center of Africa... what was that.. ahhh.. Nam something..*

Me: Nambia...
Boy: what Nambiar..
Me: No Nambia....
Boy: Its Namibia (four fingers )

Actually was thinking more of Nigeria all the while in some tiny corner of my brain ;).. but never got it.. ok then am totally lost in Africa...

Me: Hmmm.. hmm..

Boy tries to help me..

Boy: Think of pirates... which country..
Me: Caribbean.. *immediately...without a second thought*

Boy: NO not the movie.. pirates of Caribbean.. actual pirates..
Me: Oh Somalia.. (five fingers - aha -there you go!!!)

Boy: Yes!!!

Me: Ok done with 5..
Boy: No i told you Namibia.. you guessed Nambiar.. thats not a country name..
Me: Ok fine.. (back to four fingers)
Boy: Think of famous island ..
Me: Hawaii
*boy shaking his head - no chance of any improvements here*
Boy: Think of famous island with movie name starting with M..
Me: Miami!!! *wonder where that came from now*

Boy: What.. Noooo.. have you forgotten Madagascar..
Me: Ohhh yaa ...totally forgot *sounding intelligent*
Boy: Ok that's not counted... Now think of a cricket team.. (yeah like am very big fan of cricket)

Me: Hmm west indies(thinking of a dark cricket team)..
Boy: Ahhh.. what the.. why west indies..
Me: Cos they have more of black players..

Boy: So everywhere there are black people, they belong should to Africa huh.. then most of America should belong to Africa.. you sure you have done your engineering right..
Me: Helloo i have done engineering.. not a geologist.. so i can suck at geography..

Boy: Ok now tell me a country..
Me: Ok fine... hmmm ..after few long seconds...Zimbabwe.. (five fingers)
Boy: ahhh thank god...

All correct five fingers :) ....

See not bad.. i did tell 5 countries after all :D..

Ok my readers(who have already judged my geography aptitude), Just cos i took pretty long time , doesn mean am dumb :) ...I am sure all of you sucked at one or other subjects in your school days... as you can see from the above ..

Mine was geography..

What was yours??? Come on all you shy ones.. get your secrets out ;) .....


(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

hehe... mine is arithmatic - anything with numbers, I just cant do ;-)

Lancelot said...

wait let me think what are the 5 subjects I was weak in...

the one starts with M - Mamamaletics?

the one starts with S - Sientice?

the one starts with errrr...

I give up...

Arv said...

I must confess that I read this post on my reader yest itself... though you seemed to have removed it then :)

Such conversations, no matter how hilarious they turn out to be, tend to stay close to our hearts, dont they?

take care.. cheers...

Monica said...

Geologist ya geographer?! :P
I would say I can remember maybe..but dates! oh god no!!!

яノςんム said...

hehe :D i am as bad in geography :D but i knew 5 countries when Nikhil asked the contestant in audition :D

Suresh Kumar said...

I sucked at Kannada... Those sondis and samosas (Sandhis and samasas) used to torture me...