Saturday, December 3, 2011

Who's Cooking??!!!??

My office lunch conversation between three married women goes something like this...

W1: Anyone watched the master chef India last episode..
Me: Who is winning... should be guy!!!(well i don't follow Master Chef)..
W2: No one has yet..
Me: Usually a guy only wins.. men are better cook then women..
Two nodding women...
Me: See W1's husband cooks really well.. n my husband is any day better then me at cooking...

N that's true!!!

Somehow men are better cooks then women.. They have it in their genes...
But still i wonder who was that first great being in this world who set the rule saying
Cooking, Cleaning = Women
Working, Lazing = Men

This rule did make sense... well in stone age.. but not anymore...

N if you really think of it, again we women fought our way around and got the Working rule too on our side.. Still men blissfully ignored adapting to Cooking and Cleaning...

I not a huge fan of the custom that says - women will work at office, and get back n work at home also.. while men work at office and rest at home...
N thank god that boy doesn believe in the above too ....

Well some rules are made to be broken ... n this one definitely does need to be broken..

PS: This not any male bashing post.. So boys out there please read this with a broad mind ;) ...


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