Monday, February 15, 2010

International Day of Love

So how did your valentine day go guys???

All u singles out there.. did you flirt the day away??
anyone's got any special moments to share??

Let me tell you mine...

Day started out pretty normal.. with the boy driving my uncle to bus-stop early in the morning... i opted to stay back at home for two reasons..
1) maid would come by 7:30..
2) had big plans of baking a home-made-valentine-chocolate-cake for the boy..

I just had half n hour to make the cake.. cos the boy would be back by then.. wanted the cake to be a surprise for the boy.. But for my great horror.. turned out only one glass of milk was left and the recipe needed minimum 2 glasses.. i decided on trying it out with just 1 glass.. with the cake batter ready .. all that was needed was to place it in the cooker. and with this done. i just had to wait for the boy to be surprised ....

Boy came back in no time with a bunch of roses n carnations(oh yeah i love carnations :) .. especially red ones)... cake was still in the cooker ..n by then the whole house had started to smell of the baking cake.. my boy has got one hell of a inquisitive nose.. n i din take him long to land in the kitchen with an raised always any plans to surprise him in food section gets busted easily.. so i was caught red handed with the baking cake..

when the cake was ready to removed out from the cooker.. i realized that the dish in which i poured the batter inside the cooker had gotten tilted and water in the cooker had flowed into the vessel.. so cake wasn as i expected it.. but the boy munched on it anyways...

Boy took me valentine shopping in the noon and i ended up picking two jeans and one capris ( aha sale season... i just love this month for too many reasons ;).. )..
One of boy's friends got this complimentary passes for place called i-bar for the evening... so we ended up over there .. nothing like a good music and a round of drinks n dinner with friends on a valentine evening. It was perfect double date.. clicked too many crazy snaps..

The most embarrassing part of the evening n boy's friend sheetal, wanted to teach these guys how to give a salsa dip pose for the photo.. she tried to dip me and was unable to take my weight **FYI- I weigh only 50 kgs.. please dont think otherwise**.. which resulted in a near fall and boy saving us both on time from the big crash... all the while i was laughing my heart out.(can say results of a two very strong cocktails... ) Reached home by 12 and it felt like the entire day had just passed on in a fast-forward flow..

Anyways tell me guys how did your international-day-of-love go????

PS: Woke up at 7:30 with a heavy heart.. n now at office.. as usual with a fresh set of Monday blues....


Arv said...

Glad that you had another Lovely day :)

We spent the day just like any other Sunday and had a lovely time too :)

SatyU said...

Oh wow..
That was really very sweet :)

Im so happy for you :) was like any other day..except that I missed my someone special like hell :(


Suresh Kumar said...

Valentine's day went without much noise.. But day after brought sum surprises

Charmed One! said...

@Arv - thats nice :) ... BTw belated valentine wishes !!

@Satyu - Awww... its really bad to be missing someone special on a day like that.. i can understand..
hope u have many amazing days with that special person this year :)

@Suresh - hmm i wonder wat those surprises are now :)